Best Quiet Hair Dryers of 2020 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 22, 2022

How would it be if your hairdryer made no noise? Intrigued? Quiet hair dryers aren’t much different than regular ones in the market, but they do not make as much noise as regular hair dryers. Let’s check out the best quiet hair dryers in the market and know how they’re different than the regular ones.

Comparison of the Best Quiet Hair Dryers

  • Two smart attachments that accelerate drying
  • Strong motor that is durable
  • Great at eliminating frizz
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  • Dying time reduced by more than 30%
  • Quiet, light and balanced design
  • Ideal for all hair types
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  • Best for the Money
  • Reduces damage caused everyday brushing
  • Two speed, three temperature settings
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  • Best Conair Quiet Hair Dryer
  • Ionic technology helps fight frizz
  • Powerful and fast hair drying
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  • Best Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer
  • Unique fan design for noise control
  • U-shaped air inlets for improved drying time
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  • Best Quiet Traveler Hair Dryer
  • Light, compact and powerful design
  • Smooths hair for a frizz-free finish
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What Makes a Hair Dryer Quiet Compared to Other Models?

Every woman knows the frustration of having to yell every time you are having a conversation with your blow dryer on. This problem is eliminated with quiet hair dryers.

A quiet hair dryer has all the features a regular one does, but you do get the special feature of reduced noise. Why do hair dryers make so much noise? Well, to blow hot air, the dryer needs to suck in normal air and shoot out hot hair, and for that, it needs a fan. To run the fan, the dryer needs a motor; it’s the combination of fan and motor that creates the typical hair dryer noise. Using extra blades for the fan, insulating the motor better, or using faster motors are some ways of reducing the noise. This is what makes a hairdryer quiet compared to other models.

Characteristics of Our Favorite (Quiet) Hair Dryers

Here are a few characteristics that set a quiet hair dryer apart from a regular hair dryer:


If you aren’t sure how to tell apart the regular hair dryer from a quieter one, all you need to do is check the wattage. Quieter hair dryers have wattage around 1,400 to 1,600 watts. However, some companies manufacture high wattage hair dryers, but they are as silent as the quieter ones.

Other than this, you can also check out how many speed and heat settings your hair dryer has. If you are looking for a less noisy hair dryer, make sure it has a low setting as that is the quietest one of the lot.

Dual Air Flow

Quieter hair dryers are innovative as they use dual airflow technology. The design of the hair dryer matters a lot when you are looking for a quiet hair dryer. The distance between the fan and your hair helps reduce the noise. The design and the length of the barrel also play a huge role in reducing the noise in dual airflow technology.

Cool Shot

The cool shot button is very important when it comes to a high-end, quiet hair dryer. Consistent heat and noise can damage the hair, but with a cool shot button, you can reduce both noise and heat, and can also add extra shine to your hairstyle.

Review of the Best Quiet Hair Dryers

We are sure that you now understand how a quiet hair dryer is different from a regular one. Once you know your requirements, it gets easier to select a product. To help you choose better and according to your requirements, here are detailed reviews of some of the best quiet hair dryers available today.

Best Overall:
MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w

MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w Low Noise Ionic Ceramic Ac Infrared Heat Hair Dryer Plus One Concentrator and One Diffuser Black Color


  • Infrared technology for a smooth and long-lasting result
  • With negative ION technology, hair dries faster with little effort
  • Three heat and dual-speed settings make it ideal for all hair types
  • Comes with added accessories, including a concentrator and diffuser
  • Designed with 1875-watt AC Motor, it offers reduced noise and vibration


  • Bit heavier than other models
  • The buttons’ placement is awkward
  • There have been complaints about overheating

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers fell in love with this low noise dryer. Apart from loving the low noise, they also loved the build and strong gust of wind that dries hair faster. The only thing that they did not like was the weight. However, it dries hair really fast, so weight isn’t really an issue.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many features that make this stand out to us. To begin with, it’s designed with innovative technology that helps you dry your hair faster with little damage. The noise control further makes this a perfect dryer. It also comes with extra accessories to help you style your hair better.

Who Will Use This Most

With this model, you get all the qualities of a high-end drier, along with the fact that its noise is controlled. It’s perfect for spas, salons, as well as personal use. You can also make conversation while drying your hair, an issue that’s been resolved by MHU’s low noise hair dryer.  

Bottom Line

It’s an ingenious hair tool that comes with a decibel rating of 75 DB. With two fans and three heat settings, you can really style your hair in any way that you please without damaging it. All in all, it’s a great product that can help you reduce hair damage.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic HairDryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, Black/Silver


  • Controlled noise even at 1875 watts
  • Weighs 35 times less than a regular hairdryer
  • Comes in many different and vibrant colors, making it ideal for gifting
  • Innovative handle design to reduce hand cramping and enhance control
  • Ionic and ceramic technology results in smoother, shinier, and healthier hair


  • Power button gets stuck at times
  • Gives off a burnt whiff in the initial days of use
  • Cord is only 8 feet, which can be an issue for some

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers have reported that it’s a sturdy choice that does the work even at low-speed settings. With three heat and speed settings, you can really get in the depth of styling your hair. Apart from that, there is also the fact that this dryer emits very little noise, so it’s an excellent product for people who need a quieter hairdryer.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic HairDryer has a lot of qualities that make it stand out. Let’s start with the fact that it comes with multiple heat and speed settings. Secondly, this dryer doesn’t make the standard dryer sound, so that’s a huge plus point. It is also travel-friendly, so you don’t have to deal with bad hair, even on vacations. 

