Best Curling Irons For Long Hair – 2020 Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 21, 2022

There is rarely anything that boosts your confidence as much as perfect curls do. If you love loose, tight, or dazzling curls, then it is about time you stop going to salons and get yourself a good curling iron for your long hair.

There are so many different hair types that exist that the market is saturated with all kinds of curling irons. This post will talk about the best of these products for long hair.

We will compare these products against their pros and cons too so that you make the right pick.

Comparison of the Best Curling Irons For Long Hair

  • High heat option makes it the best overall
  • Gold technology ensures perfect curls that last longer
  • Stays-hot technology retains the perfect temperature for consistent curls throughout
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  • Long barrel is perfect for long hair curling
  • Ceramic construction makes it the runner-up
  • Dual voltage allows you to use the right temperature settings on your hair
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  • Long cord length adds to higher portability
  • Relatively affordable, making it the best for the money
  • Made with newer and better double ceramic technology that achieves soft waves
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  • Dual voltage allows you to use the rod wherever you want
  • 1.2-inch long barrel allows you to achieve perfect curls on long hair
  • High setting of 410°F makes it the best curling iron for long thick hair
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  • 4-year warranty makes it the best curling iron for long fine hair
  • Operating voltage is only 120 meaning that it is energy-efficient
  • Ceramic barrel comes infused with silk protein thus providing you with smooth curls
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What Size of Curling Iron Do I Need?

This question has been repeatedly asked by many people, but contrary to popular belief, there is no clear cut answer to it. The size of curling iron solely depends on the type of your hair and the type of curls that you want to achieve. However, if you are skillful, you can get your desired curls with any curling irons.

Short Barrels

As the name suggests, smaller-sized curling irons will come with smaller barrels, around 1-inch in diameter. This size is easier to handle and use, and when applied on hair, it achieves quicker results. However, the smaller barrel often takes extremely long to curl longer hair.

Long Barrels

Curling irons with longer barrels are relatively expensive; however, that is probably the only downside to them. The diameter ranges from 1.2 to 2 inches. They not only take less time to curl but also allow even heat distribution on long and thick hair. Moreover, long barrels come with a long cool tip, thus preventing any unnecessary damage to your hair.

How to Choose a Curling Iron If You Have Long Hair

Curling irons that are designed for longer hair come with some specific features. You need to keep them in mind before investing in one for your long hair. 

Barrel Material

This is probably the most important feature to look for before buying your favorite product. Choose a 1-inch barrel for shorter hair and a 2-inch barrel for longer hair to get quick results. Your hair is wrapped around the barrel to achieve the curls, so it is important that heat transmission is smooth on that side of the curling iron. There are 4 main types of barrels. 

  • Ceramic – this is very affordable and maintains a very consistent temperature throughout. It also heats up pretty quickly and thus saves your time and energy.
  • Tourmaline –it also provides adequate heat distribution, but it works best with low heat settings. For greater heat options, try going for the gold barrel.
  • Titanium –this is relatively expensive but extremely durable. It is also very strong and hence, does not break easily. You can use this material for thick and long hair.
  • Gold - this is also expensive, but it ensures perfect and even heat distribution throughout the barrel, thus giving a more natural look.

Temperature Settings

Always buy the curling iron that comes with variable controls that allow you to adjust the heat settings. This will depend on the length of your hair.


Look for easy to use controls that are evident to see. Moreover, look for a curling iron that has controls for heat and on/off.


This should be an important point to consider. The best curling iron is one with a long cool tip and an auto-off option.

Review of the Best Curling Irons For Long Hair

Curls are of so many different types that it is almost hard to keep count. Each person wants the curl type that best suits their hair. Manufacturers have designed curling irons to cater to the needs of each individual. Here is our list of the best curling irons for long hair.

Best Overall:
Hot Tools Signature Series Gold Curling Iron/Wand

Hot Tools Signature Series Gold Curling Iron/Wand, 1.5 Inch


  • Comfortable and easy to use, even for amateurs
  • Suitable for all hair types, whether thin, thick or coarse
  • Tip is extra-long thus protecting your fingers from excessive heat
  • Complete styling control is achieved by variable temperature control settings
  • Swivel cord is around 6ft long which gives you a free range of smooth movement


  • Curls on thick hair do not last longer
  • Does not achieve bigger waves for thick hair
  • Relatively more expensive than other products due to gold technology

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are all in praise for this super amazing product. They particularly like the gold technology that gives them long-lasting curls. Not just that, they also feel that the heat settings are adequate and hence provide them even heat application on all corners of their hair. Moreover, the extra-long swivel cord is also a major attraction for recent buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One major reason that the product stands out is its gold technology. This feature is very rare and is only added to the best of the best products. The gold is infused in the barrel material. This not only gives smooth curls but also adds to heat conduction in the iron rod. Moreover, gold technology ensures that the curls stay on for a lot longer than usual.

