Best Absolute Heat Flat Irons – 2020 Review

Are you wondering what to do for your hairstyle? Do you want to straighten your coarse and curly hair? The key is to invest in a good flat iron so that it will give you an impressive look to carry on. Imagine having straight, smooth, and shiny hair. The good thing is, that’s now possible with Absolute Heat flat irons.

Have a look at the article to understand and get to know about the flat iron you are looking for!

Comparison Chart of the Best Absolute Heat Flat Irons


Absolute Heat Pro Ion Digital Flat Iron - Black

  • It has dual voltage
  • Best for the money
  • Ceramic plates for effective heating
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ABSOLUTHEAT IPS Intelligent Professional Series 1 1/4 Inch Hair Flat Iron Ionic

  • Editor’s pick
  • It has an adjustable temperature
  • Ceramic plates to distribute heat evenly
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Who is Absolute Heat? 

Absolute Heat started its vision from the salon in Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles. This company produces innovative and excellent hair care equipment. It has a fashion-forward approach for the millennial. The better performance of the products marks the company as a pioneer.

Their straighteners are also of the same high quality. It produces hair straighteners either from ceramic or tourmaline. The company also offers a lifetime warranty. The plates also incorporate technology that evenly distributes the heat.

How Does Absolute Heat Compare to the Competition?

Many things mark Absolute Heat as the best company against its competitors. These include:

Cord Length

People often think of the cord length as the source of supplying proper voltage to the flat irons. But buyers should consider that these rotating cords are present for the comfort and ease of users too. If the cord is too short, you need to remain near the socket. But if it is long, you can enjoy the perks of long rotating wire. This will also protect the wire from being broken, damaged, or tangled.

Feature of Dual Voltage

The company’s flat iron can be used internationally anywhere in the world. It is operated on two different voltages. It works well on whatever appropriate voltage of that place is. Being a traveler, you can easily carry the flat iron anywhere. It can work accordingly to the proper voltage supplied in that country.


Flat irons made up of ceramic plates get hot easily for a longer period. However, it does not stay hot for long. Tourmaline is the best material as even heat can be distributed on the metal plate. This protects the hair from damage and heat spikes. Even at a lower temperature, tourmaline flat irons work very well. It is the latest addition to the market. It is the safest metal to use, but it cannot be used on delicate hair.

Quick Take - Best Absolute Heat Flat Irons

Review of the Best Absolute Heat Flat Irons

There are a plethora of options when it comes to Absolute Heat flat irons. Review the following flat irons to select the best according to your needs.

Absolute Heat Pro Ion Digital Flat Iron - Black, 1 Inch


  • Available in many colors
  • You can even use it for curling hair
  • The heating is reported to be too good
  • Good work with less damage in a limited time
  • Auto shut off system as a precautionary measure


  • It is small for very long hair
  • Shut off system is not very good
  • A lot of effort is needed for straightening the hairs

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers felt very pleased and satisfied dual to its feature of dual-voltage. This flat iron is a preferred choice as its temperature is adjusted as per your hair. Customers simply love their straight hair. Buyers love it for its easy carrying and good grip.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This flat iron stands out as the best for the money because of the features it offers at a nominal price. It is a straightener with a shut-off switch and an automatic button. This ensures the users feel safe even if they left open because it automatically gets off after a few seconds.

Who Will Use This Most

Surely, it is a good selection for professionals as well as beauty salons. Feel relaxed as it can be used for personal use too. The girls can become happy. For them, this is the right equipment to style their hairs in whatever hairstyles they want. The flat iron gives them satisfaction about the care of their hair.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, it has all the features any user wants to have in their flat iron. It can be used for straightening hair and lets you enjoy frizz-free hair. It will give the best results without doing any damage to your hair.

ABSOLUTHEAT IPS Intelligent Professional Series 1 1/4 Inch Hair Flat Iron Ionic (Blue)


  • It is available in attractive colors
  • Lighter in weight and easy to carry
  • Hair can be saved from heat spikes
  • Temperature can be adjusted according to the hair texture
  • Negative ions assist in the removing of frizz and provide silk and smooth hairs


  • Comes at a very high price
  • Heating up takes quite a bit of time

What Recent Buyers Report

The recent buyers are very happy and satisfied with the price as well as the product. There are only a few complaints about the hotness of the product. This product is very good and helps in hair straightening. It is highly durable, with good quality and amazing features at nominal prices.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product marks its excellence over its competitors because of its features. It has a temperature adjusting capability. It helps the users to use the flat iron without the fear of a heat spike that may damage their hair. Users can adjust the heat according to their hair texture and length.

Who Will Use This Most

As the name itself suggests, the product is for professional hairstylists and beauty salons. It can be easily used by everyone for styling. All the girls must feel happy and satisfied with this outstanding performing flat iron. Enjoy making beautiful hairstyles and give yourself an entirely new and stunning look with this.

Bottom Line

To sum up, in a few words, this flat iron, this straightener is known for its excellence not only in its performance but also in the results it produces. Various aspects are seen in the flat iron, which attracted many of the users to add it to their buying list.

