Best Rotating Curling Irons of 2020 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 22, 2022

Having the perfect curls is a dream of many girls, especially ones with straight hair. But with so many new variations of curls coming to limelight, even girls who have curly hair want to try new styles and designs. Curls can be beachy or loose, tight or small, voluptuous, or huge, or even slightly kinky.

With so many variations of curls available, it is no wonder that girls want to have the perfect curling iron for an amazing makeover.

Since there are so many products on the market, it is certainly difficult to know which one is right for your hair, but don’t worry, because here is all you need to know about rotating curling irons.

Comparison of the Best Rotating Curling Irons

  • Tourmaline ceramic makes it the best overall
  • 3 different heat settings for all hair types and textures
  • Two-direction automatic curl dial for both inwards and outwards curls
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  • Double PTC curling barrel for quick heating and shiny curls
  • Built-in safety tools with auto-sleep after 30 minutes make it our runner-up
  • Adjustable heat dial ranging between 80°C-210°C for all unique hair textures
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  • 5 adjustable heat settings make it the best for the money
  • Ceramic coating for quick heating and minimal heat damage
  • 1.1-inch curling barrel best for beachy waves and loose curls
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  • Lockable barrel clamp makes it the best Chi-rotating curling iron
  • Adjustable temperature setting and LED display unit for temperature
  • Push-button operated automatic rotating barrel to ensure comfortable and quick styling
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  • Auto rotating quality makes it the best rotating barrel curling iron.
  • Allows temperature control options and has auto shut-off feature
  • Advanced tourmaline ceramic technology releases the negative ion in the environment
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What is a Rotating Curling Iron?

Most people are still unaware of what a rotating curling iron is and they are missing out on a lot. These rotating curling irons are quite similar to the standard heated iron rods that we normally use. The main difference is in the barrel rotators. These can only be used on dry hair.

The normal curling iron needs a lot of manual work since you have to wind your hair around the rod to turn them into curls. However, with a rotating curling iron rod, all the work is done by the machine. You simply have to hold the instrument in place while it curls your hair in the perfect shape. It can also rotate in various directions; this not only makes your curls seem more natural, but it also allows them to last for a lot longer. 

What Size of Rotating Curling Iron Do I Need?

Contrary to what a lot of people say, there is really not one size that is perfect for all hair types. However, there are certain features that you can look for in the product that will work well with your hair type.

Short Hair

For short hair, a rotating and slender curling iron is the best. It will allow you to wrap your hair around the smooth barrel without any hassle. Moreover, these short and slender barrels also work amazingly well with hairstyles that are choppy and a bit rough. They can also be used for styling the perfect fringes.

Long Hair

In case you have thick or long hair, you should go for a rotating curling iron with a relatively larger barrel. This will not only allow your hair to wrap around the barrel easily but will also allow you to get the perfect curls in a short time period. When using a curling iron with a larger barrel, make sure you first begin with a low setting mode and then gradually go higher. This will protect your hair from damage so that they remain healthy for a longer time.

How Do I Choose a Rotating Curling Iron?

With so many different products on the market, it is natural for you to think before investing in one. To make your life easier, we will be highlighting the top features that you should look for before choosing a rotating curling iron.

Ionic Technology

When looking for the right product, you should look for the rod with the latest ionic technology. This not only removes the positive ions from the atmosphere but also locks significant moisture into your thick hair. This keeps your hair smooth and relatively more hydrated. Not just that, but this technology also removes the unnecessary frizz from your rough hair and gives them a light and smooth texture.

Right Size

When it comes to rotating curling irons, size matters a lot. Like we said earlier, different hair lengths work well with different models. If you have longer or thicker hair, you should go for a large barrel. It allows your long hair to wrap around easily. With shorter hair, you need a rod with a shorter barrel. This is because the latter is comparatively inexpensive and works well with short hair.

Temperature Control

This is also an important thing to note before you buy your rod. Curling irons that come with variable temperature control are always the best ones as they use the right setting for all hair types. Not just this, but it is quite obvious that low temperatures will not only protect your hair from damage but will also keep them smooth for a longer time.

Auto Shut Off

Since curling irons involve heat, it is always ideal to invest in the product with an auto-off mechanism. This comes in handy when you forget to switch off the rod in a hurry. This not only saves electricity but, in the worst-case scenario, it helps prevent fires.

