Best Curling Irons of 2020 – Complete Review

Do you have an event coming up?

Are you craving those natural beach waves that you can’t get with a normal flat iron? 

Then look no further because this article will present you with the best curling irons trending on the market, so you can feel like a new person with your dazzling new hair!

Comparison Chart of the Best Curling Irons


Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron

  • Cool tip and auto-off feature for safety
  • Comes with a double ceramic coating with a 1½-inch surface
  • Equipped with a whopping 30 heat settings, making it the runner-up
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BESTOPE Hair Curler

  • Comes with an auto-lock feature and a heat-resistant glove
  • Barrel is 1¼ to 1.25 inches and gives you those natural waves
  • Equipped with a ceramic and tourmaline surface, making it the best for the money
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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

  • Comes with 50 heat settings
  • Nano-titanium surface for better textured wavy curls
  • Equipped with Sol-Gel technology, which makes this the best curling iron for fine hair
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Kiss products 1” Automatic Curling Iron

  • Comes with a curl dial that has ridges to ensure tangle-free curls
  • Has a total of 2 heat settings with the highest one of 420-degree Fahrenheit
  • Ceramic ionic surface for shiny and frizz-free hair, making it the best curling iron for short hair
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Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

  • Automatic auto-shutoff technology
  • Deep waver barrel, making it the best curling iron for beach waves
  • Equipped with 2x Tourmaline Ceramic technology for frizz-free and shiny hair
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HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra

  • Equipped with a cool tip
  • 24-Karat Iron to create the most luxurious curls
  • Best curling iron for thick hair and best 2-inch curling iron
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INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

  • Can heat up in up to 30 seconds
  • Tourmaline-Ceramic technology for healthier and shinier hair
  • Highest heat temperature is 400-degree Fahrenheit, making it the best curling iron for long hair
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Conair Instant Heat Spiral Curling Iron

  • 30-second heat-up with an auto-lock feature
  • Equipped with a turbo heat feature for instant heat-up
  • 3-4” long spiral barrel for even heat distribution, making it the best spiral iron
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What Size of Curling Iron Do I Need?

While buying a new curling iron may seem like child’s play, it is the minute details that can make a difference in your curls. A ¾-inch and a ½-inch width doesn’t seem like a big difference, but when you actually curl your hair, it can cause a whirlwind of a change. If you want curls that are thinner and tighter, opt for the ½-inch wand.

For natural-looking summer days, a 1-inch curling iron can give you the beach waves of your dreams. A 2-inch curling iron is great at giving you the salon-like blowout for parties and events. Meanwhile, for more classic, loose curls, a 1-1/4-inch is the perfect pick. 

How to Choose a Curling Iron

When choosing the perfect curling iron, the tiniest details make the biggest impact. If you don’t know what those are, fear not! This portion will list everything you need to look for when choosing your ideal curling iron:

The Curling Surface

The material of the metal that curls your hair is obviously the most crucial component that you must consider when purchasing a curling iron. Ceramic surfaces are great for most hair types and they heat up fast. Titanium surfaces are a great choice for individuals with thicker, dry hair. They are super lightweight and last a long time. Meanwhile, tourmaline helps reduce frizz and is more suitable for finer hair. 

Curler Barrel Size

As mentioned before, the size of the barrel of the curler can determine what kind of curl you will achieve from your curling iron. If you have shoulder-length or shorter hair, then a smaller barrel is better suited for you as it gives you those corkscrew curls that look better on your hair length. Bigger barrels are used on ladies with longer and thicker hair and are great for voluminous, natural-looking curls. 

Type of Curler

You need to look for a curling iron that is user-friendly and easy to grasp and use when needed. You can choose between curling wands, tongs, or a triple barrel waver. Curling wands are more difficult to use but create more natural curls. Triple barrel wavers give you those finger waves and are best suited for longer hair. Tongs are easier to use and can create firm curls. 

