Best Cosmetology Schools in Mobile, AL – 2020 Picks

| Last Updated: July 4, 2021

Every person has a dream to be praised and look beautiful. Well, now you can while studying cosmetology in one of the best cosmetology schools

Not only do these schools offer basic knowledge about beauty treatments, but they also provide advanced learning. 

In this article, we will walk you through some of the best cosmetology schools located in Mobile, AL.

Requirements to be a Cosmetologist in Mobile, AL

In Alabama, cosmetologists are controlled and licensed by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. They are allowed to work with hair, nails, and skin; however, only some defined duties can be performed.

There are a number of duties that cosmetologists can get enrolled in Alabama. These include arranging, bleaching, braiding, curling, cutting, waxing, cleaning, manicures, pedicures, and much more!

License Requirements

In order to get a license as a cosmetologist in Alabama, you have to complete around 1500 clock hours while enrolled in a cosmetology program at a cosmetology school.

However, the time limit varies, depending upon the type of license you desire. For manicurists, they must complete 750 clock hours while 1000 clock hours are required for estheticians.

Moreover, there is also an option for you to choose apprenticeship instead of the cosmetology program. The duration for this apprenticeship is 3000 clock hours that you have to complete within three years. 

Also, it is mandatory that you learn while under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist.

In the case of manicurists, you have to complete 1200 hours in two years. Meanwhile, 2000 clock hours in three years are required for estheticians to get a license.

Once the apprenticeship or program is completed, you have two years to apply for a license in Alabama.

Salary and Job Outlook in Mobile, AL

Alabama is a land of opportunities for young and dedicated cosmetologists looking for a kickstart in their careers. It provides ample growth and learning prospects to produce professional cosmetologists. Getting a license might speed up your progress and raise your worth, which isn’t difficult to achieve in Mobile, AL.

Salary Package

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a cosmetologist’s average annual salary is around $23,620 in Alabama. In fact, it ranges from $23,141 in Georgiana to $24,686 in Huntsville.

Being more precise, in Mobile, the average annual income for a cosmetologist is around $24,156.

Job Outlook

The latest trends seem to be quite favorable for cosmetologists working in Mobile, AL. Recent studies suggest that there is going to be an increased demand for professional and licensed cosmetologists in Alabama.

Well, this is good news for people pursuing a career in cosmetology while in Alabama. The Alabama Department of Labor collects data regarding the employment and salaries in various professions.

According to the Department of Labor, there will be positive job growth for cosmetologists. As a result, an increase in demand for professional cosmetologists might result in a higher income.

Another positive aspect of cosmetology job is tipping. It definitely increases the money you earn, making this profession more attractive and profitable.

List of the Top Cosmetology Schools in Mobile, Alabama

Alabama has a reputation for producing professional cosmetologists in the United States. This is because of the top-notch education system in the state that provides individuals with basic and advanced knowledge of cosmetology. 

Here, we will be listing some of the top cosmetology schools that are renowned for their quality education in Mobile, AL.

1. Remington College

List of Programs

  • Cosmetology Diploma Program

Contact Info

  • Address: 828 Downtowner Loop W, Mobile, AL 36609
  • Phone: (251)-343-8200

Our Review of the Program

Remington College is one of the most renowned cosmetology schools located in Mobile, AL. Due to its sheer performance and track record in the past few years, it has become a standard of performance.

There are a number of programs that you can get enrolled in; however, the most famous is the diploma program in cosmetology. The cosmetology program is designed to teach the students manicures, pedicures, and much more.

The purpose of the program is to deliver both basic and advanced learning techniques and knowledge to students. Consequently, students can then be eligible for various job positions in the beauty industry.

The cosmetology program is effectively divided over a period of 12 months. There are flexible time schedules available for you, including the weekend class schedule. Program completion typically demands 48 weeks for full-time students. 

You are also required to maintain a minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 to be eligible for a degree in cosmetology. Upon completing all the requirements of the program, you can then be able to receive a degree in cosmetology.

All in all, Remington College is a perfect educational platform to kickstart your cosmetology career. With a sound education system and professional faculty, you have a great opportunity to learn from the best.

2. Blue Cliff Career College

List of Programs

  • Cosmetology

Contact Info

  • Address: 2970 Cottage Hill Rd #175, Mobile, AL 36606
  • Phone: (251)-473-2220

Our Review of the Program:

This is a highly reputable educational institute that masters in delivering knowledge regarding cosmetology. Blue Cliff Career College is a dream-come-true for you if you’re looking to pursue a career as a cosmetologist. The institute itself is one of the most highly-rated and quite reputable for the quality of education it delivers.

At Blue Cliff Career College, you can enroll in their cosmetology program that usually demands 1500 clock hours. The program is devised in such a way that it provides all the basics and advanced knowledge required in cosmetology. In addition, it offers a more practical approach, according to the current and emerging trends in technology.

The program delivers detailed knowledge regarding the practical study of the beauty culture while providing various beauty instructions. These include care and beautification of hair, skin, and nails.

