Best Babyliss Hair Dryers of 2020 – Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: January 22, 2022

When you get your hair done professionally, it stays in place and keeps its volume and shine all day long. Ever wondered why you couldn’t get the same results at home? Do the people at the salon have some magic potion to style even the most stubborn of hairs? Well, the answer is the hair dryer.

If you use the right hair dryer, you can get the same level of styling done at home without emptying your pockets on expensive treatments. There are many brands that make hair dryers, but one prominent name is Babyliss. If you have ever owned any styling product, then you are definitely familiar with the name. They have a wide range of products, but we have narrowed them down to the best Babyliss hair dryers that you can get your hands on. 

Comparison of the Best Babyliss Hair Dryers   

  • Ionic and Porcelain Ceramic technology
  • Comes with concentrator nozzle
  • Handy removable filter
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  • Heavy-duty 2000-watt performance
  • Features cool shot button and concentrator nozzle
  • Easy, lightweight ergonomic handling
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made perfectly for travel
  • Emits millions of natural ions to eliminate static electricity
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  • Best Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer
  • Uses infrared heat to dry faster
  • High-torque, ultra-lightweight motor
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  • Best Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer
  • Uses high-performance 2000-watt Italian motor
  • Distributes heat evenly for optimal results
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  • Best Babyliss Travel Hair Dryer
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Comes with removable filter and stand
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  • Best Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hair Dryer
  • Cenerates negative ions to break up water molecules
  • Six heat/speed settings
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Who is Babyliss?

Babyliss was founded in 1961 in Paris by Jean-Pierre Feldblum and Rene Lelievre. They have made a name for themselves in the hairstyling industry and are synonymous with quality and trust. They only manufacture hair dryers but also straighteners, curlers (in various forms), and grooming products like hair clippers. They have also recently developed a cordless hair straightener, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery and is first of its kind.

A cordless straightener certainly makes things easier when you are styling hair on the back of your head, and the wire gets all tangled up and in your face. This definitely proves their commitment to innovation and quality, always bringing the products that ensure your hair looks beautiful but also stays healthy.      

How Does Babyliss Compare to the Competition?

There are a lot of brands that produce hair styling products, ranging from normal everyday use products to professional use products. But in the midst of all that, Babyliss is a brand that stands out and has made a name for itself, of course, after years of being in business. Here are some of the things you can expect from Babyliss.  


Hair drying is often the most time-consuming part of styling your hair. Imagine being in a hurry to get to work, but you can’t get your hair to dry properly. Your dryer should have high wattage to give you constant and stable heat so you can get it done quickly. The recommended starting point is 1300W. Babyliss dryers usually have 2100 or 2300W power. Some have lower values as well but still meet the required level.


A simple hair dryer is not enough to get the different hairstyles you want. There are several attachments that help produce styles on different types of hair like diffuser and concentrator nozzle. Babyliss dryers always come with either one or the other and sometimes both. This gives you a lot of styling options. Diffusers are used to dry curly hair. They make sure that the hair doesn’t get frizzy and retains volume. They can also be used on straight hair for making waves. On the other hand, a concentrator nozzle is used to direct air at specific areas and is used to produce sleek and straight styles.     

Protect Your Hair

Any kind of heat is going to end up damaging your hair, which is why it is recommended to use things like straighteners and hair dryers only when necessary. There are things that manufacturers can do to help reduce the damaging effect. Babyliss takes that into account and includes features like super ionic conditioning to help with that. What it does is produce negative ions that bond with the positive ions on the hair and produce smoother hair with no frizz. Some of its dryers have ceramic technology that produces infrared heat, which is less damaging to hair.    

Review of the Best Babyliss Hair Dryers

If you are still reading, then you probably like what Babyliss has to offer. Let’s jump right into the reviews of the best Babyliss hair dryers. This way, you can find a model that suits your needs the most. 

