Best Curling Irons That Won’t Damage Hair – 2020 Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: January 22, 2022

Are you stressed about tonight's look? If yes, you can change your appearance by using a curling iron.

There is no need to worry! Hairstyles are an important part of your personality, which either gives you a flawless look or can make you look ugly. Whenever you go to a party, your hairstyle is the first thing that gets noticed.

So you need to get a good curling iron for yourself. Let's have a look at some of the best ones you can go for!

Comparison of the Best Curling Irons

  • Swivel cord is 8-foot and tangle-free
  • There are 50 different heat settings; you can vary it till 450⁰
  • Best overall due to its barrel made up of Sol-Gel nano-ceramic/ titanium
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  • Heats up in 30 seconds to 410⁰F Heat
  • Works on advanced Thermaluxe Thermal Technology
  • Runner-up because the curls it forms can stay for 24 hours
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  • 1-inch with a ceramic coating barrel
  • Dual voltage feature and an automatic shut-off setting
  • Curling wand quickly heats up to 450 degrees Celsius
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  • Has auto beep to prevent hair burning
  • Tourmaline-ceramic barrels to reduce frizz
  • Three timers and two temperature settings for optimum results
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What Size of Curling Iron Do I Need?

Buying a curling iron may seem like a piece of cake, but it is not so easy. They have a lot of different sizes and the difference doesn't seem so large between ½" and ¾". But the curls of each iron come out to be extremely different.

Selecting the size of curling iron depends upon the type of curl you want. If you want tight princess curls, then you should go for a ½-inch curling iron. A ¾-inch curler produces vintage or retro-style curls. Girls with short and medium hair lengths can use a one-inch curling iron to get soft and beachy waves. The size which is used most often is 1 ¼-inch. It is the standard size for producing loose curls. Girls who want big voluminous curls can select a 1 ½" curling iron. If you'd like to have volume and bend in your hairstyle, go for a two-inch curling iron.

Characteristics of Our Favorite Curling Irons

The products below are the best curling irons one could buy today. However, there are some features which have gained special attention from customers and us. These remarkable features are as follows:

Auto-off Settings

The auto-off setting switches off the curling iron on its own when it gets extra hot and is not in use. This feature helps in preventing sparks, burning, or hair damage due to overheating. It is a built-in characteristic in most curling irons. Thus, now you can get a relaxing and stress-free hairstyle!

Barrel Size

Each product discussed below has a different barrel size. Since every person has a different type of hair and volume, there are different barrels designed to ensure customer satisfaction and yield maximum results. Smaller barrels are better for short hair and tight curls. Medium-sized barrels usually are good for everyone, making beachy curls. However, large barrels are only designed for producing large curls in hair. We have offered you a variety, so choose whatever suits you.

Temperature Setting

One of the most remarkable features of the curling irons on our list is the temperature settings. One can choose according to the hairstyle you want and what suits you. If someone wants to cause minimal damage to their hair, they can go for a lower temperature.

Review of the Best Curling Irons That Won't Damage Hair

Nowadays, everyone wants to look good, and for this, you need an amazing hairstyle. But how is this possible if you want curls without damaging your hair? Selecting one is not an easy task. You have to look at all of its features, pros, and cons. We have made this easier for you by listing the best curling irons that won't damage your hair. 

Best Overall:
 BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron


  • Comes with a two-year warranty and a long power cord
  • Turbo heat switch provides and boosts the heat instantly
  • Nano-Titanium plates provide maximum heat without damaging hair
  • Sol-Gel makes the iron barrel stronger compared to other curling irons
  • 50 different heat settings and barrel (Nano Titanium) help the user to get smooth and frizz-free curls


  • No automatic on or off button, so extra care is required
  • No digital screen on the iron, which can display the temperature and settings
  • Does not have a dual-voltage specification, which means you have to carry an adapter every time while traveling

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who have recently purchased this iron are very happy and satisfied by its results. While some have reported that it has not given them their desired curls, BaByliss has still won the people's trust. Customers have also mentioned that its size is just perfect for giving them wavy, loose curls.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We recommend everyone use this curling iron for perfect curls and an excellent hairstyle. Due to its Sol-Gel Nano Technology, it makes the iron more comfortable and smooth. It won't damage the shine and smoothness of your hair. You can set the temperature according to your hair texture. It distributes the heat evenly in your hair, which, in turn, gives you amazing curls.

Who Will Use This Most

You can use it at salons and homes, as well. Girls who want to look stunning can use this to enhance their beauty and get an amazing hairstyle. Beauty parlors who like to give their brides extra volume in their hair can use it to give them a stunning look on their big day.

