30 Hairstyle Ideas for Curly and Thick Hair

Thick, curly hair can be very hard to manage. Trying to find a style that exudes elegance and gives you the desired fierceness can be hard work. That said, when you nail it, you’ll find that those thick luscious locks give you a glamorous feel. When properly maintained, your healthy, thick and curly hair can … Read More

The Best Sealants for Natural Hair

Keeping moisture locked into your hair is extremely important to prevent damage. Damage often occurs due to moisture being released, leaving the hair brittle and dry. This gives it a frizzy look and can cause it to break off at the ends. Sealants are oils that help to provide a seal around the hair. This … Read More

The Best Flat-Curling Iron Combos

Having a tool that can perform in a versatile manner gives you an amazing array of styles. Dual-use flat iron and curling tools can be great for giving you the bouncy curls you desire one day and poker straight hair the next. If you’re a person with a diverse personality, having a double tool like this … Read More

Hot Rollers vs Curling Wands vs Curling Irons

Hot rollers, curling wands and curling irons –  all these hair styling tools carry out the same functionality — curling. But they fulfill that need for different hair types, and with varying degrees of efficiency.The curly era that ruled the mid-20th century is back, including the use of rollers. Francis Catanese, lead stylist at John … Read More

The Best Quiet Hair Dryers

Hairdryers make life simpler by adding speed to a fast-paced life. hairdryers are not just meant to fix the problem of drying your hair, but there is more to it. Each hair type and lifestyle would demand a different type of hairdryer. If your circumstance needs hairdryer minus noise, then here is a detailed guide … Read More

The Best Hot Air Brush for Fine Hair – 2018 Guide

There are sheer volumes of hair dryers available in the market today. It can be so overwhelming that choosing just the one might confuse you. This article will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable hair drying tool for your hair type.Quick Take: Best Hot Air Brushes for Fine HairJohn Frieda Salon ShapeInfiniti Pro … Read More

The 5 Best Hot Brushes for Short Hair

Woman’s hair is her crowning glory, whether you see a woman’s hairstyle; under the bright spotlight or in mere shadow. Best hot air brushes are a great way to dry and style your hair at the same time, giving you a convenient way to get ready. The only issue is that there are dozens if not … Read More