Best Cosmetology Schools in Columbus, GA – 2020 Round-up

| Last Updated: July 12, 2021

Cosmetology is a fairly unique yet interesting career option. Not just that, it is a growing field as the demand for hairdressers and stylists has only been going up, and experts expect it to rise in the future too.

However, the school you choose for this field will be a huge determinant of what kind of skills you learn and the experience you gain. Therefore, this decision should not be hasty and be extremely well-thought-out.

If you are living in Columbus, Georgia, or would like to live there while pursuing an education in cosmetology, then you have come to the right place. This article will not only cover the best schools but throw some light on complementary knowledge as well.

Requirements to Be a Cosmetologist in Columbus, GA

If you want to pursue a career as a cosmetologist in Columbus, then you have to meet the state requirements of that of Georgia.

The first step is to get a graduate degree from a Beauty School with Cosmetology or Hair Designing training. After that, you have to pass the PSI exams. Now, you want to get your cosmetology licensure application from the state of Georgia.

Your license is subject to expiry, so you continue your education to renew your license. You are then a licensed cosmetologist and just have to find suitable work for yourself.

Salary and Job Outlook in Columbus, GA

Choosing a career because of your passion is important. However, you should always know how much it will pay so that you can plan out your future accordingly. Therefore, we have briefly discussed the salary package you should expect when you finally get your dream job.

The average annual salary of a cosmetologist is $24,000. The starting salary is not too less than the average stated above; however, with more experience, your income is expected to rise.

Generally, with more experience, you add better performance details on your resume, which means your annual salary could see a boost of up to $2000.

This is the kind of market in which you don’t have to worry about opportunities decreasing. No matter what recession has struck the world, hair and nails don’t stop growing. Provided you are a skilled individual and meet all the requirements, you should be able to land a job.

The industry for the highest levels of employment in cosmetology is Personal Care Services. It also happens to be the industry with the highest concentration of employment in this occupation.

Quick Take - Top Cosmetology Schools in Columbus, GA

In a hurry? Here are the top cosmetology schools in Columbus, GA:

  1. Rivertown School of Beauty
  2. Columbus Tech

List of the Top Cosmetology Schools in Columbus, GA

The skills that you learn and how prepared you are to face the challenges of your job depend largely on the school you go to and the kind of exposure it gives you. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a reputable and professional school that not only teaches you the skill but equips you to handle the pressures of the real world. Below is a list of the top cosmetology schools in Columbus, GA.

1. Rivertown School of Beauty

List of Programs

  • Barber
  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetician
  • Nails

Contact Info

  • Address: 4747 Hamilton Rd E, Columbus, GA 31904, United States
  • Phone: +1 706-653-6561

Our Review of the Program

The Rivertown School of Beauty is a very competent and professional school when it comes to cosmetology. It doesn’t just teach you theoretically inside the classrooms but also gives its students hands-on experience. The students are taught the skills of general hairdressing through lectures, demonstrations, and written and practical assignments.

Furthermore, it provides students with a chance to acquire training and experience in a clinical setting. It has a large network of clients who are more than willing to give these potential cosmetologists a chance to perfect their perming, hair coloring, styling, or cutting skills. However, to make sure they are ready for this, they are first taught under an instructor in such a setting, so everyone who steps out in the real world is prepared.

The alumni of the school report that they are extremely grateful that they chose this school. With the help of the professional yet cooperative teachers who gave them impeccable career advice, they were able to make the most out of their careers. The school has also made a name for its “Good Career Preparation” and “Good Teachers.” It is qualities like these, which make it a stellar fit for any potential cosmetologist in Columbus, GA.

2. Columbus Tech

List of Programs

  • Barbering
  • Nail Technician
  • Esthetics/Skin Care

Contact Info

  • Address: 928 Manchester Expy, Columbus, GA 31904, United States
  • Phone: +1 706-649-1800

Our Review of the Program

This is another one of the top schools for anyone who wants to study in Columbus, Georgia, and want to pursue a career in cosmetology. The faculty at this school is highly qualified and is well aware of the job market. Hence, they ensure that their students have academic and professional knowledge of the subjects and courses that they are studying. Moreover, they teach them the required skills in how to land a job, maintain your position there, and then excel in it.

The programs are designed to prepare students in all aspects of the field; hence students are trained in a wide variety of skills and prerequisites. This includes sanitation, state laws, anatomy and physiology, skin, hair, nail, disorders, etc. The professional attitude of this school ensures that nothing is left to chance, and its students are well taught and aware of the field they are entering in.

The curriculum taught at this school aligns with the State Board of Cosmetology, so you shouldn’t expect to run into any problems there. With the kind of training and experience they give you here, its students have not had to face many difficulties in getting a good job.


Picking the right school is a very important decision, and we do not take the implications of that lightly. Therefore, all the reviewed schools have been chosen after careful deliberation and speculation so that you should only choose from the best. Moreover, we have tried to answer all related concerns, which will allow you to make an educated decision. We hope you found this article helpful.

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