Bottom Line

Your hair should get all tending it requires, especially if you do hairstyling on a regular basis. To retain the health of your hair and get those perfectly curled hairdos you desire, make sure you check out this one. It is the best overall and one of the most highly-rated curling irons in the market.

 Remington Pro ¾-1" Curling Wand with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology

Remington Pro ¾' - 1' Curling Wand with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology, Purple, CI91WSB


  • Auto shut-off button switches off the iron after 60 seconds
  • Comes with gloves and a pouch, which are heat-protective
  • Helps you to get medium curls, which can last up to 24 hours
  • Non-slip, ceramic barrel helps you in controlling it
  • Long swivel cord is tangle-free, which provides you comfort and relaxation


  • Does not grip the hair strongly
  • Cannot produce good curls on thick hair
  • Can only be used for getting medium curls

What Recent Buyers Report

This Remington wand has gained a lot of positive reviews. According to the purchasers, it is a mind-blowing product, which keeps the hair shiny and glossy after curling. They have also mentioned that you need a very small quantity of hair spray to maintain the curls. It works great and the wand produces amazing curls. The long cord helps to curl your hair at any angle. Thus, customers are very satisfied and happy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this iron to be one of the best because of its extraordinary features. Instead of damaging hair, it adds shine to it. The curls formed by this iron remain for almost 24 hours. We like the safety measures provided by the company, for example, the heat-protective pouch and gloves. Plus, it is also quite easy to use.

Who Will Use This Most

This iron can easily be used in homes. Girls who want to get the perfect curls that can stay for a longer period of time can also make use of it. It will increase the volume of hair and provide them with loose curls. Overall, it is an ideal iron option for everyone, considering its versatility and ease of use. 

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this wand is highly appreciated, as it produces curls which remain for 24 hours, and gives you an admirable look. It helps you to make neat and perfect hairstyles. All in all, it won't disappoint and will also make sure you don't damage your hair or yourself. 

3. KIPOZI 1-Inch Curling Iron Hair Curler with Ceramic Barrel

KIPOZI 1 Inch Curling Iron Hair Curler with Ceramic Coating Barrel,Professional Curling Wand Instant Heat up to 450°F,Dual Voltage,Include Heat Resistant Glove(Rose Pink)


  • 9 feet long power cord for flexibility in use
  • 360-degree swivel cord, so your hair does not get tangled
  • 5 different temperature settings for varied hair types
  • Iron shuts off automatically if no one uses it within 60 minutes
  • Made up of MHC, which heats up within 30 seconds for quick styling


  • Does not have a good grip
  • Does not work on short hair
  • May not work in places outside the U.S.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have found this to be a perfect curler to curl their hair without damaging it. Even those who were not satisfied by the results also appreciate that since it is lightweight, it can easily be carried. Some have appreciated it, as it helped them curl their long, thick hair, which many curling irons failed to do.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product has made our list because of its rose gold color, elegant design, and free heat-resistant gloves. The curling iron is easy to use and carry. All you need to do is switch on the button, set the temperature, and curl your hair within minutes. We love it as it makes long beautiful curls that last a whole day.

Who Will Use This Most

Since it has a beautiful color, it can be given as a gift to many! It is even good for professional use as it has five different temperatures for styling hair. It is also the perfect choice for those who get up early in the morning or want to get dressed in the eleventh hour.

Bottom Line

Despite some of the negative reviews, it has gained a lot of popularity because of the brand's honesty and great results. If you are looking for a curling iron that can help you style your hair within minutes, then you must go for this one. The heat-resistant gloves will protect your hands, and five different temperature settings will surely give you a flawless look at the end!




  • Three timer setting to create the desired look
  • Brushless motor helps to make tangle-free styling
  • Tourmaline-ceramic coating adds shine and prevents damaging hair
  • Can use the highest temperature setting of 400ºF to create a long-lasting hairstyle
  • Can create almost all types of curls easily including beach waves, tight curls, and loose curls


  • Burns off sections of long hair
  • Long hair gets stuck in the motor
  • Does not give proper curls in long hair

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are quite happy with the results. They say some people have given negative reviews only because they're unable to follow the instructions properly. The customers have appreciated it by saying it even has the potential to work on African American hair. One of them says that it lasts a whole day without using any hair spray.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love this product because it notifies you with a beep when to remove your hair from the curler. It is one of the remarkable features of this product. With its brushless motor, it ensures tangle-free hairstyling. It stands out to us because it has three timer settings so that one can curl her hair per her needs.