Quick Take - Best Curling Irons

Review of the Best Curling Irons

Now that you’ve covered the basics of what makes a good curling iron and which is better suited for your hair, let’s dive into the reviews of our top picks

Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron, 1.5 Inch Curling Iron, White/Rose Gold


  • Ceramic plates allow for better frizz control
  • Heats up instantly, so you don’t have to wait long to curl your hair
  • Equipped with a turbo heat feature that reaches those invisible spots
  • Smooth surface doesn’t allow any dust or muck to make its way in, so it is hygienic
  • Cool tip in this wand allows you to grasp the wand better without hurting yourself


  • 5 foot cord is not long enough for someone tall
  • Barrel needs to be shorter for thicker and longer hair
  • If you reside outside the US, you need a different adapter or plug

What Recent Buyers Report

This wand works perfectly, and it doesn’t burn your scalp or your hands because of all the great safety precautions taken by the manufacturer. The heat settings are phenomenal for every hair type, and the swivel cord helps prevent the wand from being tangled in the wire.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ceramic plates in this Conair wand allow you to get those luscious, long-lasting, frizz-free curls that you need. It has multiple heat settings and locks in the shiny curls for about 18 hours. It is damage-proof and is super user-friendly and easy to handle. It is an overall bang for the buck.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is specifically designed for medium to long hair and is used to produce those large, bouncy curls that give you the blowout look. Its heat settings are for versatile usage and can suit each hair type. So even for fine hair, you can choose the heat settings best for your hair.

Bottom Line

If getting those gorgeous, party waves that knock everyone’s socks off is on your to-do list, this is the wand for you! It will give you stunning curls that add volume and shine to your hair, making your hair look its absolute best. With this wand, you will have a good hair day every day!

Best for the Money:
BESTOPE Hair Curler

Curling Iron 1.25 inch, BESTOPE 1 1/4 in Hair Curling Wand Tourmaline Ceramic Coating Hair Curler with Cool Tip Glove


  • Easy to understand how to use this wand
  • Safety features are great, and it comes with a heat-resistant glove
  • Handle is ergonomic, and it’s easy to hold it without straining your hand
  • Ceramic and Tourmaline surface work well enough to remove frizz and bring your hair to life
  • Heats up super-fast and it doesn’t get too hot, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself


  • Large barrel doesn’t give perfect ringlets
  • Curls do not stay put for long periods of time
  • Barrel does not slide well into the portions of hair

What Recent Buyers Report

This wand heats up pretty quick, and the barrel is long, so it is a great choice for ladies with longer hair. It takes very little time to curl your hair because it works so efficiently. Also, users like that the clip tension on this wand allows you to open and close it easily.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ergonomic silicone handle on this makes it an amazing wand to hold if you have long hair. It allows you to get the perfect, romantic look with flattering curls that eliminates frizz and brings back the shine and lusciousness in your hair. It is packed with amazing features to give you the ultimate curling experience.

Who Will Use This Most

This curling wand is best designed for women that have medium length or longer hair, and need a more natural, romantic look for their date night out with their loved one, or tousled curls for an event or a party. It has a very unique design that holds your hair firmly and creates perfect curls every time.

Bottom Line

If you’re on the hunt for a powerful and sleek curling iron, then this may be the one for you. It will give you salon-quality natural curls that you want for a cute date, or a fun and flirty look for casual days as well. This wand can transform your hair into a beautiful mane of curls, without needing the extra practice.

Best Curling Iron For Fine Hair:
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron


  • 8 feet swivel cord that doesn’t tangle
  • Sol-Gel technology allows for frizz-free hair
  • Holds the hair portion firmly, giving a tighter curl
  • Turbo heat option for quick heat-up and better curls
  • Comes with 50 different heat settings, and can reach up to a whopping 450-degrees Fahrenheit


  • Does not come with a heat-resistant bag
  • Tip of the curling iron is very short and awkward to hold
  • Stays warm even if it is turned off when plugged in, which can be dangerous

What Recent Buyers Report

Ladies were really happy with this product. It heats up fast and produces tight curls that last for a really long time. It makes your hair super shiny and luscious-looking. The volume that it gives to your hair adds an extra oomph that makes your hair look really healthy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The design of this curling iron is sleek and stylish, and the brand itself is renowned for making the best hair products. The nano titanium surface allows the plate to get hotter quickly and for a long period of time, so you can have beautiful curls with consistent levels of heat.

Who Will Use This Most

The bubble type of wand on this curling iron is highly suitable for women who have short or fine hair. It gives you the spiral curls that are tight and bouncy. Its design is lightweight, and it is easy to handle and use. It is particularly safe if you have thin hair and need an iron that doesn’t damage your hair.

