Best Cosmetology Schools in Savannah, GA – 2020 Review

| Last Updated: July 12, 2021

Cosmetologists have an ever-increasing demand on the market. With renewed fashion trends, people love to be creative about their looks. 

This is why they seek a cosmetologist’s help since doing any cosmetic treatments themselves is risky. 

So, if you want to be a cosmetologist in Savannah, you need proper training and skills. And here are some schools and other aspects that you need to know before signing up for cosmetology. 

Requirements to be a Cosmetologist in Savannah, GA

Well, in order to land a profitable job, you need to fulfill some basic requirements. There are no hard criteria for being a cosmetologist, but licensure needs major protocols. So, let’s see what criteria you have to meet in order to be a certified cosmetologist in Savannah.

Graduation in Cosmetology

First of all, you have to graduate from a beauty school in cosmetology or hair designing. The duration of the course may vary, but the basic cosmetology skills should be covered. It can extend from makeup application to nail care and retail knowledge. 

PSI Exam

After completing your cosmetology course, you need to take a PSI exam. It has further two divisions – a 140 minute practical and a 90-minute theory exam. 

Application to the Georgia Board of Cosmetology

Applying for the license to the Georgia Board of Cosmetology comes next. There is an application for a license as well as one for an apprenticeship. You need to give citizen verification and employment details for both these applications. 

Contact the Right Employers

After you have gained a license, you need to look around for some reliable jobs. You must contact registered cosmetologists around you to get the right job. 

Salary and Job Outlook in Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA, has some of the most attractive opportunities for cosmetologists due to its budding industry. This is why there are promising job opportunities there. Let’s have a look at the salary trends and job outlook to get a clearer idea.

Salary Trends

On average, cosmetologists make $25,101 a year. There are differences on individual levels, based on your skills and creativity. The nature of the work you do also affects your salary and bonuses. 

Job Outlook

Experts expect a great increase in cosmetologist jobs. There are new makeup and styling techniques every day, and people like to spend more on their appearance. So, cosmetology is going to be an even richer industry in the near future. 

List of the Top Cosmetology Schools in Savannah GA

Now you know that it is compulsory to have a certification and training from a beauty school, you must be on the lookout for some schools which offer the best cosmetology training in Savannah, GA. Considering this, we have enlisted and reviewed some of the top cosmetology schools in Savannah for you.

1. Savannah Technical College

List of Programs

  • Cosmetology Program

Contact Info

  • Address: 5717 White Bluff Road, Savannah, GA 31405 | (912) 443-5700
  • Phone:+1 912-443-5700

Our Review of the Program

We are quite fond of this program by Savannah Technical College because of the diversity of courses in it. There is a series of courses which teach the students a variety of highly useful techniques. There are both theory and practice-based learning outcomes for cosmetology enthusiasts. Since the instructors highlight the importance of safety and state laws, getting a license is easier for graduates. 

Moreover, the program covers both anatomical and chemical aspects of cosmetology. This helps the students understand the nature of makeup and styling products better. Thus, they get to be more efficient in treating the clients’ skin and nails with the right products. 

In addition to this, the program has other basic courses like Math and computer skills, which teach students more skills. The students also learn salon managing skills, so they can handle professional settings well too. 

Although the program does not include major licensing exams, it prepares them for State exams. Hence, this program can be a great choice as it works on teaching students how to run a successful cosmetology business. 

2. Empire Beauty School

List of Programs

  • Cosmetology 

Contact Info

  • Address: 7400 Abercorn Street, Suite 901, Savannah, GA 31406
  • Phone: 912-228-3971

Our Review of the Program

This is on the list of our favorite cosmetology programs as it teaches both contemporary and basic cosmetology techniques. Haircutting and styling are a major part of this course as there is an in-depth study of various techniques. 

Another great thing about it is that it includes the most recent haircuts for men, women, and children. This is why graduates have the capability of dealing with a diverse range of customers. 

Moreover, the students get to learn about all kinds of hair textures and how to style each of them. Thus, they are able to satisfy clients in all aspects. They can even give advice to their clients based on the kind of their hair and skin. 