Best Overall:
BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer


  • Has 6 different heat settings
  • Has a 2000 Watts AC motor
  • Keeps hair from getting frizzy
  • Ceramic heating produces infrared to protect hair
  • A cold shot feature that seals cuticles for a longer-lasting style


  • Buttons are difficult to move

What Recent Buyers Report

Using this hair dryer takes some getting used to since it is very powerful. However, there are different temperature settings if the highest is too much. Moreover, it will dry your hair very quickly. You can easily straighten your hair with it like it was a flat iron. Until it is in working condition, it is perfect.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This hair dryer has a rubberized outer housing, which makes holding it easy. There is a removable filter for maintenance. The heating technology it uses is Porcelain ceramic and ionic. A combination of these makes sure that the heat produced is far-infrared, so the hair doesn’t get damaged, and it produces ions to make hair silky and smooth.

Who Will Use This Most 

It comes with an 8mm concentrator nozzle, so if you want to straighten your hair, then this will be a good option. It has a powerful professional AC motor with 2000W, so it can handle various different temperature settings, i.e., low, medium, high. This makes it suitable for all hair types. 

Bottom Line

Babyliss Pro are all professional-grade hair dryers, so they have powerful motors. This model is up there with a 2000W motor. You can be sure to get a stable temperature with it. The ceramic heating and the cold shot button help keep your hair looking good all day long.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Nano Titanium heating dries hair fast
  • Uses ionic technology to remove frizz
  • Cold shot feature for longer lasting style 
  • A concentrator nozzle gives many styling options


  • The attachment it comes with does not stay in place

What Recent Buyers Report

This product can last you longer than a normal hair dryer. It goes beyond its warranty period without any defects. It doesn’t make your hair frizzy at all, and considering the quality it delivers, it is not at all high priced. Whether it’s a professional or a normal user, it works for all.    

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Titanium heating is used to dry hair faster because titanium heats up quickly and the Nanotechnology makes use of its high heat conductivity. It also has an ion generator for getting rid of frizz. This model is very lightweight and has an ergonomic design to keep your wrists from getting tired.

Who Will Use This Most 

For those that need fast results, this hair dryer is the way to go. You can, of course, reduce the temperature if needed for other hair types. There are 6 settings that include all hair types. It comes with a concentrator nozzle for different styling options. Anyone can use this dryer easily as its design is simple to use.

Bottom Line

Ceramic heating is suggested for fine or damaged hair, but if all you are looking for is a hair dryer that will work fast and effectively, then this is a good choice. Not to say that it will not take care of your hair. It has ionic technology as well to manage frizz and make hair look healthy.

Best for the Money:
Babylisspro TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer, Red


  • Removable filter for cleaning
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use
  • Has ionic technology to reduce frizzing
  • A folding handle makes it easy to store
  • Produces far-infrared heat to protect hair from damage


  • Only has two heat settings

What Recent Buyers Report

This small-sized hair dryer is ideal for traveling, but the smaller size results in some noticeable compromises with power. However, it is more than enough for a travel hair dryer. Noise can be an issue with these products, but this one does not seem to go overboard with it.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It uses both tourmaline and titanium, which means you will get extra fast drying while maintaining the shine of your hair and avoiding frizz. It has a removable filter cover that comes with a stand so you can easily clean it out and get more airflow. The heat it produces is far-infrared, so your hair will not get too damaged.  

Who Will Use This Most 

Some hair dryers can be very bulky and not suitable to be carried around. However, this one is made for traveling, and it has various features that accommodate small storage spaces, weight limitations, etc. If you are traveling abroad, you will also need dual voltage because some areas have 220V connections, and some have 110V. It also has a foldable handle to reduce the size even more.

Bottom Line

You don’t always need the most power, but sometimes you look for convenience. Not every hair dryer is made for this purpose, and some of the ones that are smaller in size don’t give enough heat and are of low quality. But this Babyliss dryer gives you compact design and good drying time.