Who Will Use This Most

From saloons to spas, it’s the perfect hair tool. Imagine going to a saloon and not hearing the ear-splitting noise of hair dryers all around you. Well, this is precisely what you will get with this powerful yet quiet tool. Even at 1875 watts, it emits 75 decibels, which is an excellent innovation.

Bottom Line

What makes Elchim so different from all hair dryers? To start, it’s one of those tools that come with noise control. Secondly, this hairdryer combines the power of ceramic and ionic technology to give you luscious hair. Lastly, it takes very little effort to dry your hair with this power tool.

Best for the Money:
Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Dryer

Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Dryer, Professional-Quality with 3 attachments Including Quick Blow Dry Nozzle for Smooth, Shiny Hair, Pink


  • Reduced noise level with dual airflow technology
  • Comes with three professional styling accessories
  • Equipped with a cool shot button for locking the shine
  • Multiple speed and heat settings for extra control over styling
  • Made with premium quality and innovative technology to reduce hair damage


  • Design is not compact
  • Lacks in terms of power
  • Could be designed with another high heat setting

What Recent Buyers Report

What buyers liked most about this product was how smooth the results it gave were; there have been many reports about smoother and shinier hair after using the Panasonic Nanoe. Secondly, despite its bulky size, the weight is manageable compared to other regular hair dryers. Moreover, buyers have praised it for its speedy drying ability as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this model, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the perfect look. This dryer allows users to achieve the best hairstyle and maintain it all day long. With the help of a cool shot button, you can lock in the shine and look your very best.

Who Will Use This Most

This efficient hair tool is ideal for all, whether its for professional or personal use. If you are a working woman, it will help you save time in the morning, and if you are a hairstylist, this tool will surely impress all your clients. Lastly, if you love to party, this one tool can give you a number of hairstyles to flaunt.

Bottom Line

Great hair not only makes you look good, but it also gives you a unique confidence. With Panasonic Nanoe, you can have this confidence all day, every day. A good blast of air in the morning is enough to keep your hair styled all day long. Infused with nanoparticles, this dryer gives you smoother results with every use.

Best Conair Quiet HairDryer:
Conair 1875 Watt Turbo

Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Hair Dryer, Blue / Black


  • Generates 1875 watts for quick and smooth drying
  • Comes with concentrator and diffuser for better styling
  • Comes with an added cool shot button for better results
  • Designed with ionic technology for reducing hair damage and enhancing hair quality
  • Multiple heat and speed settings for accelerated control make it perfect for professional hairstylists


  • Does not last very long
  • Fan blades are made of plastic
  • Buttons are in an awkward position

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers commented that this unit gives you a good blow of heat without blowing away the hair. You can use the gentle stream of air to style your hair without damaging them. Some complained about the wattage, but all in all, the reviews for this particular model of Conair are satisfactory. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many factors that make this model stand out to us. Firstly, the reasonable price and high-quality of the dryer are commendable. Secondly, with 1875 watts, this is a potent tool that dries your hair with efficiency and speed. Lastly, equipped with a cool shot button, it locks in the style and shine of your hair. 

Who Will Use This Most

The wattage, as well as high-quality components, make this hairdryer perfect for both personal and professional use. You can buy this for your salon and for your regular personal use. With this model, you don’t have to struggle with simple hair styling anymore. This unit allows you to give yourself a quick blow dry every morning with minimal effort and damage.

Bottom Line

If you’re tired of annoyingly loud hair dryers, then it’s high time you switch to the stylish and noise controlled Conair turbo. It not only dries your hair faster but also keeps you from getting a headache. To put it simply, you can get luscious, smooth, and volume infused hair with the improved Conair ionic technology. 

Best Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer:
Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer

Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer


  • Despite its bulky appearance, it’s very lightweight
  • Even on the highest speed, it runs at 70 – 74 decibels
  • Comes with a concentrator for extra control in styling
  • Infused with ionic technology that boasts reduced hair damage
  • Designed with three layers of ceramic for even heat distribution


  • Its bulky size is not travel-friendly
  • Air dry setting button isn’t comfortable to use
  • It’s not as powerful as the other models in the same category

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers love this for its low noise level. Compared to all other hairdryers, this is the quietest one that does the job without any hassle. There is no need to wake up your partner with a noisy hairdryer if you are leaving early in the morning.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Commendable qualities of this hairdryer include its very low operating noise, as well as its lightweight design. Apart from that, you get multiple heat and speed settings, as well as a cool shot button that helps you lock the shine and style in place all day long.