Absolutheat Flat Hair Iron Ionic, Professional Series, Black


  • Auto shut-off for providing safety as well as peace of mind
  • Floating plates are beveled, which enhances styling versatility
  • Precise temperature display of temperature range 140°F - 450°F on LCD
  • Ergonomic grip and sleek style provide control and comfort to the professionals
  • Final result is healthy-looking, shiny and smooth hairs without any heat damaged hairs


  • The heating of the iron is uneven
  • Heating plate has a standard size

What Recent Buyers Report

According to the recent buyer's report, this hair iron is preferable for them because of the ceramic plates that do not harm their hairs. No damage to the hair is done because of heating. The iron has an ergonomic grip to provide comfort to professionals from slipping away. It possesses all the good features one could imagine in their styling equipment.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Many features contribute to the uniqueness and excellence of this styling iron. Still, its outstanding result on the hair let it stand in the first row, among other flat irons. Its ceramic plates ensure even heating and straight hairs without excessive heat. The ionic technology used in it promotes smoother and silkier hair that cuts down the frizzes as well as flyaways. The floating plates are provided for optimizing the style efficiency. The tangling is prevented due to swivel cords. The device is heated to its maximum temperature, but still, the consistency is not affected.

Who Will Use This Most

Preferably, this iron is a perfect solution for hair professionals who are seeking for good hair irons. They can get good results without compromising their comfort and ease. They do not have to compromise on quality. It will let them give their best results as it will surely facilitate their work.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this flat iron is a perfect solution for all types of hairs. Every professional can enjoy its benefits because of its easy usage. It assists them in reaching their optimum efficiency levels. No iron can provide them with results as amazing as this one. It can style the hair without imposing any harm to the hair.

Absolute Heat Intelligent Professional Series Flat Iron, Brushed Metallic, Pink


  • Rotating cord is long
  • The heat is distributed evenly
  • Swivel cord for detangling hairs
  • Ideal for straightening untreated hairs
  • Has iconic technology for even distribution of heat


  • It is a bit pricey

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very much satisfied with this heating iron. They are impressed and attracted to their outstanding features. Despite attaining high temperature, the flat iron does not damage the hair due to heat. No heat spikes have been observed. They enjoy their frizz-free dead straight hair.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This flat iron marks its distinction among the rest because of its unique features and quality results. The combination of function and technology enhances its standard. The hair is perfectly designed with its ceramic plated infused with black tourmaline gemstones. The temperature up to 450 is attained within a record time.

Who Will Use This Most

This flat iron is the best solution for people with frizzy and voluminous hair. It is good for buyers with untreated hair. But there’s no need to worry; you can even get your hair straightened if they are keratin-treated. This flat iron is a dream come true of every lady wishing to have straight, shiny, and smooth hair.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the company has excelled in providing one of the best flat irons. Buyers have enjoyed its working and technology. It works on voluminous hairs as well as on keratin-treated hair too. This flat iron has a long cord to help professionals in working with ease and comfort.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Flat Iron

You will indeed get the benefits according to what you pay. This is true for a lot of things. The same goes for hairstyling equipment, like a flat iron. Sometimes, people may look after cheaper options and reasons to look after other and cheaper options. However, it’s best to invest in a high-quality flat iron. 


A quality flat iron will surely provide you numerous benefits. It is a must-buy. If you buy cheaper, it will last for a shorter time. Investing in a good flat iron is a good decision because the product will last for a longer time. The lower quality products have a lot of wear and tear. This will cause damage to your hair. Lower-priced products will have a less effective thermostat. So the quality of results will be adversely affected.

Lesser and Quality Control

Hair tools must have a good grip. The thermostat control must be effective to control the temperature and impose less harm on the hair. A higher temperature is required for strong and thick hair.

High-Quality Materials

High-quality materials used in the flat iron will make it more effective and durable. Tourmaline and ceramic are two materials. Ceramic is a preferable material for a flat iron.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

You must consider some aspects before the buying of a flat iron. These are:

Choose the Perfect Shape

Simply, a flat iron is flat, and its edges determine its versatility. With slightly rounded, outer edges and plates, the straightener can be transitioned into a curling iron. Sharp edges will give good results, though it is less adaptable.

Decide Plate Width

You might straighten your hairs with wider plates. However, you need narrower plates to fit in your traveling bag easily. A wide shaft will deliver a lot of heat as more heat will be delivered in it. 

Selection of Right Plates

It can be made from various materials, so select according to your hair requirements. There is no perfect choice for the plate material. Titanium irons have the capability of quick heating. Heating temperatures are distributed evenly. These are pricey flat irons and are required by coarse and curly hair.

Ceramic irons combine effectiveness and value. Heat is evenly offered to the hair textures. However, with time, it will wear down.

Tourmaline plates straighten damaged hair. These ionic plates create less positive than negative ions. This reduces the frizz, and the hair shaft is sealed. 


The series of flat iron by Absolute Heat is fantastic. People can straighten their coarse and curly hair. You can have an amazing look with good hairstyles. It has a lot of features to facilitate your experience. It not only offers style but also safety from damaged hair.