Review of the Best Rotating Curling Irons

Getting your hands on the perfect product can be extremely difficult, especially when the market is bombarded with so many great options. Here is a list of the best rotating curling irons. You can compare the pros and cons to find the perfect product for you.

Best Overall:
 Mannice Automatic Hair Curler

Automatic Hair Curler for Long Hair Auto Curling Iron Spin Curling Wand 360 Rotating Styling Wand 1.1' Ceramic Professional Spiral Beach Waver Iron,Styling Tools & Appliances Mothers Day Gifts


  • Auto shutdown in 40 minutes for added security
  • Wand can rotate both inwards and outwards for salon-quality curls
  • Year-long after-sales service and warranty with free replacement
  • Double PTC rod heats up to 230 ℃ in 60 seconds with instant results
  • 360° anti-winding cord and rotating roller to guarantee safety and comfort


  • Will not work on short hair above shoulder length
  • Users have to use their hand to wrap hair around the barrel as there is no barrel clasp

What Recent Buyers Report

It is extremely easy to use with just a press of a button and gives quick curls that last throughout the day, even on excessively silky and straight hair. The best part for most buyers is that the curls are not tangled and frizzy even after many hours, unlike with other curling rods. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

There is no fancy technique to using this rod, and even a first-time user with thick and long hair can get perfect ringlets in 15 minutes at most at just the press of a button. Adjustable heat settings make it equally good for coarse, silky, and thick hair. And finally, there is no chance you could burn your hand with the Mannice Automatic Hair Curler.

Who Will Use This Most

All ladies with medium length or long hair who want professional-looking shiny curls, but don’t want to spend ages styling their hair should get this roller. It is also a great choice for working women who want their hair styled throughout the day but cannot spend too long doing it.

Bottom Line    

The Mannice Automatic Hair Curler has an automatic rotating barrel for frizz-free, long-lasting inward and outward curls both. It is extremely convenient to use, comes in adjustable heat settings for all hair textures, and will always guard your hands and facial skin against scalding.

 Morpilot Curling Iron

Morpilot Curling Iron, Dual Voltage Hair Curling Wand Automatic Rotating Wand Curling Iron with Anti-scalding Insulated Tip, Ceramic Technology with LCD Temp Display Include Heat Resistant Glove


  • Sleek silver design with a modern LCD display
  • Wire is 360° rotatable for ultimate usage convenience
  • Barrel comes with an attached hair clamp to give tight, spiral curls
  • Wand is longer than usual to allow styling larger hair sections at one time
  • Package includes a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand against burns


  • Wand does not rotate automatically
  • Loose curls cannot be achieved with the thin barrel

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, it is totally worth the price because it causes minimal damage to hair due to the quick-heating ceramic coating and never fails to give sleek, shiny ringlets. The technique demands a little practice, but with the step-by-step instructions, it is not hard to master. With the big barrel, even long hair can be curled super-fast.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Morpilot Curling Iron is great for tight, small curls for formal events and even day-time parties. The results are quick, fail-proof, shiny, and lasts throughout the day. It can opt for daily use too since it causes minimal heat-damage to hair. The best part is that it can even be used on short hair. 

Who Will Use This Most

Women who have prior experience with curling wands or even beginners who are open to learning the technique should buy the Morpilot as it is fairly easy and quick to use. It can be used on any hair length and gives tightly-wound curls that are fit for everyday college looks or formal dinner parties alike.

Bottom Line

Best for tight, noodle curls on any hair lengths, the Morpilot guarantees quick styling that looks professional and fancy all at the same time. The heat dial works over a range of temperatures for all hair textures. The heat-protectant glove, safety stand on the barrel, auto-sleep, and auto-shutdown features also make it extremely safe to use. 

Best for the Money:
Benbilry Curling Iron

Benbilry Curling Iron 1.1 Inch Curling Wand with Ceramic Coating Barrel, Anti-Scald Insulated Wand Tip, 285°F to 430°F for All Hair Types, Include Heat Resistant Glove


  • Non-conducive top piece to prevent skin from burning
  • Attached clamp on the barrel for tight curls and easy usage
  • 360° rotating cable, non-slip handle, and ergonomic design
  • Dual Voltage feature perfect for traveling and safe worldwide use 
  • Ceramic-coated wand ensures quick and shiny curls with minimum damage


  • Not suitable for short hair higher than shoulders
  • Barrel does not rotate automatically so manual maneuvering is needed

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have high praises for this rotating curling iron. They particularly like its ceramic construction material, which gives them smooth and soft curls in no time. Moreover, consumers also feel that the product comes with added safety. The heat-proof glove attachment is very helpful, especially when dealing with long hair, and the product overall is also rather convenient to use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because it can be used for both loose and tight curls. For loose curls, don’t use the clamp, and for tight curls, secure the hair under the clamp. The curls stay put for many hours, and the ceramic coated barrel gives them a shiny, frizz-free finish. Heating is quick and even, and causes minimal damage to hair.

