Best Mini Flat Irons – 2019 Top Picks Reviewed

Christian Wood uses a trick of mini flatirons to save a hair day for celebrities like Tessa Thompson, Emily Ratajkowski, Rosie Huntington, and Olivia Munn. He says, “I prefer a small straightener that I can get really close to the roots to remove stubborn kinks and cowlicks”.  One advantage of mini flatirons is that they … Read More

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Best Wet-to-Dry Flat Irons – Top Picks [2019]

The concept of wet-to-dry flat irons may seem somewhat counter-intuitive. Most advice regarding flat irons seems to accentuate the need for hair to be bone dry before using hot equipment. However, celebrity hair stylist Abraham Sprinkle and many others vouch for the validity of wet to dry flat irons when they’re used correctly, and how useful … Read More

Best Curling Irons For Beachy Waves – 2019 Top Picks Reviewed

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Best Flat Iron Sprays – 2019 Complete Review

When using a flat iron, the extreme heat can be damaging to your hair. Using a heat-protection spray can help to reduce the effects of high temperatures on your hair, protecting it from drying out and breaking. According to the style director at Pierre Michel Salon in New York, using a heat protection spray is … Read More