Best Automatic Curling Irons of 2020 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 21, 2022

Do you love experimenting with different hairstyles and is curling your hair for an event your favorite thing to do? Are you looking for better options to curl your hair than your manual curling iron or tools?

If yes, then automatic curling irons are a must-have for you. These not only give you beautiful, fluffy curls, but they also save you from the time-consuming and fussy process of manual curling irons.

This article features some of the top automatic curling irons to help you choose the one that suits your hair best.

Comparison of the Best Automatic Curling Irons

  • Negative ions curling technique for less damage and frizz
  • Has an anti-scald safety design to protect your hand from burning
  • Requires only ten minutes to give you the desired type of curls using a ceramic chamber
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  • Uses both titanium and ceramic materials for its curling chamber
  • 4-time settings for three different types of curls and standby mode
  • You can adjust the temperature from 150-230C for different hair textures with an LCD temperature kit
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  • Temperature ranges from 380-480F with an LCD set
  • A hair spray function that absorbs any water vapors to give firmer curlers
  • Best for the money unit with ceramic material used in its curling chamber
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  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Negative ion curling technology and ceramic material used
  • Consists of two heat settings with a maximum temperature of 420F
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  • Has 4 timer settings to achieve different types of curls
  • Tri-direction rotation option to create uniform curls conveniently
  • Comes with three heat settings having temperatures of 375F, 410F, and 450F
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What is an Automatic Curling Iron?

An automatic curling iron is the latest revolutionary hair styling tool. It looks a little bit similar to a straightener except that it has a ball-like, circular clamp at the tip of the iron. By applying advanced hair styling technology, this product gives you neat and dazzling curls in a timely and efficient manner.

The best part is, unlike the manual iron curling technique, you do not have to go through the fuss of setting heat and rotating the rod from time to time. This automatic curling iron merely needs you to hold it in a specific direction and does the job for you all by itself.

How Does an Automatic Curling Iron Work?

This product has been specifically designed to automatically control heat settings, twist your hair, and give you glossy curls with its auto-rotating and steam-tech elements. You just have to put the hair inside the iron chamber, press the turn on the button, and hold it in a specific direction as required by the curler. Then, the iron gently takes the hair in and closes the chamber.

It then starts its job to give you flawless curls within a matter of a few minutes. Some automatic curling irons also come with timers, so you don’t have to count each passing second. Hence, you just have to sit back and wait for dazzling curls, while this product does its job well.

How to Choose an Automatic Curling Iron?

We have listed some of the features that you need to consider before buying a curling iron so that your investment doesn’t go to waste.

Heat Settings

For different patches of your hair strands, you need to have variable heat settings in your curling iron. Some curling irons have single heat settings, while others have two or more. You should make sure to choose the one that has the maximum heat settings that go up to higher temperatures so you can adjust the heat for bangs, ends, or layers differently.

Barrel Size

You need to consider the barrel size, depending on the type of curls you want. For tighter curls, you need to have a smaller barrel size. If you want loose curls, you should consider buying a curling iron with a bigger barrel size.

Quality of Iron

Make sure to focus on the quality of material used in the manufacturing of a curling iron. Irons with inferior materials are prone to corrosion after short-term use. So, invest in a high-quality automatic curling iron, so you can use it for a longer period.

Comfortable to Use

The design and size of an automatic curling iron should be comfortable to grasp. Some curling irons are not suited to be held easily because of their slippery outer surface, unsuitable size, or complex design. So make sure you focus on ease of use, as well.

Review of the Best Automatic Curling Irons

To help you make the right choice, we have narrowed down our research to some of the top automatic curling irons that are listed below.

Best Overall:
 Curling Iron Automatic Hair Curling Wand Hair Curler

Curling Iron Hair Curler Automatic Hair Curling Wand,Auto Wavy Curling Iron 1 inch 30s Instant Ceramic Heat Wand and LCD Temp Display Dual Voltage 110v-220v


  • Hair is protected from heat and frizz by the advanced negative ion technique
  • Very convenient to use since it operates automatically with just one push of a button
  • Temperature is controlled efficiently with LCDs and can vary between 260 and 420 ℉
  • PPS material resists heat and shuts automatically when overheated, thus preventing your hand from scalds
  • Gives you your desired curls in 10 minutes, whether you want tight, loose, or light wavy curls for a natural look


  • Gives good results up to 15 months only
  • Doesn’t work for baby or fine hair because of its size
  • Doesn’t have titanium plates that are best suited for people with thick hair

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers were quite pleased with its easy-to-handle and simple design. According to the majority of customers, it heated super-quick and gave fine curls in less time. However, some people reported that it didn’t give long-lasting curls for people with thicker hair. Despite that, they loved its versatility and how it was able to provide different kinds of curls in just minutes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This automatic curling iron works well for all types of curls, including natural, wavy, loose, or tight. Its design is very easy to handle and the heat-resistant material used works efficiently to protect your hand from burning. It has varying temperature settings that are controlled automatically to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this product uses ceramic plates, it is best suited for people with thin, delicate hair. Ceramic plates can’t reach the temperature limit of titanium, so it is only good for people with sensitive hair because it prevents them from burning. However, people with thick, coarse hair are not advised to choose this because they need high temperatures that titanium plates can’t provide.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for automatic curling irons for thin, delicate hair that can give you the curls of your dreams, then this is just the right product for you. Giving an option to choose from a wide range of varying temperatures, the product heats up in less than 30 seconds, even for the maximum heat. You just need to follow four simple steps to get glossy curls of any type in a matter of ten minutes.