Who Will Use This Most

This curling iron would be most useful for people who don’t have to curl their hair frequently. The gold induction of the barrel allows for greater heat conduction, which would give you the perfect smooth curls. However, frequent use of the rod is likely to damage your hair. Hence people who have to curl their hair every other day are not advised to use this product.

Bottom Line

This curling iron is said to be the best one overall and rightfully so too. It does not only have the latest technology barrel, but its heat transmission is on point too. All this, coupled with a long swivel cord, auto shut-off option, and long cool tip, makes it our best product for long hair.

 Mr Big Curling Iron, Extra Long Ceramic

Mr Big Curling Iron, Extra Long Ceramic - The Best Curling Iron for Long Hair, 1' Diameter, 9.5' Barrel - The Longest XL Iron on The Market


  • Reduces frizz by using the negative ion technology
  • Allows shiny and silky curls that last longer than usual
  • Perfect for all hair types as it provides multiple heat settings
  • Comes with variable controls on the side which provides high customization
  • You can curl more than 30 inches of your hair in a single go with the long barrel


  • Tight curls are difficult to achieve
  • Expensive due to its extra-long barrel
  • Some frizz still remains in the hair after using the large barrel

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers, particularly the ones who are busy in their everyday routine, are very impressed with the ease of use with which they can operate this curling iron. Greater convenience is also achieved by variable controls on the side that provide higher customization. Buyers also complement the ceramic construction of the product, which adds to its appeal.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The best thing about the curling iron is that it takes relatively less time to curl your hair. Due to its long barrel, you can wrap more than 30 inches of your hair in a single go. Not just that, but the perfect hair settings allow you to achieve consistent heat application throughout your hair.

Who Will Use This Most

Since the curling iron comes with a dual voltage, it can easily be used on your travels. It is also compact, and hence people who travel a lot will not have a hard time using it. Moreover, the rod can curl more than 30 inches of your hair in a single go, so people who are busy and need to curl their hair quickly more often can benefit from this product.

Bottom Line 

This curling iron provides quicker results, but that is not the only good thing about it. The Mr. Big rod has ceramic construction and a long barrel that allows you to achieve the perfect curls. Moreover, the dual voltage, coupled with variable controls, makes it one of the best products on the market right now.

Best for the Money:
 Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron

Conair Double Ceramic 1.5-Inch Curling Iron


  • Achieves longer curls with much less frizz than usual
  • Longer cord adds to the portability and versatility of use
  • Has a long cool tip that protects your fingers from unnecessary heat
  • Higher ceramic content inside allows for a consistent heat application
  • Comes with around 30 heat settings thus making it suitable for all hair types


  • Can get super-hot on longer usage
  • Takes longer to shut off automatically
  • Maximum heat is not as high as in some other products

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers have commended the higher quality of this Conair curling iron. They like that the rod is relatively cheaper than most other products. Moreover, they have also praised how it is safe and easy to use. The longer and cooler tip allows you to hold the product for a lot longer, and the variable heat settings allow more diversity.

Why it Stands Out to Us  

The product is cheap; there is no denying that, but that is not the only reason why it stands out. The advanced double ceramic technology is one of the most potent features of the Conair. It helps achieve consistent heat throughout your hair. This not only gives you smoother curls but also makes you look more natural.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is perfect for people who want to avoid all sort of frizz in their hair. The advanced ceramic technology, coupled with a higher heat setting, removes negative ions from the environment and hence helps you achieve a smooth texture after your hair. Moreover, people who travel a lot will also like the Conair iron as it has higher portability.

Bottom Line

Cost often plays a major role in making or breaking any product. This Conair iron comes with all the best features of curling irons, that too at a relatively low price. Not just that, the rod comes with 30 heat settings, thus making it the right product for all hair types.

Best Curling Iron for Long Thick Hair:
Miropure Curling Iron

Curling Iron 1 1/4-inch Instant Heat with Extra-Smooth Tourmaline Ceramic Coating, 6 Temperature Settings and Dual Voltage, Glove Included


  • Comes with an auto-shutoff option
  • Has a long cool tip that makes it completely safe to use
  • Takes less time to curl your hair because of its larger barrel
  • Tourmaline ceramic surface gives you a superior performance
  • High portability is ensured by its compact design and dual voltage setting


  • Variable controls are not very easy to use
  • Barrel is relatively shorter than some other products
  • Tourmaline is more expensive than other construction materials

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers like the latest technology and stylish design of this curling iron. The tourmaline technology helps to achieve an equal heat distribution. Not just that, recent buyers also like that the product can be used for all hair types. After using this rod, consumers have also complemented the lack of frizz that they can get with this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The added safety of this curling iron is what makes the product stand out. Unlike most other products, this one comes with an auto-off option. This means that even if you forget to switch off the iron in a hurry, you won’t have to face any damage. It will switch off itself after a few minutes, thus ensuring greater safety.