Who Will Use This Most

This curling iron is good for both salons and home use, as it has features of a professional curling iron, too. The three timer settings can be used to either style beachy waves or tight spiral curls or whatever style you are looking for. Overall, it can be used by almost everyone.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this product is an all-in-one solution to hectic daily hairstyling. A layer of tourmaline-ceramic coating on the iron brings shine to the hair and makes it look smooth. All the features of this curling iron ensure there is no hair damage or burning.

5. 1-inch Laluztop Hair Curling Wand with Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel

Curling Iron 1 Inch - Laluztop Hair Curling Wand with Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel, Professional Hair Curler Instant Heat up to 200°F, Dual Voltage,Include Heat Resistant Glove(Rose Gold)


  • A separate on and off switch makes it simple to use
  • Folded design helps you to curl hair from both sides of the iron
  • Ceramic technology, along with tourmaline coating on the iron, distributes equal heat
  • Reaches a high temperature (392⁰F/200⁰C) within a minute that helps to save time and electricity
  • You can carry it anywhere due to its dual-voltage feature, along with the 59" professional power cord


  • Gets very hot, which might burn you
  • No way to clip your hair while curling

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers consider this to be one of the very best. It is an affordable iron with great specifications. Customers like its folding design a lot. In fact, users mention that due to its design and wire, they can carry it anywhere. They are glad to have made this purchase and it is highly recommended by reviewers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Laluztop Curling Wand provides wonderful results and is not a burden on your pocket. You can spend less and get more. We are very impressed by its design and fast heating feature. The on/off switch and ceramic technology are worth praising. It has a light that can help people to use a perfectly heated iron only at the correct time. Thus, all of these features deserve a lot of appreciation.

Who Will Use This Most

Professionals and girls at home can use this iron to create superb hairstyles. It can be used at places where outlets are far away. In addition, since it is cheap, girls can also buy it for daily use. Plus, girls who need to maintain their looks and style their hair daily can use this curling wand, and it won't damage their hair an excessive amount.

Bottom Line

With this curling iron, you can spend less and completely change your look. It is easy to use and can be carried everywhere. It is one of the best hair tools one could buy. It causes less damage to hair and makes it look more beautiful. So if you are looking for an affordable curling iron, this is the best option for you.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Curling Iron

If you want to showcase your unique personality, the first thing you should consider is your hairstyle. Hairstyles reflect a lot on your personality and look. With a no make-up look and a beautiful hairstyle, you can become the center of attention. But for stunning curly hair, you need a great quality curling iron. Some of the benefits of buying a good curling iron are:

Long-Lasting Curls

No one wants curls that flatten in the middle of a party or any other function. Everyone likes to have long-lasting curls. To get such a hairdo, you need to have a good curling iron. The products on the list are some of the best curling irons to give you curls that can remain for 24 hours.

Less Damage to Hair

Maintaining the strength of your hair, along with an amazing hairstyle is important. You don't want to damage your hair for the sake of looking beautiful. If you want to look pretty, you should go for an excellent-quality iron. The ones listed above are made from such materials that won't damage your hair and will give you the perfect results.


Good-quality curling irons come with a very strong grip. These curling wands are easy to hold and can help you curl your hair easily. So you should buy a curling iron which provides you maximum comfort and ease.


Concluding everything above, all the mentioned curling irons will help you get great curls. They won't cause damage or make your hair frizz. At the same time, shine and gloss will be maintained. You can carry these units easily while traveling due to the dual-voltage feature and long power cord. All in all, a great hairstyle is just a purchase away!

People Also Ask

There are hundreds of hair-styling products on the market. Thus, it is difficult to choose the best one. At the same time, there may be hundreds of questions in your mind at the time of purchase. So, to make things easy, we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below.

Is it Bad to Use a Curling Iron Every Day?

Any kind of heat directly to the hair for periods longer than a minute can be detrimental. The best way is to reduce the amount of curling and keep it for special days and events. For those who find it very hard to give up curling their hair should reduce the amount of time the hair is in contact with the curling rod and use curling liquids that maximize the effects while using minimum contact.

Is Curling Your Hair Worse Than Straightening It?

Both curling and straightening are similar techniques, as they use heat on the hair and then iron it into the desired shape. The thicker the hair, the more heat it requires. Curling is more damaging, as not only does the hair need to be heated, it has to be given a new shape, as well. This requires more contact with the ironing rod and more time between each contact.

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