Best Titanium Hair Straighteners – 2020 Top Picks

| Last Updated: January 21, 2022

What makes Titanium Technology in hair straighteners more special than others?

The use of titanium plates in flat irons helps salon professionals to achieve desired hairstyles and a healthier looking hair.

Comparison of the Best Titanium Hair Straightener for Smooth Hair

  • Offers high and trusted heat levels
  • Hair is protected by Nano Titanium technology
  • Lightweight and easy to use
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  • Ergonomic design enhances ease of use
  • Powerful but lightweight design
  • Equipped with ventilation system to release extra heat
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  • Doesn't pull or drag user's hair
  • Helps to preserve the hair's moisture
  • Less damage to hair with safety technology
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  • Seals heat in hair for shiny appearance
  • Can work on any hair type
  • Thumb grip helps to protect user's hands
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What is Titanium and Why is it Good for Straighteners?

Titanium is a type of metal that works great in conducting heat. Because of this, it is used in hair straighteners and curling irons.

Titanium hair straightener produces consistent heat, and it can handle minimum temperature changes to prevent hair damage.

Titanium plates are great for hair straighteners as they heat up quickly and produce high ionic output. Compared to ceramic plates, titanium plates heat up faster.

With Titanium Technology in hair straighteners, better results are gained compared to ceramic plates, because it requires fewer passes for hair straightening. Irons like this can be used at lower temperatures than older style ceramic or metal options.

If you do decide to opt for titanium, bear in mind they are incredibly efficient as far as heat is concerned, so if you have hair, that’s easily damaged it’s worth keeping this in mind.

Review of the Best Titanium Hair Straighteners for Smooth Hair

Now let's have a look at some of the best titanium hair straighteners for smooth hair.

Best Overall:
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1' Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Women with frizzy and thick hair can now enjoy professional results with BaBylissPro, without putting in the extra effort.

Appearing thinner from outside of the plates, this iron looks very small; its plates are 1-inch, but they look much thinner than that. The body on either side of the plates is much slimmer than a lot of the ceramic options.

The compact size could probably offer some pretty sweet curls, so will feel interested in trying it out. Heating the Nano Titanium up to 450 degrees gives enough heat for any hair type.

Far-infrared heat and negative ion technology hold in more moisture and the titanium plates help that happen by locking it all into the hair. A lot of irons have this now, so this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking idea, but it does make a difference when you’re trying to get your hair straight and stay that way.

Titanium plates are anti-corrosion and anti-rust. The shape of the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium allows for excellent straightening and styling possibilities, making this iron a great choice for anyone.

Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 Inch

As the Croc Classic is made of titanium, it’s intended to smooth the hair cuticle, resulting in smoother, shinier hair with continual use.

It is unique; the  uses a digital screen to differentiate temperature, offering temp ranges between 200 degrees to 450 degrees. This allows users a more precise, easy-to-read temperature control, rather than the often-ambiguous dial controls.

The brand claims to heat and straighten 60% faster than its competitors. One of the greatest praises offered from actual customers is the flat iron’s result time.

As anyone with stubbornly curly or wavy hair can attest, having to take the time to straighten hair every morning can be extremely frustrating. Instead, users were pleased to discover that styled hair lasted several days, cutting back on usage.

Satisfaction is expressed with the flat iron’s speed in heating and straightening, cutting 10-15 minutes off morning hair routines. The Croc Classic Nano Titanium has Nano Silver Technology for sterilization is cheaper.

3. IZUTECH KTX450 LT Titanium Digital Flat Iron

Izutech Ktx 450 Titanium Digital Flat Iron, Black, 1.25 Inch

The Izutech Flat Iron Ktx450 has plates that extend the whole width of the iron. They are extra long hence you don’t have to take as many passes on your hair to get it straight, and they are made of titanium, so they provide a long-lasting straighten.

It has a warp free construction, which means it won’t change shape or get damaged if it gets hotter than it’s supposed to. You can get heat up to 450 degrees on this iron which is a pretty big deal for most hair types. The titanium plates help you to avoid hot spots. Hence you’re able to get a consistent “straighten” without pieces that stay frizzy or curly.

The floating plates on the Ktx450 are a huge deal while straightening your hair. They are part of the reason the iron moves so easily, and they save the stress of getting your hair caught in it. As far as I’m concerned, what you get is totally worth it, but it probably shouldn’t be an impulse buy.