 MKBOO Automatic Curling Iron

Hair Curler, MKBOO Automatic Curling Iron Salon Quality Tourmaline Ceramic Heater LED Digital 360°Roatable Cord Rejustable Heat Time Direction Setting for Different Curl Style


  • Ceramic material reduces frizz and heat damage
  • Has a 2.8m long cord to eliminate any type of rotation trouble
  • Goes on standby mode after 60 minutes of inactivity, making it safer to use
  • Users can find the right temperature based on their hair texture in the user guide
  • Comes with a whole package of complementary contents to make your curling experience easier
  • With its 4 time settings, you can choose 10 seconds for light curls, 12 seconds for medium, and 14 seconds for tight curls


  • Works well only for small strands of hair
  • Titanium material can burn thin and sensitive hair if used at very high temperatures

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers gave quite positive feedback about this product. All of the customers seemed very happy with its quick, convenient, and safe method of curling hair. However, some said it was a struggle to curl hair at the back without another person’s help. Apart from this, they loved how quick it was at producing results.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With its use of dual material type, titanium and ceramic, the product provides its users with advantages of both high temperature and anti-frizz curls. The product manual guides customers regarding time and temperatures to get any desired type of curls without putting your hair at risk of heat damage. All of these features make it an excellent product.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this product uses both titanium and ceramic materials in its curling chamber, it is well suited for people having many types of hair, i.e., thin, delicate, thick, or rough. Not limited to any single type, this curling iron can make tight, loose, or natural wavy curls, depending on user preferences and tastes.

Bottom Line

This curling iron covers a wide customer base with its use of both titanium and ceramic materials. The product manual provides its customers with complete guidance about timings for different types of curls and temperatures based on your hair texture, thus, preventing your hair from getting burned due to overheating.

Best for the Money:
YITRUST Automatic Curling Iron Rotating Steam Hair Curlers

YITRUST Automatic Curling Iron Steam Hair Curler Ceramic Titanium Steamer Spray Spiral Rotating with LED Display, (Black)


  • Power cord rotates 360 degrees C to avoid any kind of winding problems
  • You can set the heat at different temperatures based on your hair texture
  • Auto timer indicates when to take hair out of the curler to prevent it from overheating
  • Hairspray function absorbs moisture to harden the keratin structure, ultimately giving you firm curls
  • Ceramic material used in its chamber helps protect hair from heat and frizz by using negative ion technology


  • You need to put smaller strands of hair in the machine at one time
  • Not suitable for people with thick hair as no titanium material is used

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were happy with the rapid functioning, hairspray feature, and great, varying temperature range. However, some of them reported issues regarding the size of its curling chamber. Apart from that, they had very little to complain about. In particular, they loved the flexibility that the rotating power cord provided, along with the results it produced.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The product gives you beautiful, glossy curls of all types. It has negative ion technology to protect your hair from any kind of damage. The heat can go up to as high as 480 F and can be set at different temperatures with the help of LCDs. The best part is the hairspray function that absorbs vapors, harden keratin structure, and gives firmer curls of any desired type.

Who Will Use This Most

The product is recommended for people that have thin, sensitive hair with less length and volume since the ceramic material used in it, especially works for protecting such hair from damage. However, people with long and thick hair can use it too, but they will have to put smaller strands of hair at a single time or else their hair can get stuck inside the curling chamber.

Bottom Line 

If you have sensitive, delicate hair and want an automatic curling iron that can give you gorgeous curls without burning them, then this product is just the right investment for you. Moreover, its fine range of varying temperatures, hairspray function, and advanced auto timer can make your curling experience even safer and more convenient.

4.BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine


  • Saves energy due to its auto shut-off feature
  • Titanium plates help reach the high temperature for firmer curls
  • Indicates when the hair needs to be taken out of the iron once curled
  • 4 timer settings with off, 8-second, 10-second, and 12-second options can help you get the type of curls you want
  • 3-dimensional rotation helps the curling iron to move left, right, or alternate to achieve uniform, desired curls


  • Doesn’t have LCDs for temperature settings
  • Takes long to curl, as you can only make one curl at one time

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were quite happy with the product, as it gave them soft and bouncy curls that lasted long. It worked especially great for beachy waves. According to them, the product was easy to use, and the majority of customers didn’t regret buying it. In fact, they loved the results it produced and were quite satisfied with it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The product offers unique features, like a three-dimensional rotation option, auto shut-off feature, four timing settings, and much more to give its customers the best hair curling experience. This product produces the best results in the form of stunning curls, while ensuring safety and convenience.

