Best Cosmetology Schools in Lansing, MI – 2020 Picks

| Last Updated: July 4, 2021

What’s better than making others look good?

Cosmetology is nothing less than an art and science of beautifying your nails, skin, and hair. A cosmetologist is the master of treatments and procedures to make you look attractive.

Getting admission into a reliable cosmetology school can help you achieve your dream of using your creativity to serve people.

For those who are interested, we have compiled a list of some of the top cosmetology schools in Lansing, MI, where you can get an education in various branches of beauty treatments.

Check them out!

Requirements to be a Cosmetologist in Lansing, MI

Cosmetology is indeed one of the fast-growing industries in Lansing, Michigan. Practicing as a cosmetologist in Michigan requires you to get licensed. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Cosmetology deals with all the regulations for cosmetology license achievement.

In order to become a successful cosmetologist in Michigan, you must meet the training and education requirements of the state. Education is the basic requirement as working with beauty products, and chemicals can be really harmful and damaging.

First of all, you need to be at least 17 years old with at least a 9th-grade education. Then, you can either go for a formal training program or be trained as an apprentice. The formal training requires you to get admission in one of the licensed cosmetology schools and complete 1500 hours of study.

However, if you are willing to choose the apprenticeship, it is required to serve as an apprentice for at least two years in an established and licensed firm. Plus, you need to complete the Apprenticeship Training Program Application. During the apprenticeship, you are expected to complete 1920 hours of training.   

After finishing your educational/training requirements, you need to submit a licensing application and then go for necessary exams. If you pass the practical and theory exam, you can get your cosmetology license and start your professional activities immediately. Moreover, it is important to renew your license every two years to continue working as a licensed cosmetologist in the state.

Salary and Job Outlook in Lansing, MI

A cosmetologist can have career satisfaction in Lansing, MI. Since the cosmetology industry is in rage in the state, a certified cosmetologist is expected to earn a good living. This trending industry can expect projected job growth of 20% in the next ten years.

Since all the young people are keen about their looks, cosmetology services are always in demand. A cosmetologist can either provide beauty services in a beauty salon or can open their own salon to provide people with the best treatment possible.

A certified cosmetologist has far better opportunities, and they are easily employed by some of the state’s larger salons.

Talking about the money, a cosmetologist does not only charge money for the services provided but in fact, if the work is done flawlessly, they get to receive tips as well.

The overall earning generally depends on multiple factors, including the place they are working at, where the place is, how good they are at work, skills as well as the wealth and tipping habits of their clients.

You can earn from $24k to $27k annually in Michigan by serving as a cosmetologist. Similarly, the average annual salary of a skilled cosmetologist in Lansing, MI, is around $25,500.

List of the Top Cosmetology Schools in Lansing, MI

A cosmetology school not only helps you learn all the necessary skills but plays a key role in your professional growth. So, if you are aspiring to become a successful artist or consultant in the future, here is a detailed review of some top-recommended Cosmetology schools in Lansing, MI.

1. Douglas J Aveda Institute

List of Programs

  • Cosmetology 

Contact Info

  • Address: 331 East Grand River Avenue East Lansing, MI 48823
  • Phone: (877) 311-8957

Our Review of the Program

Douglas is a phenomenal institute that delivers the finest services to the community. Located in East Lansing, this institute offers a cosmetology program that takes almost three to twelve months for completion. The students are granted a Cosmetology license at the end of the degree to help them find any lucrative job in the field.

This program helps you become a master of various techniques and skills, including nail care, hairstyling, haircutting, and skincare as well as makeup artistry. In other words, it will not only focus on theoretical knowledge, but it is also designed for the professional growth of students. You get new ideas and their professional applications to bring out your true potential.

The best things about this school include a great learning environment in addition to the cooperative staff. The trainers have remarkable field experience and tend to encourage students at each step during training.

Similarly, the hands-on training makes you capable of marking your position in the workplace. During the training, a student goes through multiple phases, including intro, alpha, beta, gamma, and salon life. Each of these phases offers a different learning style that plays a key role in polishing skills so you can end up with a great portfolio.

Here in Douglas, textbooks and notepads are thought of as things of the past. Therefore, they equip their students with an iPad in order to help them create brilliant online content.

2. Protégé Academy

List of Programs

  • Cosmetology

Contact Info

  • Address: East Lansing, Michigan, 48823
  • Phone: 517.324.3388

Our Review of the Program

Are you passionate about cosmetology?

Well, Protégé Academy is just the right place for you. This institute offers a cosmetology program that covers training in hairstyling, nail care, skincare, and makeup. During this program, you get to learn all the techniques and skills so you can end up opening your own salon in the near future.

This 1500-hour program is offered in both day and night timings, which makes it quite suitable for even those students who are already working. You can choose the timings according to your schedule. While day time classes require 35 hours of weekly attendance, night classes demand 25 hours of weekly attendance from the student.

With a learning environment and experienced staff, you get to have a memorable experience during the whole training session. The trainers are extremely cooperative and encourage their students to become independent stylists.

Graduates can easily find an attractive job with a high income. Moreover, they can have a successful career in tons of fields, including hairstylist, color stylist, cosmetic buyer, researcher, salon owner, distributor sale, and consultant. In fact, you can even become a salon trainer to give back to the community.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself enrolled now.

3. The Barber/Styling College

List of Programs

  • Barber
  • Styling


  • Address: 2101 N EAST STREET LANSING, MI 48906
  • Phone: 517.482.8083

Our Review of the Program

The Barber/Styling college of Lancing is a well-recognized institute in Lansing for giving an opportunity to become a master of the field. You will get to enjoy some modern instructional facilities to help you reach your full potential.

It offers a great training environment and a professional staff that helps you learn all techniques and skills. The program includes 250 theoretical hours and 1750 practical hours to infuse you with both theoretical and experimental knowledge. The training area is equipped with all the necessary equipment to experiment with and can easily accommodate 40 students at a time.

With the hands-on training and that too, under a professional and experienced barber, you learn all the techniques and their practical applications. The most admired thing is that trainers encourage students to bring on multiple questions for better understanding.

The whole program trains you well in cutting, styling, trimming, hair replacement and coloring, hair and skincare as well as permanent waving. Once you graduate, you can either open your own salon or get employed in a reputed place to earn a good living.

Moreover, after you have learned all entry-level skills, you get a chance to pass the Barber Licensing Exam that would act as the cherry on the top.

Cosmetology Schools in Lansing MI Comparison Table

Cosmetology is surely a promising business. All you need is lots of dedication and attention to the details. Getting enrolled in a cosmetology school would help you flourish your skills and passion. Here is a brief comparison of some of the finest Cosmetology schools in Lansing, MI that can help you achieve your dream.

Let’s have a look.

  • Cosmetology
  • 331 East Grand River Avenue East Lansing, MI 48823
  • 877-311-8957
View Latest Price →
  • Cosmetology
  • East Lansing, Michigan, 48823
  • 517-324-3388
View Latest Price →
  • Barber and Styling
  • 2101 N EAST STREET LANSING, MI 48906
  • 517-482-8083
View Latest Price →


The cosmetology industry is thriving these days. Meanwhile, cosmetology schools have become quite common where you can easily enroll in an undergraduate program to have career satisfaction. All these institutes are eager to train interested students with premium theoretical knowledge as well as a practical approach. In case you are looking for a reliable institute, you can always choose one of the above-reviewed institutes to have the best experience.

Good Luck!

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