4. Hot Tools Pink Titanium Iron

HOT TOOLS Professional Pink Titanium Curling Iron/Wand, 1 Inch

Other than the oddly long turn off time, the Hot Tools Pink Titanium has some features that are pretty convenient. It has titanium plates that are emerging as a really good way to get consistent heat, but the plates are powered by ceramic under the titanium.

One of the nice thing about the plates on these irons is they have a covering that will stop problems with chipping, rusting or eroding because of the chemicals used when straightening your hair.

This makes a big difference to those who have to use many products to protect hairs, and it helps a lot when you’re trying to protect your hair without destroying your iron. The plates on this iron are rounded at the edges, making sure you don’t get crimps in your hair when you’re using it.

Plates get very close together, but the buttons are on the outside. This can be a problem when you’re holding the iron where the buttons are.

That being said, the manufacturer has made arrangements for this, so the buttons can be locked when you’re using it. You won’t risk turning the iron up way too high by mistake and end up burning your hair. Different hair types can take advantage of the different options in temperature, but everyone should do their homework before putting an iron on their hair.

Different textures, lengths, and thicknesses need varying heat types, and that means it’s pretty easy to burn your hair. Aside from the performance that is good but not great, I don’t think it’s worth saying that it has an auto shutoff if it doesn’t kick in for 10 hours.

5. RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Iron

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron, 1.25 Inch

The Sol-Gel Coating makes it easier to pull the straightener through your hair. It helps to organize the hair better on the plates and gives it a smooth pull through your mane.

RUSK claims to do things a lot of other straighteners will never get to say.

While many irons do well with different hair textures, it can be difficult for African American people with thick hair to find a flat iron that will not only straighten but keep the hair straight and soft.

This one does a stellar job at dealing with such problem.

There are two options for size, and they differ depending on the kind of straighten you want. I always suggest using the smallest iron if you plan on curling or trying to do any special tricks with it.

If you just need straightening and maybe a little wave, you can go with the bigger iron.

Choose between the 1 Inch RSK686 and the 1.25 inch RSK732 depending on what you want. It delivers ultimate heat (up to 450 degrees) and frizz free results.

The way it’s shaped, is probably lousy for small passes. If you have short hair, you may not fare as well with this iron. Short hair means the iron will spend more time near your face, and the shape of it can burn easier than other irons.

Bonus Tips for Using a Titanium Hair Straightener

Here are some key tips to keep in mind:

Flat Iron Materials

Straightener works because they have flat plates that get hot; they put heat through hair follicles, trap in moisture and take out frizz.

The plates on a flat iron can be made of several different materials, and they’re good for different uses. The best iron for you depends on the type of hair you have, styling you want to do, and the amount of heat your hair needs.

The material of the plates dictates whether you will get consistent heat, a shiny finish, straight hair with a single pass or other specific needs. The speed of your straightener relies on the type of plate you’re using.

Can I Use Too Much Heat?

In short YES! You absolutely can use too much heat on your hair. Blow-drying...Curling...Straightening.

It's no secret that hot tools have become an invaluable resource when it comes to tame unmanageable strands. Experts weigh in on the amount of heat when it comes to your relationship with heat styling while giving tips to prevent your hair from getting burned. You may end up getting a haircut if not careful about the amount of heat you put on your locks.

Hair Styling Beyond Just Straightening

Many people don’t know there are tons of ways to style your hair with a flat iron, and this might help you to decide, what should be the size of iron?

You can curl, wave, straighten, adds volume and more - just with a flat iron! Keeping the versatility in mind, you can save money by investing in one.

Now you know few things about how to pick the best flat iron and what you can do with them, these are some of my picks:


Finding the right flat iron for particular hair type is not easy. Today, availability of different brands in the market has made the task much harder.

It is good to recognize the type of hair before purchasing a flat iron. People with curly hair will need a different flat iron from those who have thick, coarse hair.

When you purchase a flat iron, it’s important that you get a professional-quality iron that not only straightens, curl, or add waves but works quickly as well.

Hence, you’ll get great results without spending hours on your hair. I have provided you information about each product and how they differ from one another.

I hope this article helped to choose the appropriate flat iron for your hair; something can’t ignore.

Have a Great Day Ahead!! Thank You...

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