Best Curling Irons For Beachy Waves – 2019 Top Picks Reviewed

They say that a woman’s hair is the crown of her femininity. For both males and females, the hair is a major reflection of one’s identity. Hair and beauty is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The average woman spends approximately $50,000 on her hair over her lifetime and devotes an average of two hours in a week washing and/or styling her hair.

But all of that is important because it speaks a lot about our personalities, state of mind and beliefs. And one of the most popular styles that reflects an easy-going relaxed feeling are beachy waves.

Curling irons are a great tool to help create this fantastic style. They create waves or curls that will cap off the perfect look. There are many variations to the modern curling iron; from diameter to material to barrel shape to handle types. If you are getting set for summer or just love that look, read on to learn about the best tools to get your perfect beachy waves!

Comparison of the Best Curling Irons for Beachy Waves




BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Marcel Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Marcel Curling Iron, 1.25 Inch

Best Overall

Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron


Parwin Beauty 2 in 1 Curling Iron

Deep Waver Curling Wand, PARWIN BEAUTY 2 IN 1 Curling Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Temperature Control with Heat Resistant Glove, Black

Best for the Money

Revlon Long Lasting Beachy Waves Hair Waver

Revlon Hair Waver for Long Lasting Waves

How to Choose a Curling Iron for Beachy Waves

Curling irons come in a myriad of shapes, types, and sizes. It’s important to pick one made of the right materials and the right size for your hair length and the hairstyle you’re trying to achieve.

The tousled, imperfect look of beachy waves is no exception. Certain types of iron are going to help you more easily achieve this look. You’re not after a polished, fine look; you want something that shouts “relaxation.”

Wands vs. Irons

To be honest, a curling wand - that is, a clipless tool - is usually better for beachy waves. But if you do prefer an iron with a clip, don’t despair! You can still achieve this style. Subtle flair depends on how you wrap your layers or how you angle the rod. Varying the tightness with which you wrap your hair around the wand can achieve the relaxed look you’re going for.

Barrel Width

The size of curling iron barrels is a factor in determining the size of the curl created. A curling iron’s barrel diameter can range anywhere from ½” to 2”. Larger barrels are ideal for adding shape and volume to the hair. But “larger” is relative to your hair length. A 2” barrel is almost always too big for short hair, no matter the style. But it’s great for beachy waves with longer hair. For short hair, 1 ½  or even 1-inch barrels will achieve the same effect.

There are also multiple-barreled irons that are ideal for long waves. Three-barrel irons help create that loose, imperfect look you’re after.

Barrel Length

In the same way, barrel length is a factor. Shorter barrels are great for short-length hair. Mid-length to long hair will benefit more from curling irons with longer barrels. Barrels that are longer relative to your hair length give a lot more versatility and let you wrap your hair more loosely across the barrel, which is a big part of the effect we’re talking about here.

Quick Take - Best Curling Irons for Beachy Waves

Review of the Best Curling Irons for Beachy Waves

Let us now take a closer look at some curling iron models most recommended by top hairstylists to get this awesome, relaxed look.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Marcel Curling Iron, 1.25 Inch

BaBylissPRO is a highly-popular brand of professional styling tools. The Nano Titanium Marcel curling iron creates textured curls and waves. Nano titanium is a great conductor of consistent heat, even in ultra-high temperatures. It yields optimum far-infrared heat, which allows for professional-level styling without the damage.

BaBylissPRO claims that their Sol-Gel technology makes the iron barrels 37% stronger and 22% smoother than standard irons.

This model is also available with  ¾” and 1" barrels. That makes it great for shorter hair. It’s a favorite among both salon stylists and at home because it heats up fast and has adjustable heat settings.

A few users find it glides less smoothly than other brands of its class, but impressions of this BaBylissPro model is highly positive, overall.

The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

The Beachwaver Co. S1 is a ceramic rotating curling iron. It is equipped with an arrow button for fast/slow speed switch and features a new Home button that gives you the ability to reset the clamp at the Start position for easy styling.

With the Beachwaver S1, you can create three different styles. Of course it’s great for beachy waves, but also allows for defined curls and glam waves.

The Beachwaver Co. S1 provides easy, quality waves in minutes.

A downside is that Beachwaver Co. curling irons are generally manufactured only to work with the 110-volt outlets standard in the US and should not be used with adapters or converters.