Who Will Use This Most

It’s an excellent dryer for personal use, and a perfect unit to gift someone on their wedding or birthday. The fan is vertically mounted, so it’s quieter than most of the hair dryers on the market, but this keeps the fan from running on full power; hence, it’s not ideal for professional use.

Bottom Line

Are you in dire need of a peaceful blowout? Then this is the product to invest in. People with hyperacusis and tinnitus and those with a low noise tolerance level can work with this particular model. Moreover, Revlon is one of the most trusted companies for hair tools, so you can trust this product blindly.

Best Quiet Traveler Hair Dryer:
ghd Professional

ghd Flight Travel Hairdryer, Black


  • Impressive design that is easy to handle with metallic accents
  • Innovative design weighs almost 600 grams and is well balanced
  • Ionic technology allows users to get less fizz and salon-inspired hair
  • Two speed and three heat settings with a separate button for cool shot
  • With 2100 wattage, this is a very powerful tool that works on an amazing speed


  • The hottest setting can be very hot
  • Accessories are hard to attach and detach
  • Highest setting is a bit loud than lower settings

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are pleased with the unit’s sleek and impressive design. Apart from being a bit noisy on the highest setting, they found this compact hairdryer to be very good. You can cut down your hair drying time in half with this model. This is great if you are a working lady who is always rushing to work in the morning.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model boasts a lot of features that make it stand out to us. The first feature is the cool shot button that helps you lock your styling. The second feature is that it comes with multiple heat and speed settings, so you can really work with your styling the way you want.

Who Will Use This Most

This model’s compact design makes it perfect for traveling. When it comes to performance, you can’t deny the fact that this dryer can really cut down the time of your hair drying. So, it’s perfect for working ladies, women with kids, as well as students. With this super-speed hairdryer, you don’t have to rush out with wet hair anymore.

Bottom Line

To cap it all, it’s a small design that packs 2100 wattage. This high power motor lets you dry your hair quicker than any other hair tool. Apart from that, it’s manufactured with a very sleek and compact design, as well as a 5.9-inch cable, so it’s very travel-friendly.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying? 

The aforementioned products are our top picks for the quiet hair dryers that you can enjoy without getting a headache every time you need a blow-dry. If you are still confused, here are a couple more things to consider before buying a hairdryer.

Decibel Rating

The most important thing to consider when you are shopping for a quiet hairdryer is the decibel rating. However, companies aren’t liable to give you a decibel rating, so you might not find it on every product. On average, a regular hairdryer will have a decibel rating of around 85 or more. For a quieter option, you will need a product that has a decibel rating of around 70 to 60 decibels. You can also check out the wattage of the hairdryer, as it’s a good indication of decibels as well.


A hairdryer uses one of three types of technology:

Some high-power and innovative ones use a combination of all three, but they can be really noisy. For a quieter one, you should select one with ionic technology. Ionic technology, apart from making your hairdryer quieter, also makes your hair smoother, shiner, and frizz-free. It also takes less effort and time to dry your hair.

How to Clean a Hair Dryer in the Simplest Way

Hair tools last longer if you take extremely good care of them, as well as clean them periodically. It’s important that you clean the filter every so often. Here are a few tips that will help you clean the filter of your hairdryer in the easiest way possible:

  1. Almost all hairdryers come with a twist open filter at the back; you can easily twist and remove the filter.

  2. Now remove as much lint as you can with a tissue. Then, wash the rest off by putting your filter underneath the faucet.

  3. Use your fingers to gently clean the lint out from the filter. Refer to the video below to know exactly how to do this.

  4. For the inside film, you will need either a vacuum or a simple dry toothbrush to get rid of the lint and dust.

  5. Towel or air-dry your filter completely before twisting it back on your hairdryer.

Apart from cleaning the filer, keeping the cable free from knots can also prolong the lifespan of your hairdryer. A few simple steps can really make a difference and help you keep your gadget in good shape for longer. To get a better idea about how to clean your hairdryer, refer to the video below:


There are many people who find it hard to tolerate the high-pitch whining of regular hair dryers. Due to this minor issue, they have to compromise on their style or be uncomfortable with very noisy dryers. To ensure you don’t face this issue again, our ultimate review covers all the high-end dryers that are not only powerful but also quieter.

People Also Ask

If you are still confused or if you think we missed out on something, you can also refer to our “people also ask” section. Check out what other people think and require from their quiet hair dryers:

How Many Decibels is a HairDryer?

All hair dryers have a different rate of decibels. Checking out the decibel rating on the box will help you know how loud and noisy it is going to be. Here’s an idea:

  • Faint: Around 30dB
  • Moderate: Ranges from 40 to 60dB
  • Loud: Ranges from 70 to 90dB
  • Extremely loud: Ranges from 90 to 110dB
  • Intolerable or painful: Ranges from 110 to 150dB

Why Hair Dryers Are so Loud?

The combination of a high power motor, as well as a fast-moving fan in a small product, is what creates so much noise in a hairdryer. However, there are many choices in the market that use ionic technology and a longer barrel to reduce the noise to a considerable level.

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