Who Will Use This Most

Ladies with medium-long or long hair, be it silky, coarse, or thick, should get the Benbilry Curling Iron. If you want beachy summer waves or tight Hollywood-inspired curls, this product is for you. The results are good for everyday use, and wedding-wear alike and will suit all age groups.

Bottom Line

This easy-to-use, manual rotating curling rod is perfect for loose waves or tight curls; however, you like it. With a heat-resistant glove, auto-shutoff and auto-sleep modality, non-conducive top, and non-slip handle, this is as safe as it gets. Not only that, the curls it creates are glossy, long-lasting, and completely professional-looking.

Best Chi Rotating Curling Iron:
 CHI Arc 1" Automatic Rotating Barrel

CHI Arc 1' Automatic Rotating Barrel Curling Iron With Infra Texture Dual Action Hair Spray, 2.6 Fl Oz


  • 30 second heating time on the MCH heater feature
  • Automatic rotating barrel for ultimate convenience of use
  • Adjustable temperature setting minimizes heat damage to hair
  • Comes with a complementary Infra Texture Dual Action Hair Spray
  • Suitable for all hair types and lengths, especially medium to long hair


  • Not dual voltage and will require adapters
  • Does not come with a heat-protectant glove

What Recent Buyers Report

Users that report that this curling iron is surprisingly simple to use yet gives beautiful, salon-like curls with a glossy finish that lasts for many hours even after brushing. The timer on the barrel helps prevent burning and unnecessary heat damage to hair. The spray also aids in keeping the curls intact and consistently bouncy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit stands out to us for several reasons. It is compact and sleek, with an automatic rotating curling barrel, which is so simple to use; even a first-time user can get gorgeous curls from it. The complementary styling spray not only protects hair against heat damage but also keeps the curls in place. This works even on short hair.

Who Will Use This Most

Ladies who are not very comfortable with manual curling barrels should invest in this because of its easy-to-use ergonomic design. It is also a good choice for students or professionals who are short on time but need styled hair to last for days. Lastly, it can be used by people with all different hair lengths and textures, thanks to its adjustable heat dial.

Bottom Line

The Chi Arc Curling Barrel has an automatic rotating feature, making it perfectly simple and quick to style your hair with, and that too with minimum damage and maximum impact. The ceramic coating and complimentary hair spray will protect your hair and curls both throughout the day.

Best Rotating Barrel Curling Iron:
MaikcQ 1¼ Rotating Curling Iron

MaikcQ 1.25 Inches Curling Iron Professional Dual Voltage Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Curler with LCD Digital Display Adjustable Temp 105°F to 410°F for All Hair Types -Pink


  • Keeps your hair extremely shiny and silky
  • Retains the added moisture in your hair for a long time
  • Long tip remains cool and hence prevents any damage to your hands.
  • Convenient as you don’t have to worry about manually shutting the rod each time
  • Advanced temperature controls allow you to find the perfect temperature for your hair


  • Rod heats up too much sometimes
  • Slightly heavier than other products, which reduces its portability

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers like the advanced tourmaline technology that is used in the construction of this product. This not only keeps it running smoothly for a long time but also allows it to be worth all your money. Moreover, its supreme construction is also complemented by the existence of the large cooling tip.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The product stands out because of its adjustable heat and auto-off options. Not many products have both these options together. The MaikcQ is an excellent option because it allows you to gradually increase the heat settings while you are using the rod. Moreover, the auto-switch off option adds to the safety and convenience.

Who Will Use This Most

Since the barrel is of medium size, the product can be used comfortably by all kinds of people. Whether you have short hair or long and thick hair, the barrel is of adequate size, thus allowing your hair to wrap around it easily.

Bottom Line

This rotating curling iron is the perfect choice for people who share their rods with their siblings or other family members. It is slightly more expensive than other products, but the added features of auto shut-off and heat settings make it worth all the money. So, if you are looking for a reliable product that will last longer than your other products, then this is definitely the perfect choice for you.