Deep Waver Curling Wand, PARWIN BEAUTY 2 IN 1 Curling Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Temperature Control with Heat Resistant Glove, Black

The Deep Waver Curling Wand 2 in 1 from Parwin Beauty features a great design for making deep waves and full volume curly hair. It’s a waver and curling iron in one. The Parwin Beauty 2 in 1’s Tourmaline Ceramic Technology enables its plates to produce a potent mass of negative ions to eliminate frizz.

The ceramic coating seems to live up to its billing as crack-resistant and longer-lasting. It is tourmaline-coated, which should help protect your hair.

The Deep Waver 2 in 1 has a 360° rotatable swivel power cord prevents tangling pretty well. It’s easy to use and safe to operate.

The side of the handle has a temperature wheel so the 2 in 1 Wand’s temperature range of 140-450°F and can be adjusted easily. The range of heat output is great across all lengths and thicknesses of hair.

A professional-quality heat-resistant glove is included that provides protection from heat during every use. Users love the Deep Waver 2 in 1 for the lasting curls it creates. But caution is recommended because of the high heat it generates.

Revlon Hair Waver for Long Lasting Waves

The Revlon Long Lasting Beachy Waves Hair Waver is a 3-barrel waver that’s perfect for delivering natural-looking beachy waves. The tourmaline ceramic coating protects the hair from damage.

The 3-barrel plates quickly deliver natural beach waves. All three have ceramic coatings, allowing for fast styling and less frizz. This Revlon hair waver delivers up to 400°F High Heat, with 30 Heat Settings.

There is a safety stand included. It is also fitted with a tangle-free swivel cord, making styling movements easier and hassle-free.

Professional Curling Iron 1 Inch 3 Barrel Hair Waver Ceramic Curling Wand Jumbo Wave Hair Curler Crimper Hot Tools | LCD Temp Display | Dual Voltage | Heats Up Quickly | Salon Home Use Pink BLUETOP

One of the best features of the BlueTop Hair Waver 3 Barrels is its easy-to-adjust temperature controls with its LCD display. This allows for more accurate temperature settings according to your hair quality. It heats up to about 430 F for a great range that should meet anyone’s needs.

The barrels are made of aluminum alloy which is not as effective as the ceramic ones. However, since this is specifically marketed as a waver and not a curler, we can allow some leeway here; you won’t be wrapping your hair tightly, at least.

It’s really simple to use and the high heat output allows for quick styling in minutes.

Tips for Creating Beachy Waves

If you wish to achieve natural-looking beachy waves without needing to take a trip to the beach, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Section your hair. Clip up about two-thirds of your hair, leaving the bottom third portion down.
  • Spritz on some heat protectant spray before curling with a wand. Take 1” or 2” sections of hair at a time, wrapping each around the wand. Remember to twist the hair as you wrap them around the wand to give your strands an “undone” look after you unravel them.
  • After leaving your hair section on the wand for a few seconds, release the hair section and tug on the end of the curl to loosen it.
  • Continue to curl your hair in various section sizes. This allows for a more natural-looking style. Alternate curling sections in different directions (i.e., away from the face, toward your face, etc.) to achieve a “messier” texture.
  • Curl the sections that frame your face away from the face.
  • Finally, spritz on texturizing spray or volumizing spray to the roots and strands. Break up the curls with your fingers to bring a natural tousle to your waves.

Curling Iron for Beachy Waves Design Ideas

Want to do more magic with your curling iron? Here are “get-beachy-quick” styles you can do right at the comfort of your own home.

Curling Wand and Ponytail

Pull your hair into a ponytail. Then curl only the tied section with a curling wand.

Who doesn’t love a low maintenance hair routine? Just pull your damp hair into buns (two on top like ears and two at the nape of your neck), pin them in place, and wait. Set with a styling product.

All you need for this look is a sea-salt spray and a flat iron. Just make two long twists, iron them carefully, and you have your “just-been-to-Malibu” look!

If what you have is a small-barrel curling iron but want these large waves, you can break up your hair into large sections and curl away!


It is true that how happy a woman is with her hair does wonders for her self-esteem. Every woman who firmly believes in this will make sure her hair is always at its best, without needing to go to the salon (or to the beach!) every day. The right tools at home can make any woman ready to step out into the world with a smile on her face and the bounce on her steps.

Beachy waves are definitely “in” and help make you look great without making it look like you had to work too hard for it. Any of the irons we’ve looked at here will be fantastic for getting this look!

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