Best Curling Wand Gloves of 2020 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 22, 2022

Curling wands are one of the most wanted essentials for us 21st-century ladies; however, when using a curling iron, we forget to protect our skin. The heat of the curling iron is enough to damage the skin on your fingers and hand. Hand protection is a major part of using curling irons.

You have enough serums to protect your hair from getting damaged, but having a high-quality, heat-proof glove is a great add-on to the added protection. Having special heatproof gloves serve a great deal when using a curling iron. Firstly, the protection of your hands and secondly, using hands to comb your hair and untangle them is way better than using a brush just to save your hand from burning.

For more information and a better guide as to how to choose these gloves, read down below.

Comparison of the Best Curling Wand Gloves

  • Designed for heated hair tools only
  • Multi-purpose and can be used for hairdryers and straighteners as well
  • A one-size-fits-all and suitable for both hands
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  • Suitable for both professional and beginner use
  • It comes in one size fits all and can fit in the right and left hand both
  • The heat blocking ability of these gloves makes it ideal for different hair styling
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  • Best for the money
  • Made from cotton and provides cotton protection that can provide you with good heat resistance
  • Comes with a lifetime of worry-free customer service that buyers can enjoy
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  • Salon-grade glove that professionals and hair stylists all over the world make use of
  • The one size fits all comes with elastic wrist cuffs that give it a secure fit
  • Suitable to wear on both hands
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  • Made from very high-density cotton material and won’t burn your hand
  • Heat resistant glove and can work with a curling iron, flat iron, and even hair dryers
  • Provides you with 12 months of worry-free customer service that ensures security
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When Would I Use Curling Wand Gloves?

Using a curling iron for the first time can be quite tricky and painful as the heat is too much for your hands to bear and can sometimes leave awful scars. Having heatproof gloves can give you safety and more ease in using the curling iron. These gloves are not only for starters but also for people who would use the curling iron on a regular basis.

Some other usages for these gloves include:

For Protecting Yourself From Chemicals

When curling hair, you use a lot of hair products, which might be good for your hair but are not suitable for your skin. These include chemicals such as denatured alcohol, sodium sulfate, and parabens. These gloves protect you from harming or causing any form of irritation on your skin.

AFT90 Heat Resistant Gloves

For Working on Your Hair More Confidently for Better Results

These gloves are not only functional for hair care and can be used in other situations too. They not only protect your hand and skin from burning but also give you flexibility and confidence when using the curling iron, which results in better-curled hair and burn-proof skin.

Keeping Your Hands Away From Heat

If your haircare is important to you, then skincare must matter a lot as well, so having something to save your skin from radiant heat and chemical products is made easy with these gloves.

What Should I Look For When Buying Curling Wand Gloves?

When looking for the best curling wand gloves present on the market, you need to look out for certain features. These features are mentioned below to help you out with your buying, so read on below!


The reason for buying these gloves is heat protection. There is no point in buying gloves that give you protection up to 300F if your curling iron can reach the heat of 450F. So the temperature the gloves can bear is the most important thing to look for.


Some products are heatproof but cannot protect you from the heat in the specific manner you require. When buying gloves, make sure the gloves come with a CHAR (Conductive Heat Resistance Classification). This tells you the point of temperature the gloves can hold.

Usage and Size

This is another important thing to look for when buying gloves, as there is no point in buying gloves that are loose and not quite gripping. The glove design should be good and easy to use. If the gloves are not well designed, then they will not be helpful at all.

Liquid Proof

When buying gloves for self-care, you need to make sure that they are not only heatproof but also liquid-proof as when using different liquids on the hair, you will need gloves that do not allow the hot liquid to seep through.

Review of the Best Curling Wand Gloves

When searching for the best curling wand gloves, you need to look out for pros, cons, and even what the buyers claim. In order to make this decision simpler for you, we have compiled the top gloves present on the market for you to choose from, so read on below.

Best Overall:
Kiloline Professional

Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling Heat Blocking for Curling, Flat Iron and Curling Wand Suitable for Left and Right Hands


  • Incredibly flexible to wear on your hands
  • Protects you from heat during different hairstyles
  • Can be used for hairdryers, straighteners and even curlers
  • One size can easily fit everyone regardless of left and right
  • Comes with a moderate thickness density for your comfort


  • Not long-lasting for long term usage
  • One size fits all is not ideal for people who have large or very small hands

What Do Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this glove is very good for flat irons and curlers. It helps in protecting your hands from burning and does not feel bulky or clunky at all. The price point of this product is also very ideal and is not pricey with the quality it provides to the user.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This curling wand glove is made from reasonably thick cotton, and this provides the glove with good dexterity. This makes the curling iron easier to use. It helps in preventing instant burns that can be very common with heated hair products and is ideal for usage for teenage girls since one size fits all.

Who Will Use This Most

This item is ideally recommended for people who are living with their boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, and roommates that use hot styling devices very frequently and do not have a thick protection glove to protect them from the heat passed from the curling iron.

Bottom Line

This curling wand glove is overall a very good product with an incredible quality even at such a low price. Since it has a thick cotton material, it doesn’t allow heat to pass through and harm your fingers as compared to other mesh material gloves present on the market.

Apalus Professional

Apalus Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling Heat Blocking for Curling, Flat Iron and Curling Wand Suitable for Left and Right Hands,2 PCS Pack


  • Comes in a pack of two and is cost-effective
  • Made from thick rubber that blocks heat properly
  • Can be used with high heat curler without feeling the slightest heat
  • Rubber also makes the glove liquid-proof, making it ideal for oil use
  • Available in one size but is stretchable and perfect for people with big hands


  • Not ideal for people with small hands
  • Rubber can catch hair sometimes, and this snags it slightly

What  Recent Buyers Report

According to consumer reports, these heat styling gloves did not have round plastic nubs on them, and this made it easier to work without tangling the hair. Also, this is a multi-purpose glove as it not only allows you to style your hair but also allows you to take things out of the oven.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This glove stands out because it allows your fingers to glide through your hair, and since it lacks grains and nubs on its surface, it makes it easy to style your hair without any tangles. It is one size fits all, and even though it’s not ideal for small hands, customers with small hands say it’s very comfortable for them.