Best Beach waver Rotating Curling Iron:
The Beachwaver Co. S1.25 Dual Voltage

The Beachwaver Co. Dual Voltage, S1.25, White


  • Achieves loose and beachy waves that last longer
  • Provides smooth and quality waves in a very short time
  • Larger barrel works perfectly for longer and thicker hair
  • Extremely user-friendly hence easier to use, even for amateurs
  • Higher voltage options allow you to adjust the heat according to your needs


  • Not very suitable for short hair
  • Larger barrel makes it relatively more expensive than others

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers, particularly the ones who have thick and long hair, are blown away by the amazing results of this Beachwaver curling iron rod. They commend the adjustable temperature setting of the rod and say that they like its speed options. Based on its ease of use and efficiency, they recommend it to others as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The large barrel of this curling rod makes it very appealing. It is made of ceramic material, which ensures the best possible results. Moreover, considering its large size and efficient quality, the cost is very minimal and is hence easily affordable for anyone looking to have the perfect curls.

Who Will Use This Most

The product is specially designed for people who have longer and thicker hair. This is because the large barrel of the rod will allow all the hair to wrap around it easily. Not just that, this barrel will also allow you to get the best curls in less time as you won’t have to hold less hair inside the clamp each time.

Bottom Line

Curling iron rods are the best way to have the best makeover for an event; the Beach waver helps you achieve a new and innovative look in no time. Using this rod will also allow you to set time and heat settings according to your comfort effectively.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Like with most products, curling iron rods do come with their fair share of pros and cons; however, most of the cons are caused by the wrong usage of the product. So while using a heated iron rod, you need to be very careful. Here are some careful considerations for you to keep in mind.

Damage to Hair

Like manual iron rods, curling iron rods can also damage your hair if you use the product too often on your hair. Many people curl their hair every single day with a rod, and then they complain about rough and damaged hair. This is because the application of continuous heat is dangerous and hence, can badly affect your hair. So make sure that you only use the curling iron rod once or twice every week.


The biggest drawback of some curling rods is that they don’t come with an adjustable heat setting option. This prevents you from manually adjusting the temperatures according to your needs. While using the rod, it is best that you begin from a low setting and then gradually increase the temperature. This will not only ensure the best results but will also prevent your hair from burning.

Potential Damage

Although potential damages are associated with almost all products, the risks are higher with rotating curling irons. If you leave it without properly switching it off, it can overheat and cause a potential fire. Moreover, if your product doesn’t come with an auto-off option, then it is also possible that it will create problems for you in the future. Plus, since the risks are high, you should make sure that you properly cool the rod before storing it.

How Do I Use a Rotating Curling Iron?

Curling your hair using a rotating curling iron is super easy and flexible. Unlike manual rods, you don’t have to wrap your hair around the barrel manually. Hence to get the perfect curls, you simply have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Connect it to a power source: Since the rotating iron works using heat, it is important that you connect the rod to a power source.

  2. Select the side: There are two buttons on the rod. Select the right and left for each of your sides, respectively.

  3. Adjust the temperature: For the perfect curls, it is important that you adjust the temperature to the right degree. Most curling rods allow you to reach 450 degrees.

  4. Select the speed of the rotation: Beginners and people who don’t have much experience with the rod should select a low speed. However, those of you who want tighter curls should opt for higher speed on the rod.

  5. Hold the clamp: There is a clamp that comes attached with almost all rods. To use the iron rod, you need to hold this clamp facing either towards the mirror or inwards.

  6. Bring your hair to the barrel: Once you have held the clamp, choose your side and move your hair up the barrel.

  7. Place your hair inside the clamp: In order to start the actual procedure, place your hair inside the clamp.

  8. Press go: Once your hair is inside the clamp, press the go button. The curling iron will automatically rotate, and your hair will get wrapped around the barrel.

  9. Hold it for a couple of seconds: Hold the barrel in a fixed position for a couple of seconds, 4 or 5, to be precise. 

  10. Release the clamp: Once your 5 seconds are over, let go of the clamp, and your perfect curls will come out.

For a more visual description of these steps, refer to the video below.


Rotating curling irons have largely replaced manual curling irons, and rightfully so too. With their latest design and technology, they are already creating a benchmark for all future products. The modern design, coupled with adjustable heat and speed options, makes these curling irons undoubtedly the dream-come-true product for all girls.

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