Bottom Line

If you’re on the search for a lightweight and user-friendly curling iron for your thin or fine hair, do consider this one. The 50 heat settings give you smooth and static-free curls, and the Sol-Gel technology gives your hair that ultra-shine and salon-like finish. Overall, it is the best curler for thin hair.

Best Curling Iron For Short Hair:
Kiss Products 1” Automatic Curling Iron

KISS Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron, 1”


  • Versatile iron to create different styles on all lengths
  • 8-foot swivel cord makes it easy for the wand not to get tangled
  • You can customize the settings easily according to your preference
  • Ceramic-ionic barrel heats up fast and protects hair from any kind of damage
  • Very easy to maneuver since it is designed for women who can’t use traditional curling irons


  • Comes with only two heat settings
  • The weight of this curling iron is quite heavy
  • You will need some practice to get the angling technique right

What Recent Buyers Report

This curling wand can heat up in seconds and does not tangle your hair. The ceramic-ionic technology allows for more refined, shiny curls that look healthy and beautiful. It’s a fool-proof patented design that is easy to handle and control and gives you the perfect curls each time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Kiss’s Instawave curling iron gives you long-lasting, luxurious curls that you ​want from a curling iron. You can get the salon-look with this professional tool, and achieve many different curling styles. Also, it lets you have the voluminous, bouncy curls without making it look unnatural.

Who Will Use This Most

If you have short hair, then this is the best curling iron that you can purchase. You can just put it close to your scalp and watch the rotating dialer do its magic as it efficiently creates curls. In a short time with the least amount of effort, it can transform your hair and make it look dreamy.

Bottom Line

Looking for cheery, bouncy and voluminous curls? This curling iron from Kiss has got you covered. It has many impressive and innovative features that make it stand out. If you have short hair and need a curling iron that is dependable, you can definitely count on this one for your curling needs.

Best Curling Iron For Beach Waves:
Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II


  • Beach waves last for a long time
  • Equipped with several heat settings
  • Handy curling iron for travel purposes
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology makes for a frizz-free result
  • Comes with deep waver plates that craft your hair into the best beach waves


  • It’s really heavy to hold for a long time
  • Has a burning smell that lasts on the hair
  • Does not come with a heat-resistant glove

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a great curling iron that gives you the ultimate beach waves. It works on all types of hair and leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny, and naturally wavy. It can heat up very quickly and can give you long-lasting beach waves without any additional sprays. It is a great investment if you love beach waves.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for one of the best curling irons to give you lose or structured beach waves, then this is the device for you! The dual Tourmaline-Ceramic technology ensures healthier, softer, smoother, and shinier hair without the frizz. If you want the natural look, then this will not disappoint.

Who Will Use This Most

This curling iron is ideal for women with coarse hair as well as women who have fine or thin hair. It provides consistent heat to the hair, giving each lock the same attention. If you have medium-long hair, this curling iron will work flawlessly on you.

Bottom Line

Looking for professional, yet natural beach waves? This curling iron will satisfy your dream for the perfect head of beach waves and can create a more casual look or a more professional and elegant one too. It removes frizz, gives you soft and shiny hair, and is a must-have if you love this kind of look.

Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair and Best 2-Inch Curling Iron:
HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra

Hot Tools Professional 1 1/2 Inch 24K Gold Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron/Wand Model No. HT1102XL


  • Heats up super-fast and lasts long
  • Equipped with 10 different heat settings
  • Comes with a knob for easy maneuvering
  • Pulse Technology gives you the same curls each time
  • 24-karat iron ensures consistent curls and good heat distribution


  • Only has a 1-year warranty
  • No heat-resistant bag with the curling iron
  • Does not come with an auto-lock, but a manual on/off switch

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found this to be an amazing curling iron, giving softer and looser waves that make your hair stand out among the crowd. It gets hot very quickly and is built for durability. Its design is also very sleek, stylish, and sturdy. Overall, customers loved this product for curling their hair.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product is mentioned on the list because of its unique qualities and highly advanced technological features. The 24K Gold surface on this curling iron ensures that you achieve your dream curls, and is perfect for any type of hair. You can create all sorts of fabulous looks with this all-rounder curling iron.