Other than this, the program includes several nail care services too. Whether it is a basic manicure or elaborate nail art, you learn about everything. The instructors lay emphasis on esthetic skincare products as well. 

Lastly, there is a brief portion of marketing and communication skills to teach you how to attract more clients. 

3. Savannah Cosmetology Institute

List of Programs

  • Esthetics 
  • Hair Design 
  • Nail Technology
  • Master Cosmetology

Contact Info

  • Address: 405 Pennsylvania Ave. Savannah, GA 31404, United States
  • Phone: 912-239-5591/ 912-358-1317

Our Review of the Program

The Master Cosmetology program by Savannah Cosmetology Institute stands out to us because of its well-thought-out course outline. This 12-month program requires completion of 1500 credit hours. 

One of the best things about it is that it caters to all skin, hair, and nails issues. This enables students to excel in all three dimensions of cosmetology. Furthermore, the course covers both general anatomy and detailed skin structure. 

This program further has a major portion of scalp and nail disorders. This then makes the students competitive in dealing with complex issues as well. Trainees also gain the needed exposure to be expert in hairstyling and nourishing. They also get to learn how to work with extensions and even make a wig out of scratch. There is a section dealing with hair color and color/cut techniques, which impresses us with its thoroughness. 

Another great addition to this program is the basics of Esthetics, which brings an artistic element to the students’ work. This helps them in unleashing their creativity and merging their talent with the skills they learned. Thus, this program is what all cosmetology students need to sharpen their skills to an optimum level. 

4. Savannah Barber Styling Institute

List of Programs

  • Master Barber 12 Months
  • Fast Track nine Months Master Barber
  • Barber Instructor 11 Months Part-Time
  • Barber Crossover (for Licensed Cosmo) six Months
  • Dual Enrollment (GED and Master Barber) 14 Months

Contact Info

  • Address:1815 Waters Ave. Savannah, GA 31404, USA
  • Phone: 912-231-9534

Our Review of the Program

The Master Barber program has made it to our list because of its highly professional approach to hairstyling. It extends over 12 months, and there is due focus on hair grooming and cutting techniques. This program develops a major business insight in trainees, so they get ready for practical jobs. 

In addition to hairstyling, the trainees learn many soft skills, including resume writing and cover page designing. Educators and mentors also enlighten students about the right way to conduct themselves while they apply for hairstyling jobs. 

Furthermore, this program has a comprehensive course outline which deals with major licensure exams. The students prepare for Science, Writing, Math, and Social Studies sections of GED exams as well. There is a theory-based apprenticeship course as well. It takes only six weeks but is of great help in preparing students for apprenticeship tasks and applications. 

Along with all this, the program covers both the practical and theoretical parts of the PSI exams. So, there are higher chances of graduates making it to the top hairstyling businesses.  

Cosmetology Schools in Savannah, GA Comparison Table

There are many cosmetology schools in Savannah, which leads to fierce competition in terms of quality training. We have already reviewed our favorite schools for you. But, here is a brief comparison table to help you do a quick analysis. 

  • Cosmetology
  • 5717 White Bluff Road, Savannah, GA 31405 | (912) 443-5700
  • 912-443-5700
View Latest Price →
  • Cosmetology
  • 7400 Abercorn Street, Suite 901, Savannah, GA 31406
  • 912-228-3971
View Latest Price →
  • Hair Design, Master Cosmetology, Nail Technology and Esthetics
  • 405 Pennsylvania Ave. Savannah, GA 31404, United States
  • 912-239-5591/ 912-358-1317
View Latest Price →
  • Fast Track nine Months Master Barber, Master Barber 12 Months, Barber Instructor 11 Months Part-Time, Dual Enrollment (GED and Master Barber) 14 Months and Barber Crossover (for Licensed Cosmo) six Months
  • 1815 Waters Ave. Savannah, GA 31404, USA
  • 912-231-9534
View Latest Price →


Keeping all this in view, cosmetology is surely going to get a sudden boost in job opportunities. And, you need to have the right skills to make the most out of these. So, get yourself enrolled in one of these cosmetology schools and learn what it takes to be a great cosmetologist. We wish you all the very best!

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