Best Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer:
BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer


  • Titanium gives fast drying
  • Uses far-infrared rays for protection
  • Very lightweight and compact design
  • Has 6 different heat and speed settings
  • Equipped with a high-torque 19000 watts motor


  • Lacks the cold shot feature
  • Does not come with attachment options

What Recent Buyers Report

Seeing customer reviews, this seems like a professional-grade hair dryer that is not too heavy and dries hair very fast. Compared to other hair dryers, it comes out on top every time. It makes your hair look healthier and retains its volume throughout the day.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This is another tourmaline titanium hair dryer but with much more power. The heating technologies are, of course, the same. It heats up quickly and keeps frizz at bay by generating ions. It has a 1900 Watt motor and six different heat settings. All in all, it’s a very reliable model that is also easy to clean and maintain.

Who Will Use This Most 

Because of the different hair settings, it can be used on just about every type of hair like fine, thick, coarse, etc. Plus, you can pair it with either a diffuser or a concentrator, depending on the style you are looking for.   

Bottom Line

All Babyliss Pro hair dryers have high power, but you have to look at the technology it’s using as well. Tourmaline is best for frizz, and if you are in a hurry, then that is what titanium is for. It caters to everyone’s needs. Some people also look at color and design before buying. It will not disappoint in that regard either. It has a sleek pearl white design.

Best Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer:
BaBylissPRO Nano Portofino Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer


  • Has a 2000 watt motor
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Nano titanium technology for even heat distribution
  • Also has an ion generator to tackle the frizz problem
  • It comes with both concentrator and diffuser attachments


  • It is relatively more expensive

What Recent Buyers Report

As per recent buyer reports, this is a pricey hair dryer but is very effective and worth the money. It doesn’t get too heavy on the hand and dries fairly quickly. There is nothing bad anyone has to say about it. It has a lot of power but still maintains its low weight and becomes very easy to hold and use.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The Nano titanium heating technology in this model is used to generate evenly distributed heat so you will not have some strands that are dry while some that are wet. It also generates ions to get rid of static electricity. It has a more powerful motor than most dryers i.e., 2000 Watt AC that generates stable heat.

Who Will Use This Most 

It has six different heat settings for damaged and healthy hair. Its size is not for traveling, but it is not too heavy either. Your wrists will also not get tired after using this. If you are looking for a high powered hair dryer that will also give you shiny and healthy-looking hair, then this is a good option.

Bottom Line

Nano titanium is a popular choice with professional users that need fast heating. You also need a good motor to go with it, so the wiring doesn’t get damaged. This AC motor will give you stability and durability as long as you keep the filter clean.

Best Babyliss Travel Hair Dryer:
BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer


  • Ionic generator for reducing frizz
  • Comes with a concentrator attachment
  • Dries fast with steady and distributed heat
  • Dual voltage means it can be used anywhere
  • Compact design with a foldable handle for traveling


  • Temperature options are only two with a 1000V motor 

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a very compact hair dryer that packs a lot of power in it. It is very convenient to carry around and store. The color is much better than the older red one. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you go to Italy or Spain; it has dual voltage to function anywhere.   

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Because it is a travel-size dryer, it has a 1000 Watt motor, which gives two heat settings. This might sound like a downside, but it’s really not, considering the size. It still gives enough heat to dry your hair quickly. The Nano titanium is paired with an ion generator so your hair will be shiny and healthy.

Who Will Use This Most 

As the name suggests, this is a travel hair dryer with foldable handle and dual worldwide voltage. It also comes with a concentrator nozzle, so you get many styling options. There are only two heat settings, so make sure it suits your hair type. It should not be too much of a problem, though. It can handle thick hair easily.  

Bottom Line

Babyliss has many travel hair dryers, but this one is our top pick because it pairs Nano titanium with ionic technology. You get both healthy hair and fast drying. The price is very reasonable and affordable. It has all the features of a good Babyliss Pro dryer in a small package.

