About Us

| Last Updated: May 4, 2020

About Us

The team behind, Caffe Hair is committed to delivering genuine buyer guides, so you can achieve that post-salon look without spending an arm and a leg via a professional. No matter where you are - at home, on the road, or at a friend's house - you deserve quality products to support that beautiful look. 

Our team of experts spends hours researching and compiling our review content in order to confidently deliver tailor made guides. Coming from a group of people who hates wasting money, we know where you're coming from. 

Feel free to browse through each of our buyer guide categories and have fun with the process. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi I'm Emilia! I like to think of myself as the "crash-test-dummy" of the hair world. Whether that means testing out the newest curling iron or going with fresh hair styles. I like to mix it up. I share my thoughts on Caffe Hair based on my first hand experience!