The program promises you a better personal as well as a professional approach in the field of cosmetology. You have a chance to groom yourself while following ethical conduct. Also, you are taught practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge regarding the various aspects of cosmetology.

Students are able to develop professional skills and knowledge through theory classes and laboratory experiences. In short, it is one of the best educational institutes for cosmetology.

3. Charles Academy of Beauty Culture

List of Programs

  • Cosmetology

Contact Info

  • Address: 2986 Eslava Creek Pkwy Mobile, AL 36606
  • Phone: (251) 478-6401

Our Review of the Program

If you’re looking for a successful career as a cosmetologist, Charles Academy of Beauty Culture is perfect for learning. The institute has everything it takes to produce highly professional and competent cosmetologists in the modern era. The institute is fully equipped to prepare students for quality education, whether it is theoretical or practical based.

The institute offers various courses in cosmetology that are regulated by the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. The institute offers cheaper education as compared to other schools and institutions.

Class schedules are also flexible with the luxury of selecting either morning or night-time training. According to the Alabama state guidelines, the students are required to complete 1200 credit hours to become a licensed cosmetologist. 1200 credit hours are equivalent to almost 1500 clock hours. Full-time students with good attendance can comfortably complete the course in ten months.

To begin your journey at this institute, a partial payment is required. After that, monthly payments are required to cover the cost of tuition and other educational necessities. However, the cost for licensure after the completion of the course is not included.

4. Bishop State Community College

List of Programs

  • Cosmetology (certificate)

Contact Info

  • Address: 351 N Broad St Mobile, AL 36603
  • Phone: (251) 405-7005

Our Review of the Program

Bishop State Community College is yet another educational institute that offers top-notch education. It excels in a number of different programs; however, it is renowned for delivering quality education in cosmetology.

The institution offers a cosmetology certificate for students who complete the certification as per the institute’s guidelines. The cosmetology certificate program is ideally designed to equip students with competency-based knowledge and fundamentals of the cosmetology industry. They are also given a chance to learn scientific and artistic principles to excel in the field.

The institute offers a simulated salon environment that allows the student to work and learn in a real-time setting. As a result, the students are able to grasp knowledge and develop skills that make them eligible for entry-level employment. In addition, the program focuses on developing communication and math skills, along with customer relations and good work ethics.

Generally, the program prepares students to cut, trim, and style various scalp, facial, and body hair. It also enables them to learn how to do manicures and pedicures. There are a lot of other skills as well, which the institute offers to its students. The best part is that everything you learn is under the guidance of direct supervision by licensed and professional cosmetologists.

5. Genesis Career College

List of Programs

  • Esthetician
  • Cosmetology
  • Master Barber
  • Nail Technician
  • Massage Therapy

Contact Info

  • Address: 4308 Downtowner Loop N, Mobile, AL 36609
  • Phone: 251-250-2489

Our Review of the Program

Genesis Career College is a state-of-the-art college that excels in delivering quality education regarding the field of cosmetology. It is quite famous due to its excellence in developing and preparing students for a successful cosmetologist career. Not only does it equip you with fundamental and advanced learning, but it also helps you in entry-level employment.

The cosmetology curriculum at Genesis Career College consists of 50 weeks of classroom training. The individuals are given a chance to use the latest hair and color products to make them familiar with the latest trends. In addition, the students also become a part of career development and training classes. It allows them to work in a salon, start their own business, or pursue a career in product sales or cosmetology.

At this institute, you are provided knowledge based on the current and emerging trends of beauty care. These include hair cutting and styling, manicures, pedicures, makeup applications, color and texture, and much more!

With the advent of modern techniques in beauty and healthcare, professional cosmetologists are in demand. In order to help students fill these high-demand positions, this institute is one of the best. There are a number of campuses where you can apply and get enrolled for a bright future.

Cosmetology Schools in Mobile, AL Comparison Table

In Mobile, AL, there are quite a few renowned cosmetology schools that promise quality education to their students. These educational institutes excel in delivering basic to advanced knowledge regarding various aspects of cosmetology. The table below shows some of the data compiled for these few cosmetology schools for your convenience.

  • Cosmetology Diploma Program
  • 828 Downtowner Loop W, Mobile, AL 36609
  • 251-343-8200
View Latest Price →
  • Cosmetology
  • 2970 Cottage Hill Rd #175, Mobile, AL 36606
  • 251-473-2220
View Latest Price →
  • Cosmetology
  • 2986 Eslava Creek Pkwy Mobile, AL 36606
  • 251-478-6401
View Latest Price →
  • Cosmetology (certificate)
  • 351 N Broad St Mobile, AL 36603
  • 251-405-7005
View Latest Price →
  • Cosmetology, Esthetician, Massage Therapy, Nail Technician and Master Barber
  • 4308 Downtowner Loop N, Mobile, AL 36609
  • 251-250-2489
View Latest Price →


The field of cosmetology requires professional and dedicated individuals that devote their time to customer care and satisfaction. In order to get popular and achieve success, learning from a quality cosmetology school can be a huge plus. These schools not only equip you with all the necessary knowledge but also help you build your future career.

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