Best Cosmetology Schools in Stockton, CA – 2020 Guide

| Last Updated: July 12, 2021

What state could be better than California to start a career in cosmetology? Home to a plethora of beauty schools, no state understands and appreciates beauty and fashion like California does.     

With its thriving entertainment and film industries, California offers challenging and unique beauty careers to aspiring professionals looking to leave their mark in the cosmetology world.

To help you begin your journey in the field of cosmetology, we have reviewed the best cosmetology schools in Stockton, California, so that you can pick the one that you find more suitable.

Requirements to be a Cosmetologist in Stockton, CA

California is home to hundreds of salons that work to fulfill the diverse needs of its vast population. It has a well-deserved reputation of being the trendsetter in the fashion world, with the glamour of LA and Hollywood setting the standard for style the world over.

As a result, licensure not only protects the beauty industry but keeps the standards high. The license requirements in California are set by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. In order to take your licensing test, you will need at least 1600 hours of education plus hands-on training.

Moreover, the cosmetology licenses must be renewed every two years in odd-numbered years, starting from the licensee’s original licensing date. There is an option to renew your cosmetology license with the help of the CA automated system.

However, this could take six weeks to two months. Another time-saving option is to renew your license online with BreEZe. This process takes only fifteen to twenty days. Renewing the license before it expires costs $50 while renewing your cosmetology license after the date costs $100. It is also recommended that the CEUs stay current in the industry.         

Salary and Job Outlook in Stockton, CA

As a cosmetologist, you will be able to help clients discover new styles, give a fashionable twist to their favorite hairstyle, and boost their confidence. In California, there are many movie studios, television studios, and celebrity events, thus providing you with the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry.

Taking advantage of these fabulous opportunities, provide you with a chance to be more dramatic in your style, build an enviable client base, and make your presence felt in the field of cosmetology. With attractions such as Disneyland, California is also an ideal place to get into stage and character makeup.    

The demand for cosmetologists in California is on the rise. According to recent statistics, there will be a 20% increase in job openings in the next ten years. On average, cosmetologists in California earn $31,400 annually.

Quick Take - Top Cosmetology Schools in Stockton, CA

In a hurry? Here are the best cosmetology schools in Stockton, CA:

  1. Inspire Academy of Barbering and Cosmetology
  2. California College of Barbering and Cosmetology

List of the Top Cosmetology Schools in Stockton, CA

The state of California is an excellent place to start a career in cosmetology. Cosmetology schools here offer some of the top training programs in the country in order to train the students to provide cutting-edge styles to their clients.

The following are some of the best-accredited beauty schools in California with program options that will help you achieve your cosmetology career goals with ease.

1. Inspire Academy of Barbering and Cosmetology

List of Programs

  • Barbering
  • Esthetician
  • Manicuring
  • Cosmetology

Contact Info

  • Address - Inside the Stockton Waterfront Warehouse 445 W Weber Ave. Stockton CA 95203
  • Phone - (209) 910-0955

Our Review of the Program

The Inspire Academy of Barbering and Cosmetology is a well-renowned beauty school that has been training students in all the latest theories and practical techniques related to beauty for decades. Their courses provide a dynamic, modern, and personalized approach, thus ensuring that their students become highly proficient in this field.

Their latest and innovative take on fashion-related styling and hair cutting makes it easier for students to hone their craft, thus enabling them to build a successful career in cosmetology. Their dedicated staff and professional guest artists provide hands-on training to students so that they can master the art and craft of a cosmetologist with ease.     

The instructors at the Inspire Academy are experts in their fields and are committed to training their students in all the latest techniques for creative styling. They care highly about their students and work closely with them in order to ensure the highest quality education possible.

The Cosmetology program offered by the Inspire Academy is designed to teach and offer professional services utilized in the beautification and treatment of Hair, Skin, and Nails with professionalism and confidence compatible with professional success and growth. Their state-of-the-art cosmetology program fosters a personalized and intimate program that revolves around the preference of their students. The students are trained to be able to sit for the board licensing exam while instilling in them an entrepreneurial spirit of professionalism that helps them immensely in their professional life.         

The duration of the course is 1600 hours that is above and beyond the minimum requirement set by the state board. The objective of this course is to introduce a business-savvy curriculum intertwined with optimism, knowledge, and inspiration to make sure that their students become entrepreneurs who will be unstoppable in the real world.

Another great thing about this school is that they also offer Part-time programs for students who may not be able to attend the Full-time program. The students are issued their own textbooks, which contain the latest information in order to encourage them to flourish not only in school hours but at home as well.

2. California College of Barbering and Cosmetology

List of Programs

  • Manicure
  • Barbering
  • Esthetician
  • Cosmetology
  • Crossover Programs

Contact Info

  • Address - 1024 East March Lane Stockton CA 95210
  • Phone - (209) 952-5318

Our Review of the Program

If you want to enroll in a cosmetology program that will not only help you get your license quickly but will also allow you to acquire multiple skills, thus opening the door to endless possibilities in the beauty industry, then the course offered at the California School of Barbering and Cosmetology is for you. This extensive course combines the latest information with excellent instruction, thus helping to create confidence and fully trained beauty professionals.   

The 14,000 square foot campus is equipped with all the facilities required to prepare you for a life-long and prosperous career as a cosmetologist. Professional tools and textbooks are provided to every student by the school. The class schedule is very flexible, allowing nighttime, daytime, and weekend classes.

Personal attention is given to every student to ensure their success and to help them become accomplished professionals. The instructors and staff members at the California School of Barbering and Cosmetology have years of experience and are aware of the challenges faced in running a business. Moreover, the school helps the students with their application and interview so that they can find their first job quickly.

The school offers Matrix and O.P.I based curriculum on helping their students get ahead in the professional world. The products and treatments used in teaching the students are all professional and salon brands. Highly-respected guest artists also come frequently to teach the students about real-world best practices and skills.

The future and well-being of the students are given first priority at this school. This course is spread over 1600 hours over a period of 12-14 months. In order to prepare the students for the professional world, training for mock interviews and job placement is also provided.

Throughout the course, students are also provided the opportunity to work with live clients and become a salon apprentice, thus learning everything from hair styling and coloring, business and marketing, hair treatments, makeup application, and advanced design. Moreover, financial assistance is provided to students in the form of tuition financing and payment plans in order to make learning accessible to everyone. 


In the field of cosmetology, the opportunities are endless. And if you are in California, you can find a number of good schools that will help you become a successful cosmetologist. Read the above article carefully before deciding which of these schools meet your requirements perfectly.

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