Best Evalectric Flat Irons of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for a hairstyle tool that is efficient and quick, both? Want something that is capable of handling your gorgeous tresses carefully? Your search will end here!

Evalectric flat irons have a lot of convenient features. Despite being sleek, they work well on all hair types. They are surely perfect when you want to create versatile and quick hairstyles. These allow you to vary your hairstyles from curly and wavy to straight or vice versa, without causing any damage to hair. You will be amazed at the gorgeous and beautiful hairstyles that you can get with these tools. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Evalectric Flat Irons


Evalectric Ultra Turbo Styler

  • 1.25-inch wide plates make the straightening process easier
  • Comes with the dual voltage feature
  • The swivel cord can rotate to 360 degrees
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Evalectric Classic Styler Ceramic Flat Iron

  • Best for the money
  • It has ceramic plates of 1.25”
  • Temperature control is up to 460°F for quick hairstyling.
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Who is Evalectric?

Hair straighteners and flat irons have turned out to be a very popular topic, particularly since the last decade or so. There were many options to select even in the past, but they were harmful to the hair as they damaged it a lot instead of straightening it. Luckily, some succeeded in inventing the company, Evalectric that came up with flat irons, which were surely the smart devices created for its buyers.

These aimed to straighten their hair within no time without compromising on the health and quality of their hair. Their tools promised to keep your tools smooth, silky, and shiny, as well as soft and healthy. 

How Does Evalectric Compare to the Competition?

There are some points that make your Evalectric flat iron better than the one offered by competitors. It seems to be a better option because of the following factors:  

Ionic Technology

Ionic technology in the flat irons helps to pull the positive ions of the hair by supplying negative ions. This eventually leads to frizz-free and smooth hair. No matter what type of plates are used in the flat irons, almost every other model claims to have negative ionic technology. Evalectric offers this feature and marks its excellence over other competitors.

Ceramic Plates

The ceramic plates offered by Evalectric in its flat irons make it a preferable choice over its competitors. This feature helps in the heating process quickly. Not only this, no heat spot is created, and even distribution of heat causes no damage to the hair.

After all, being a girl, your hair matters too much for you. The plates’ smoothness ensures that your hair will not get caught up in the straightener or snag. You need to beware: flat irons claiming to be made of ceramic plates are sometimes not really ceramic and are just coated. Evalectric knows the importance of your hair, which is why it makes sure the plates are not ceramic coated, which will chip out eventually with time and harm your hair. We know you love to have smooth, glossy, and beautiful hair to make you more gorgeous than ever. 


The looks offered by Evalectric tools cannot be ignored or simply denied. The looks of the flat irons compel its users to choose these flat irons. When you need to use them, and you get the option of beautiful peacock print flat iron, who will not love it? You will love to use them and feel no regret or reluctance to keep them on your hairdressers. 

What to Look For When Buying an Evalectric Flat Iron

Some factors must be kept in mind to purchase the best Evalectric Flat Irons. You will never regret buying the flat irons of a good company. It offers a lot of features to its users. The wide array of features and good results have won the hearts of many users. Picking the ideal unit entails keeping in mind the following:


You should know the importance of one fluid pass about straightening hair. If the flat iron is unwieldy or heavy, it may cause discomfort and will not support you in your straightening process because it will prevent the fluid motion. It will also cause a lot of breakage and heat damage to your hair. Thus, the controls’ logics and length of the cords must be considered for the overall usability.  

Evalectric Ultra Turbo Styler


The buyers need to consider if they have the budget for an Evalectric iron. Their prices are pretty good when considered against the worth and the quality features that the company offers in its hairstyling tools. It can be said that premium quality products are offered at such a price, which makes it affordable for many people and of every class. The product aims to serve every customer within their budget.


The company uses all of the latest technology in its hairstyling tools to facilitate its customers and give them the look they want. The far infrared technology and negative ions technology provide the gloss and smoothness to the hair without compromising on its health and shine. 

Quick Take - Best Evalectric Flat Irons

In a hurry? Here are the best Evalectric flat irons:

  1. Evalectric Ultra Turbo Styler
  2. Evalectric Classic Styler Ceramic Flat Iron

Review of the Best Evalectric Flat Irons

You must be confused about the selection of your hair styling tools. After all, it will create your impression. Evalectric has strived hard to provide the best products to its buyers so they may achieve what they want. To make it easy for yourself to pick one, go through our reviews to select the best one according to your needs. 

Ultra Turbo Styler


  • Plates measures 1.25 inches 
  • Ceramic plates for even heating cause no damage to the hair
  • Dual-voltage makes it easy and convenient to carry everywhere
  • Temperature control is up to 500°F that allows for various hairstyling quickly 
  • Infrared technology and negative ions as the latest technology for smooth, glossy and healthy hair


  • Only comes with a 3-year warranty

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The flat iron is known for its outstanding features and classy design. It has ceramic plates that let its users straighten the hair without imposing any damage to it. Moreover, the floating ceramic plates offer a lot of benefits. This, combined with the far-infrared technology, allows you to make various hairstyles. This heating method is known for its efficiency because it is very gentle to the hair. 