Best Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hair Dryer:
BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer


  • Has a sleek black design
  • Has instant cool shot feature
  • Produces silky and shiny hair
  • Comes with extra-narrow concentrator for styling
  • Porcelain ceramic heating protects hair from damage


  • Only has a 110V motor

What Recent Buyers Report

There seems to be some problem with the concentrator staying in place, but despite that, this dryer gets great reviews. That is because other than the attachment issue, it actually heats and dries very quickly and doesn’t make the hair frizzy at all. The price compared to other brands is very reasonable.  

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It uses ceramic to disperse even heat and stabilize temperature. This results in smoother hair and paired with an ion generator, it improves frizz controlling ability. It also has an instant cool button to seal the cuticles and keep the volume longer. The rubberized housing makes holding it easier and has soft touch.

Who Will Use This Most 

This unit has a 1900 Watt motor with six different heat settings so it can be made to suit all hair types. Ceramic is preferred by people with damaged hair, so it will work in those conditions as well. The extra-thin concentrator nozzle can give you straight hair like a flat iron.

Bottom Line

In all, this dryer is very aesthetically pleasing with a black rubberized housing and blue setting buttons. It combines that with incredible power and safe heating technologies to give you the best and low damaging hair dryer. It’s known to be budget-friendly too. 

Best Babyliss Mini Hair Dryer:
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer


  • Keeps hair from frizzing
  • Dual voltage for traveling 
  • Delivers strong air pressure
  • Has an ultra-lightweight design
  • Nano titanium for fast and even heating


  • Temperature options are limited

What Recent Buyers Report

Some travel hair dryers only let you use low setting at the 220V option, but this one will let you work with high heat as well. That makes getting ready easier and fast. The motor doesn’t produce a lot of noise and is very light. It’s easy to carry around in your gym bag as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

As we have discussed above, nano titanium technology is used to generate more heat, but this dryer is Nano titanium in a small size with a 1000 Watt motor. Given its 1000 Watts power, it has two heat settings and is very lightweight. It delivers smooth results and strong air pressure.

Who Will Use This Most 

This is a travel-size hair dryer with two heat settings and dual voltage features. It doesn’t have a foldable handle but is compact enough that you don’t need that as much. It will work on different hair types and gives shiny, voluminous hair.

Bottom Line

Mini hair dryers, compared to their larger versions, are very small and have less power. But they do what they are made for. This mini hair dryer retains high quality and doesn’t compromise on heating speed and temperature stability. The total size is as small as 8.1 inches. 

Best Babyliss Titanium Hair Dryer:
BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

BaBylissPRO BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer, Red


  • 6 different heat settings
  • Comes with a cold shot button
  • Emits ions for healthy-looking hair
  • 9 foot long cord makes using it easier
  • Rubberized outing makes handling easy


  • The red paint is low quality and comes off quickly

What Recent Buyers Report

To put it simply, there have been mixed reviews about the product, but none of the complaints have been about the working of this model or its efficiency. There seems to be a lot of complaints about the color of the dryer. It apparently comes off after one use, but if we talk about the actual heating, then it works fine. It gives voluminous and shiny looking hair. Despite the design flaws, it works fine.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The rubberized coating makes it a non-slip dryer that is easy to handle and use. It has tourmaline titanium technology, which emits ions to make your hair silky and healthy. It also uses far-infrared heating to reduce heat damage. There is also a cold shot button that completes the list of features you need for professional use.

Who Will Use This Most 

It has six heat settings so it can be used on all hair types. The concentrator nozzle it comes with will give you great straight looking hair. It has a powerful 1900 Watts motor and is made for professional use. The 9-foot long cord adds to ease of use.

Bottom Line

Titanium hair dryers are used for extra fast heating, which is a time-saver, especially if you have long and thick hair. This model gives you titanium heating without damaging your hair too much. Babyliss dryers are known to be affordable alternatives to other brands. This dryer also has a low price, but with the same quality, you will expect from any other brand.

