21 Quick and Easy Ponytail Ideas

As we get closer to summer, we look to find hairstyles that keep us cool while still giving us a stylish look. A hair classic, the ponytail is a sleek way to keep your hair back while also accentuating the neckline. But why not to put a twist on the traditional ponytail and try out … Read More

25 Must See Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Your wedding day is said to be the biggest and best day of your life. Having your hair reflect the beauty of that day will make you feel gorgeous and complement your bridal outfit. Updos are a great way to craft a stunning look that doesn’t get in your face and interrupt the flow of your … Read More

21 Short and Curly Hairstyle Ideas

Short hair can be slightly more challenging to style than long hair. However, short, curly hairstyles are a fun way to show off your girliness and to create sexy neck-bearing looks that accentuate glamor and showcase your neckline. You’ll find that short curly hair can really demonstrate your wilder side while highlighting some of your … Read More