This flat iron is idolized for its features. The buyers are not just happy with its features but also with its high performance. It is worthy of being bought as it has every feature that a buyer wants to have in a flat iron. The latest technology in it makes it an outstanding product. The company shows its care for customers by offering heat-resistant gloves for protection. 

The ceramic plates come with the latest negative ion and infrared technology. This makes it a remarkable product and saves the end of cuticles as well as removes the frizz out of the hair. No hair damage will be done, leaving behind glossy and healthy hair. 

Bottom Line

To put it simply, you will be fully satisfied and happy with this product. Its thermostat can heat to a maximum of 450 degrees and make it excellent for hairstyling. Also, its negative ion technology produces negative ions as well as infrared heat waves. This not only eliminates the static but also seals the cuticle. 

It is a very good and preferable choice for travelers who prefer to carry a sleek hair straightener in their luggage. It is easy and convenient to carry. The dual voltage feature makes it further a favorable option for those who are traveling internationally and have to face the issue of voltage change. It can be used in professional salons and by hairstylists because of its long cord that allows more freedom while working. Users can easily and conveniently make any hairstyle. 

Evalectric Classic Styler Ceramic Flat Iron - Styling Iron With 1.25 Inch Floating Plates - Negative Ion Technology For Healthy Hair - Dual Voltage Hair Straightener - Deep Purple


  • It has the option of dual voltage
  • Has the swivel cord that rotates to 360 degrees
  • Negative ion technology to reduce frizz and static
  • Versatile which allows you to make different hairstyles 
  • Technology of far infrared makes it heat efficiently and gently on the hair


  • Available in only purple color 
  • Not preferable for closer areas where only narrower straighteners can be used

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This flat iron gives you as good of a look as you would get from a salon. You would have never imagined stepping out every day in style, but that’s now possible with this model. With the 1.25 inch ceramic plates, you can enjoy making a variety of styles. The wide array of features is offered by this contemporary tool. You can surely style your hair quickly and efficiently. Within no time, you will look stunning with your gorgeous hairstyle. You will feel relax knowing that no damage will come to your hair.

Moreover, it works perfectly at different voltages. It will let you travel in style, and there will be no more compromise on your looks while traveling. It works equally well on 110-120V, as well as 220-240V. Just have a travel adapter, so you are ready to go anywhere. Your traveling will be real fun when you look good, chic, and classy in your photographs. You can style every day without the fear of losing the health of your hair.

Bottom Line

One can easily say that your hair straightener is surely good if it remains gentle on the hair. This flat iron will help you to get elegant and sleek tresses. It will surely be not less than a breeze. You can enjoy a wide range of options for different styling while having strong faith that your hair strands will remain healthy and smooth like before. 

This hair tool is well-known for its versatility. The hair styling tool is designed for hair textures and types of all kinds. The wide ceramic plates make sure you get every hairstyle you wish for. Plus, the long cord helps to move it easily in any direction in comfort. The long cord prevents any sort of tangling too. The temperature control setting provides the opportunity for its users to have the options of multiple styling. You will find this hair straightener as must-have equipment while traveling or getting ready for any party!

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a New Flat Iron

Buying a flat iron is a difficult task when so many options are readily available in the market. But don’t worry; with the following considerations, we can make the perfect pick.

Plate Size

A flat iron has plates of width 1-2 inches typically. Narrower plates are specifically good for closer areas, yet they are recommended for almost every type and texture of hair. You must remember that very curly and coarse hair needs to be divided into small sections so they can be straightened properly. This indicates that smaller width plates are more preferable. These smaller width plates are a good way of creating more versatile hairstyles.

Still, some people prefer plates of 2 inches because they let them straighten their hair quickly within no time. Bigger shafts of hair are taken, which makes the straightening process easier and quicker. So, consideration must be made to the flat iron plates so you can speed up your straightening process. 

Temperature Range

You must have come across many straight irons that feature their maximum temperature. Surely, it is a good point to consider as it straightens or styles your hair in a short time. They come with features of up to 450°F. This might sound high, but it is not needed by the majority of people. Don’t forget that you need to check its minimum temperature, too, so you can set it to the temperature according to your choice. You can easily look for your minimum temperature by setting it on the lowest, and increasing the temperature gradually until you are capable of straightening the hairs in one flow.


If you use your hair straightener every day, it must have an attractive and appealing look. Appearance does matter for many people. If one is investing in something, they will look for the best. 


To sum up, flat irons are an easy way to manage your looks and give yourself a new look. Your hairstyles define your personality and look. With an Evalectric model, you can have dead gorgeous and beautiful hairstyles irrespective of your hair type and textures without compromising on the quality of your hair.