Babyliss vs. Chi - Brand Comparison Overview

Chi is another well-known name in the hairstyling industry. It makes flat irons, curlers, and blow dryers along with hair treatment products, which include essential oils, thermal protectors, shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and other stylers. How do they both compare to each other? Well, let’s take a look.


Hairstyling products can be a bit expensive, especially if you are looking for professional-grade products. Since these are electrical products, they are prone to failure. To make sure your money is not wasted, you need a warranty. Different companies offer different types of warranties. Most of Chi hair dryers have a limited warranty of 2 years only while some even have one-year warranties. Babyliss, on the other hand, offers a three-year guarantee with some dryers having 5-year guarantees.      


The price range for Chi hair dryers is $50 to $300, and in some cases, above that. It seems very reasonable as the higher prices are for professional models. Meanwhile, Babyliss dryers, whether professional or otherwise, have a much lower price range i.e., $30 to $150. 


Both brands offer similar products, but Chi has the edge when it comes to hair treatment options. Babyliss only has hair trimmers. But if we specifically talk about hair dryers, then Babyliss has many options for all types of hair, including frizzy, curly, and straight hair. There are variable temperature settings for thin hair and attachment options for styling.

How to Use Babyliss Pro

Curling your hair with a straightener or a curler can be time-consuming and tiring on your wrists. A newer version of curler has become very popular recently. It is the Babyliss Pro perfect curl model. Follow these simple steps to achieve the curls, and you will see how much easier it is than conventional curling.   

  1. Choose from one of the three temperature settings i.e., 190°, 210°, and 230° depending on your hair type and condition.

  2. Next, choose a time from between 8, 10, and 12 seconds on the given time scale.

  3. For loose curls, you will choose lower time settings, and for tighter curls, choose the 12-second option.

  4. Then choose the direction of curl you want, i.e., right, left, and auto (alternate curls).

  5. The direction option is given with R, L, and A marks.

  6. Brush your hair to remove all tangles from it.

  7. Section it off in small parts i.e., 3 cm.

  8. The open chamber part needs to face the head.

  9. Place the section of hair inside near the roots then clamp it shut.

  10. When you let go, the hair will be sucked in the chamber to curl.

  11. You will hear some beeps. When they are in together, you will remove the curler.

  12. Repeat the process on all sections.

For more tips on using this product, you can watch the video below.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

Just like you do extensive research about products before you put it on your face, you need to the same for hair products. Your hair can easily get damaged by heat, especially now when people almost regularly style their hair before going to work. So some things you should keep in mind before buying any hair dryer are given below.

Heat Range

More power and heat are not always the solution. If your hair has been through a lot of treatment and coloring, then regular contact high heat will do nothing but damage it. You need to choose a dryer that suits your hair type. For thin hair, go for a dryer with multiple temperature settings so you can reduce it when needed.

Heating Technology

If you have bought a straightener or a curler before, then you will have some knowledge about heating technologies. There are essentially four kinds, i.e., Ceramic, Tourmaline, titanium, and Ionic.

Ceramic is considered to be the safest for your hair as it produces non-damaging infrared heat and a more stabilized temperature. Tourmaline is used if your hair has a frizz problem because it emits ions and keeps the hair smooth and shiny. Titanium heats up very quickly and is used for thick hair. Dedicated ionic heating produces ions and keeps hair from losing its moisture.     


Drying your hair can be a lengthy process, especially if you have thick and long hair. Some hair dryers are very heavy and are designed without consideration of the user. But there are products that are more generous to your wrist and don’t cause a lot of discomfort. They will be advertised as ergonomic models. 


Blow drying hair often serves as a starting point for more styling though you can achieve good curls and straight hair through just dryers as well if you have the attachments. They are a very versatile product if you know you to use them. The products we chose for our list have options for different hair types and styles. They all offer good quality but choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

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