Who Will Use This Most

These gloves are ideal for teenagers, women, and even old people who like to bake. Anyone who owns a curling iron, a straightener, or blow-dryer will equally cherish this product. They leave a shine to your hair since they have a smooth surface.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this curling wand glove is not only cost-effective but comes in a pair that you can easily gift to someone who uses heating tools. It is stretchable and ideal for women and girls with medium to large hands. These gloves are a good purchase to make.

Best for the Money:
AFT90 Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling, Curling Iron, Flat Iron and Curling Wand, Black, Pink Edge, 1 Piece


  • Not pricey and can be purchased by almost everyone
  • Incredibly easy to use for beginners and professionals
  • Made from cotton which allows it to be comfortable when worn
  • Has a lifetime of customer service that keeps track of complaints
  • Can be used with all heating tools since it helps in keeping heat away


  • Has heat resistance up to 120F only
  • Designed only for heating tools as heat can be felt when touching an extra hot surface

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this product does what it is supposed to. It helps in protecting your hands from burn marks and can be used with a curling wand, straightener, curling iron, and even a hairdryer. Since it is comfortable to wear, it is recommended that you get this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This glove stands out due to the silicone bumps present on top of it. Even though some people think that these bumps can be tangling, the silicone bumps present on it help with easier curling and straightening and even provide your hair with less frizziness.

Who Will Use This Most

This glove is ideal for girls and women who tend to straighten their hair frequently. The comfort it provides allows you to wear this throughout the hairstyling process and doesn’t make your hands sweaty and sticky.

Bottom Line

Overall, this product is ideal to buy since it prevents burns accidentally and allows you to remain carefree throughout your hair procedure. Moreover, the cost-effective price makes it worth every penny spent and will keep you wanting more.

4. HSI Professional Heat-Resistant Glove

HSI Professional Heat-Resistant Glove - Lightweight & Heavy Duty Hand Protection - Perfect for Curl Iron, Flat Iron, Hair Dryers One Size Fits All


  • Provides heat protection from direct burns
  • Has strong quality construction, making it long-lasting
  • Multi-purpose and can be used with all kinds of heating tools
  • Very cheap as compared to other gloves of this quality on the market
  • Has the ability to fit in snugly due to the flexible material it comes with


  • Liquid proof and must be cautious when using hair oils
  • Not heat-proof and should not be used for holding the curler for long

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers claim that after burning their hands multiple times, these gloves came into their life and saved them from burns. They have exceptional quality material and ensure little signs of wear and tear. The longevity of these gloves makes it the perfect buy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This glove has a black and red finish that ensures a stylish look when styling your hair. Also, with the logo on the wrist, you will feel like a professional when using this glove. The quality construction present is ideal for optimal comfort and makes it stand out.

Who Will Use This Most

With the tough material used in the construction, this glove is ideal for professionals and beginners both. The material is also very soft and feels pleasant against your skin, and with the safety feature, it makes it ideal for teenage girls who love to play around with their hair.

Bottom Line

Overall, this HSI Professional unit is an ideal glove used for hairstyling. Any girl or woman who loves to use hair tools on a daily basis and can be clumsy will love this product and appreciate it as a gift. Given its high versatility, it can be suitable for a range of uses.

5. Lesson Professional Heat Resistant Glove

Lessmon Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling Heat Blocking for Curling, Flat Iron and Curling Wand Suitable for Left and Right Hands, 1 Piece, Pink Edge


  • Soft fleece present on the gloves makes it soft
  • Flexible elastic present inside makes it fit tightly
  • Lightweight nature of the product allows easy use
  • Protects your hands from heat and allows you to style easily
  • Makes it easy to maneuver and gives you the peace of mind you need


  • Rubber on this product can snag the hair if not used in the right direction

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are very satisfied with the glove. They state that they are comfortable and long-lasting. They are a perfect fit for small and medium hands; however, people with large hands also find it very comfortable. They show no sign of wear and tear and are a great buy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product stands out due to the thickness this glove comes with. Consumers also like the various colors present with the glove and the protective nature. We like not only that but also the great fit that it promises, making it a great purchase.

Who Will Use This Most

This glove is perfect for girls, women, and teenagers who like to stay updated with fashion and remain tip-top. In addition, the fast delivery of results that this product promises makes it ideal for beginners and professionals.

Bottom Line

In short, this glove has quick delivery and comes in a timely manner. You can get away from burning your fingertip and still style your hair with ease. The various colors of this product also make it a good glove to buy and choose from.  

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

When buying the right kind of glove for your hair styling, there are some things you need to think about. These include:

Heatproof Pockets

Some gloves come with small heatproof pockets that can slip over your forefinger and your thumb and provide you with protection by pinching the end of your curling device.

The Right Fit

You also need to be cautious about the usage and fit of the glove. If the glove does not fit your hand, then using it will be incredibly difficult and will not be worth buying.


If you use oils when curling or styling your hair, or using other care products, you will need a glove that is liquid proof. If not bought smartly, the hot liquid will go through the glove and seep through the material and burn your hand anyway.


Buying the best curling wand glove can be a tough decision to make as it requires proper effort and time to search for and go through the reviews. In order to help you with this decision, we have compiled the top gloves on the market along with a buyer’s guide and why this is important. Make sure to use this guide when buying the glove you need.

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