Who Will Use This Most

People with thick and long hair can get the best results out of these curling irons. The advanced tourmaline technology helps achieve smooth and consistent curls throughout. Moreover, the large barrel allows you to wrap your thick and long hair around it and hence cover more ground. Not just that, it will also get you quicker results.

Bottom Line 

People with thick hair often dread curling their hair at home. This is mostly because they feel that no curling iron will get them the desired look. However, the Miropure was a breath of fresh air for all these hopeless people. It not only allowed them to achieve the perfect curls but also helped them regain confidence in their hair type.

Best Curling Iron for Long Fine Hair:
 Remington CI96X1B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand

Remington CI96X1B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand,Curling Wand, 1-1 1/2 Inch Barrel, Purple


  • Easy to use because of its tight and smooth grip
  • Long barrel is able to ensure loose and tight curls
  • Comes in a variety of colors hence ensuring higher customization
  • Comes with a glove that provides greater heat resistance and safety
  • Has a salon high heat feature which ensures that you don’t have to go to the parlor


  • Can sometimes get very hot
  • Not very effective with thick and coarse hair
  • Cool tip is relatively shorter than some other products

What Recent Buyers Report

With so many products on the market, it is often difficult to impress recent buyers, but the Remington curling iron has achieved this feat quite easily. The buyers like the higher heat setting that comes with the product. The variable heat settings help give you more control over the type of curls that you want.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This Remington unit stands out because of its long barrel. It not only allows more hair to be wrapped around it, but it also ensures that you get the perfect curls in no time. Moreover, the curling iron has a long cool tip that helps prevent any damage to your hand. Not just that, this feature also aids the safety feature of the product.

Who Will Use This Most

Girls with long fine hair would get the most amazing results with this Remington curling iron. The longer barrel will help them achieve good results in a shorter duration. However, people with shorter hair can also get frizz-free hair with it. The only drawback for them would be the relatively higher cost of the product.

Bottom Line 

This Remington iron is one of the most energy-efficient products of all. It works at a relatively lower voltage, thus ensuring that you can use the product at any place. Moreover, its long barrel, coupled with its smooth ceramic technology helps eliminate negative ions and thus ensures a silky and smooth end result.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Curling irons can get you amazing results, but only when you keep certain things in mind. Here are all the aspects you need to consider before buying the best one for you.

Temperature and Heat Sensitivity

The worst kinds of curling irons to use at home are the ones that come with only one heat option. Hence, whenever you go out to buy the curling iron, make sure to buy the one with variable heat settings. If you have sensitive hair, then you should avoid using too much heat on it. You should always look for a product that has a range of 265F to 350F. 

Ease of Use

If you are a frequent user, then you might need to consider the ease of use before buying a curling iron for yourself. The best products will have the buttons on the side so you can use them while applying the product on your hair. The swivel cord should also be longer and with a wider cool tip. This will not only prevent damage to your hands but will also allow you to use the curling irons for a longer time period.


For people who travel a lot, portability is really important. To ensure that you can carry your curling irons on your trips, make sure to buy one with a compact barrel. You can also find lighter options made with ceramic. They are not only cheap but highly affordable too.

Barrel Size and Material

As discussed earlier, barrel size and material play an important role in deciding which the best product for you is. If you have longer hair, you should go for either a longer barrel or one made with either ceramic or titanium

How to Curl Long Hair

Achieving curls is not as hard as it is made out to be. In order to achieve the perfect curls, you need to follow these simple steps.

1. Choose the Right Size

To get the perfect sized curls, make sure you get the right-sized curling irons. Use a longer barrel for long and thick hair and a shorter barrel for shorter hair.

2. Connect to Power Source

If you are using a dual voltage curling iron, make sure you attach the product to the right power source. Once it’s connected, turn on the machine.

3. Choose the Right Temperature

Always start the machine with low heat settings then gradually increase. If you want to achieve loose curls, choose a low heat setting and for tight curls, choose a higher heat setting.

4. Comb Your Hair

While your curling iron is heating, make sure to comb your hair properly. This will not only achieve smoother curls but will also prevent any discomfort during the whole curling procedure.

5. Separation

For the best results, separate only an inch square of your hair every time. Hold the rest of your hair with a clip at the top.

6. Hold Your Hair Inside the Clamp

Once separated, hold your hair inside the clamp and gently wrap them around the barrel. Make sure you leave the tip of your hair. This will give you a more natural look.

7. Let Go of Your Hair

Hold the hair inside the clamp for 4-5 seconds each time and then let go of the hair.

8. Apply Spray

To achieve long-lasting curls, make sure you apply hair spray gently on your hair. Also, avoid touching your hair too much. This will also help retain your curls for a longer time.

For a more visual description, check out the video below


Hair curls are essential to complete almost any formal look. Getting the perfect curls is not very hard, but you can only get the desired result if you follow the steps in the correct order. For smooth and silky curls that last longer, make sure to buy the curling irons that meet your complete criteria. 

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