Who Will Use This Most

Ladies with thick and long hair will find this super useful as it heats up quick and adds shine to frizzy or coarse hair, without damaging them. If you want romantic curls, beach waves, or natural curls, then this is the perfect iron for you. It can perform many versatile functions, so you can reach the desired look.

Bottom Line

If you want a great curling iron for your thick hair, and can’t find one that makes your curls last long all day, then try this one out. Its unique features and high standards will sweep you off your feet, and make you forget what frizzy hair is.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, 1 1/4-inch Curling Iron


  • Equipped with 5 LED heat settings
  • Nano-technology for removing frizz from the hair
  • Engineered with a protective shield for heat resistance
  • Can create looser and tighter curls according to preference
  • Comes with an auto-off button that shuts off when it is not being used


  • Does not last for a long period of time
  • Design and look are very cheap and flimsy
  • The lowest temperature is 300, which is still hot for other hair types

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a really lightweight and handy device if you’re in a hurry and need to jazz up your hair a bit. It is also easy to use and understand and can give you professional-looking curls in no time. It does not damage your hair and firmly holds on to the hair until you’ve made the perfect curl.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For the price of this curling iron, it is definitely a bang. Its features are not short of what you would expect from a good quality curling iron. Moreover, it gives you shiny hair that transforms your dull hair into a gorgeous mane that lasts a long time.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is specifically designed for ladies with longer hair who need to speed up their curling process. It is also designed for damp as well as dry hair. If you want natural and healthy curls, this curling iron will work its magic on damp hair. If you’re looking for tighter and more structured ringlets, then try this on dry hair.

Bottom Line

If you’re a little short on money and want a great value on a curling iron, then this is the one for you. You can get all the good qualities in this curling iron and feel amazing and gorgeous with your curls. If you’re in a jiffy and need a quick fix, this one has your back.

Best Spiral Curling Iron:
Conair Instant Heat Spiral Curling Iron

Conair Instant Heat Spiral Curling Iron, 0.75 Inch


  • Auto-lock ensures safety
  • Unique design and high dependability
  • Comes with 25 heat settings to let you choose from
  • Turbo heat feature is great if you are looking for a quick fix
  • Can treat any type of hair, regardless of the length or thickness


  • Does not release curls smoothly
  • Not equipped with a rotating swivel
  • Heat dial is near to the handle, which can be dangerous

What Recent Buyers Report

For the price, this curling iron does seem to perform just like any other. It's really lightweight as well as easy to use and produces beautiful, bouncy curls that make your hair look healthy and bouncy. There are many heat settings for you to decide, depending on your hair type, as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for the best spiral curling iron on the market, then here it is! This curling iron is made with the best features that ensure that you have gorgeous curls. It can work its magic on any hair length or type, with an added turbo-heat system if you are on the go.

Who Will Use This Most

This curling iron is useful for ladies who are on a budget and need the best spiral curling iron. It operates flawlessly on any hair length and type and transforms your hair into shiny, gorgeous curls. If you are a frequent traveler, then this lightweight model will also be very handy for you.

Bottom Line

This is a very unique curling iron that deserves a spot on this list. It has amazing features and delivers a bang for the buck. The different heat settings also allow you to choose which heat level would be perfect for the thickness of your hair. This feature makes the iron super versatile and impressive.

5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set - 0.3 to 1.25 Inch Interchangeable Ceramic Barrel Wand Curling Iron - Dual Voltage Hair Curler Set for All Hair Types with Glove and Travel Case by Xtava


  • Supports universal dual voltage for travel
  • Equipped with a 360-degree swivel cord to remove tangles
  • Comes with 5 different barrels for unique hairstyles
  • Cord length is 8 inches, so you can plug it in and use it worry-free anywhere
  • Ceramic tourmaline technology locks in the moisture in the hair and reduces frizz


  • A little on the pricey side
  • Does not come with temperature adjustment
  • Does not have a cool spot on it when it gets too hot to use

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found this set to be totally worth it as it heats up quickly and curls even faster. If you turn it off, it cools down fast as well. It also comes with a heat-resistant case, which promises great convenience when you’re traveling around and don’t have time to wait for your wand to cool down.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The surface of this wand is a mesh of tourmaline and ceramic, which holds the curl in place, even if your hair is stubborn. You can interchange the different barrels to create new looks, with the wide array of barrels provided to you. Furthermore, you can use the heat-resistant glove, which is included if you feel like the wand’s too hot.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great device for those women who have coarse hair that won’t withstand the curls. If you have stubborn hair and need a wand that will keep your locks in place all day, then do not hesitate to try this one as you will not be disappointed.