Who Will Use This Most

The product works well for all hair types, but it is best suited for people having thick, bushy hair. The titanium plates used in it raise temperature to a high level that might be good to work with the coarse, thick texture of hair but is not advisable for thin, sensitive hair. Moreover, it can produce all types of curls, but people who prefer beachy curls will fall in love with it.

Bottom Line

This automatic curling iron is a worthwhile purchase if you have thick hair. With its three-dimensional rotation feature, you can produce curls in any configuration you want. It offers a safe, easy, and advanced way of achieving frizz-free, bouncy curls.

5. Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave 1”

Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron, 1” (KACI01)


  • Curling chamber size works well for both long and short hair
  • Comes with a curl dial to comb and detangle your hair while curling
  • Has a bi-directional rotation option to make curling more convenient for you
  • Ceramic material chamber with negative ion technology protects hair from heat and frizz
  • Outer design keeps your hand away from the hot rod while grasping, hence preventing any kind of burning


  • Only has two heat settings
  • Doesn’t have titanium plates to work well for thick hair

What Recent Buyers Report

The customer feedback came with both positive and negative aspects. Some customers were content because of its detangling comb, bi-directional rotating option, and auto shut-off feature. On the other hand, some reported that it couldn’t capture silky hair and was not easy to navigate. However, that didn’t stop them from recommending this product to others.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The product seems to be a complete package to us, since it has unique features to offer. The bi-directional rotation option, built-in comb, negative ion technology, and safe to handle design make it a fine deal for such a reasonable price. What else could you ask for in a product that gives you your desired curls with safety and convenience?

Who Will Use This Most

The automatic curling iron is a haven for those who just can’t use manual curling irons or tools anymore and want a quick, easy-to-use solution for it. People whose hair texture is delicate and thin can surely trust this product because of its negative ion technology and ceramic chamber. It is well-suited for all types of curls, be it naturally wavy, tight, or loose.

Bottom Line

This automatic curling iron is a fine investment for people who want salon-styled curled hairstyles while sitting at home. The patented design of this product helps you transform your straight hair into detangled, combed curls quickly. You don’t have to harm or burn your hair to get beautiful curls because of its ceramic curling chamber, which is safe to use.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

We know an automatic curling iron is certainly the right investment to make if we are fond of curling our hair. However, there are aspects that should be considered before buying this product. Some are listed below:

The Material Used in Curling Chamber

You should know what material is used in the curling chamber of a curling iron. The purchase should be based on your hair texture. If you have thin, delicate hair, then you should use ceramic curling irons. Meanwhile, if you have thick, bushy hair, then a titanium-based chamber would be better, since it provides high heat to work with such kind of hair texture.

Adjustable Temperatures

The number of temperatures that can be adjusted should be more. The range of temperatures should be bigger so that one can adjust them according to the type of curls they need at a time. The automatic curling irons that have LCDs are more convenient, and hence, preferable.

Tourmaline Technology

This technology absorbs moisture and locks water vapors into hair strands that harden the keratin structure. This ultimately produces firm curls, ensuring safety from heat because it distributes the heat on the hair strands uniformly.

Safe to Handle

The design of the curling iron should be safe and easy to handle. It should be designed in such a way that the user’s hand while grasping the iron, is not close to the hot curling rod. If there is any chance of contact, the product should come with heat-resistant gloves to avoid burning hands.

Pros and Cons of Automatic Curling Iron

Automatic curling irons come with both pros and cons that have to be considered before making a purchase.


On the one hand, you get the following benefits:


The process of using an automatic curling iron is very time-efficient since it only takes a few seconds to work on one strand of hair. Some curling irons also make multiple curls at one time, so it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to get all your hair curled.

Easy to Use

This automatic curling iron makes it very easy to get that stunning curly look. From the required temperature to twisting and finishing, it controls everything all by itself.


This product is a portable and convenient to use iron for traveling. Being lightweight and finely designed, it doesn’t require a lot of space in your travel backpack and you can get a curled hairstyle anytime you want.

Different Types of Curls Using One Curling Iron

Depending on timing, temperature, and barrel sizes, a single automatic curling iron can produce three different types of curls, including natural waves, subtly loose curls, tight curls, and beachy waves.


On the flip side, such irons do have their shortcomings. These are:


Automatic curling irons are more expensive than the manual irons or rods since advanced technology has been used in automatic ones.

Hair Loss

If you don’t select the right product based on your hair type, your hair can get stuck in the curling chamber, and it can cause loss of hair strands while you try to pull them out.


Automatic curling irons are a fun and easy way to get flawless, bouncy curls of your desired type. They bring you a "hands-free" experience of achieving those curls in an efficient manner. They may sound a bit expensive, but the convenience, safety, and time efficiency they offer certainly surpass the cons. Hence, choosing one of these automatic curling irons based on your requirements will certainly provide the most bang for the buck.

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