Bottom Line

If you have thick hair and you’re looking for a high-quality wand set that can give you the dreamiest curls that you could ever want, which lasts all day, then this is the kit for you. With its different-sized barrels and advanced technological features, this is the only kit you will ever need to get those luxurious bouncy curls or beach waves.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Now that you have read the reviews, you should look at the key considerations that you should make before purchasing a curling iron. Here are some of them:

The Surface

It is really important to determine which kind of surface is best suited for your hair type. A popular kind of material that is used in most irons is ceramic. This material helps eliminate frizz and static in your hair and reduces hair damage. Titanium irons allow the hair to lock the moisture in, and not make the hair look dry or damaged. Tourmaline is also a plating that is used to make your hair look voluminous and healthy.

Barrel Size

Different barrel sizes can give you a different curling experience. Smaller ones give you tighter and more defined curls. Medium-sized barrels are used to create loose and natural-looking curls, while large ones are for more glamorous and party curls. 


You need to look at the features that are more appealing or attractive to you. Heat settings, price, auto-off, and the swivel cord are a few of the features that make a curling iron more convenient and versatile. 

How to Use a Curling Iron

If you're a beginner and do not know how to use a curling iron properly, here are the steps that can guide you in mastering the art of a perfect curl. 

The First Option

  1. Separate your hair into two portions, and three if you have thicker hair
  2. Hold the curling iron vertically, clasping the ends of your hair (1-2 inches above the ends)
  3. Go up all the way to the root by twisting the clamp
  4. Depending on your hair type, hold the iron in the position for a few seconds
  5. Let loose and watch those curls drop!

The Second Option

  1. If you have thicker hair, then this is a more convenient option. Hold the curling iron straight, with the clasp in the front.
  2. Grab a 2-inch section of your hair, and go half-way up
  3. Keep holding for about 10 seconds, and then release slowly
  4. Next, curl the entire section up to the roots, holding for about 7 seconds
  5. Release vertically, and voila! You have created the perfect curl 

You can learn to curl in a better manner with a visual representation. For that, see the video given below. 


Choosing the top curling iron can be a dreadful task since there are so many options available on the market. Hopefully, this article gave you some insight on which curling iron is better suited for your hair type. Each one is crafted with its own unique properties that are all amazing and of the best quality. 

People Also Ask

If you still have a few ambiguities that need to be sorted out, then read these frequently asked questions. They will help you with further deciding which iron is good for you.

Are Titanium or Ceramic Curling Irons Better?

If you have damaged hair and need to protect your hair, then ceramic irons are better for your hair type. Titanium can heat up quickly, is lightweight, and really durable. It really depends on what your hair type is to decide which one is better. If you want convenience, a titanium plate will be better than ceramic.

What Curling Iron Size Should I Buy?

A 1½-inch iron can create very natural-looking, loose curls that give volume. They are also great for creating beach waves. For a more romantic and flirty look, a 1¼-inch curling wand is a better option. For shorter or medium length hair, a 1-inch curling wand can make the most beautiful curls. 

How Long Do Curling Irons Last?

Although it depends on the quality of the curling iron you purchase and its build, a standard curling iron can only last a maximum of 1000 hours in total. After this time, the machine itself starts depleting and will not perform its 100%. Some cheaper irons will go up to only 500 hours.

Why Does My Curling Iron Leave Creases?

If you tend to use a curling iron on wet or damp hair, the chances are that the heat will burn your hair and make creases in your hair more noticeable. If you start curling tangled hair, it will also increase the chance of your hair being creased. 

Can You Make Big Curls With a Small Curling Iron?

In order to produce larger curls with a smaller wand, you should take larger portions of your hair. Just section the parts of hair and tease the hair on the roots a bit. Use a volumizing spray to give that false effect of bigger and bouncier curls. Make sure that you don’t wrap the hair too tightly as this technique will not give you bigger curls. 

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