Best Flat Irons for Keratin Treatments – 2020 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 21, 2022

If you are searching for a keratin hair straightener that not only gives you dazzling sleek hair, but also nourishes your dry and dull hair and revitalizes it for a long period, then you have landed on just the right page. 

This article reviews the top keratin flat irons with unique features to help you pick the right one based on your preferences.

First, we will tell you the benefits of this type of flat iron and what to look for when purchasing. 

Comparison of the Best Flat Irons For Keratin Treatment

  • Titanium plates of size 1.7 inches
  • Temperature can be adjusted between 170F to 450F
  • Wider plates make the whole straightening process easier
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  • Equipped with 1.2-inch plates
  • Titanium plates for smooth, damage-free hair
  • Cool-touch technology for a comfortable use
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  • Ciomes with 50 heat settings
  • Ultra-lightweight construction for easy travel and handling
  • Designed with Titanium plates for high temperatures and corrosion protection
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  • Lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Constructed with keratin micro-conditioner, 1" floating ceramic plates
  • Equipped with turbo boost for quick heating
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What Size of Flat Iron Do I Need?

Flat irons are just like dresses, one size does not fit all. A flat iron with the right features will be easier to manage, lower the risk of excessive heat and hair damage, and will more efficiently straighten your hair. Your hair's length and thickness will decide your iron's size.

Irons With Smaller Plates

If your hair is thick or fine, and is short, you need to purchase an iron with narrow plates with a size range of half-an-inch to one-inch. This size will suit your short hair and allow you to straighten the smaller sections.

Irons With Wider Plates

If your hair is thick or fine, and is long, you need to invest in irons with wider plates that have sizes of one-and-a-half inches to two inches, which will allow you to cover bigger sections of hair easily.

Characteristics of Our Favorite Flat Irons For Keratin

When looking to repair your hair, a keratin treatment can have some mind-blowing results. However, few people realize that for keratin treatments to be effective, you need a good flat iron to seal the treatment. From high heat to titanium blades, here is everything you need to know about selecting a flat iron to use on a keratin treatment for the best results.

The brand and price are less essential than what the iron can do, so you need to consider the following features that contribute to good performance of flat irons:

Rounded Edges

If the flat iron edges are beveled rather than having a sharp edge, allowing you to make several different styles like spirals, curls, loose waves, etc., instead of just straightening your hair.

Adjustable Temperature

Most flat irons come with a way to adjust the temperature as needed. The higher you set the number, the hotter the temperature gets. The option of having adjustable temperature is far better than just an on/off or high/low switch.

KIPOZI Pro Nano Titanium

Fine Quality Material

The quality of the flat iron is very important for preventing your hair from any serious damage. The most common high-quality materials are ceramic and titanium that heat uniformly and create negative ions to yield smoother results.

Indicator Light

Rather than just being activated when the iron is turned on, the improved, more innovative indicator lights let you know when the iron heats to the desired temperature.

Automatic Turn Off

There are not a lot of irons that offer this feature, but it is desired by every hot tool user. It's more of a protective function than simply an upgrade to your iron's performance, but it's good to have it anyway.

Review of the Best Flat Irons For Keratin Treatment

To help you choose the best flat irons for keratin treatment based on your requirements, we reviewed some of the best options, along with their main features, pros, and cons.

Best Overall:
KIPOZI Pro Nano Titanium

KIPOZI Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Digital LCD Display, Heats Up Instantly, A High Heat of 450 Degrees, Dual Voltage, 1.75 Inch Wide Plate


  • Nano titanium technology helps prevent hair frizz and other damage
  • Auto shut-off option after one hour that prevents it from catching fire if left unattended
  • Great temperature range from 170F to 450F that can be adjusted according to your hair texture
  • Wider plates will help you cover larger sections of hair, hence making the whole process quick
  • Ergonomic design and plates angled at a distance from the handle make it convenient to use for longer periods


  • Does not have a sturdy body, hence will break easily if it falls 
  • The hair occasionally snags between plates and casing and is painfully pulled 
  • Placement of temperature dial is close to the handle and can make accidental temperature changes while you are working with it

What Recent Buyers Report

The reviews by recent buyers have been quite positive. They were impressed by the amazing features it offers, especially the auto shut-off and adjustable temperature range. A few of the customers had issues with its plug, but they still recommended the product. The overall customer feedback was overwhelmingly good.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The product offers unique features to flat iron users, like a good temperature range, ergonomic design, and wider plates. The nano titanium technology does wonders in protecting your hair from damage and gives you a sleek, anti-frizz finish. Moreover, the auto shut-off option does a great job of freeing you from the worry of an unattended straightener.

Who Will Use This Most

This flat iron for a keratin treatment is very effective and well suited for people who have thick, fine, and long hair. Since the product has wider plates, it can help people with long hair iron larger hair sections more quickly to get a silky, sleek, finished look with healthy, straightened hair.

Bottom Line

This flat iron is one of the best in an affordable price range. And, if you're searching for a product with major points of difference like an ergonomic design, a larger plate size, adjustable temperature, and auto shut-off option, then perhaps this flat iron is worthy of your consideration. The warranty also ensures that you can return the product within thirty days of buying.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron, With Travel Size Argan Oil Leave In Hair Treatment, Worldwide Dual Voltage 110v-220v


  • Comes with heat gloves that make it easy to handle such high-heat flat irons
  • One-inch plates with curved edges make it easy to twist the hair at the bottom or do curls
  • Works on dual voltages, making it quite convenient for people who travel frequently
  • Comes with an argon oil conditioner to give additional treatment to dry and rough hair and prevent it from heat damage
  • Adjustable temperatures ranging from 240F to 410F, providing coverage at the salon level for all hair types, from thin to thick and smooth to rough


  • It does not have an auto shut-off feature
  • Takes a lot of time to straighten long hair
  • Gets quite hot to handle with bare hands so it cannot be used without gloves

What Recent Buyers Report

Overall customer reviews were quite positive. They were quite happy with the smooth, silky, and sleek finish this flat iron gave their hair. The dual-voltage usage worked really well for a lot of people who were traveling. Recent buyers were satisfied with their purchase and totally recommended the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The HSI Professional Flat Iron is one of today's well-performing straighteners in the market, providing outstanding, salon-quality ironing for customers of all hair types. It is mild enough for straightening thin hair and heavy enough for rough hair, without causing excessive harm. It would be a great addition to your routine in-home hair styling.

Who Will Use This Most

It is well suited for any hair type, but works best for people having thin hair. Because its plates are one-inch, it is most suitable for relatively short hair lengths, as it can help them conveniently straighten hair and covers smaller portions at a time.

Bottom Line

HSI Professional introduces a functional and reliable flat iron that changes your dull, frizzy hair immediately into straight hair just like those models on the magazine covers. The flat iron uses an innovative ceramic ionic device for assured hydrated and polished hair paired with a deep-acting argon oil conditioner that gives you smooth, silky hair. What else could you expect from a flat iron at such an amazing price?

Best for the Money:
Inverto Pro Flat Iron

Flat Iron Hair Straightener for All Types of Hair & Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Blowout Black High Gloss Professional Grade Ceramic Plates 1' Dual voltage will Work Worldwide no Switch Needed


  • Temperature can be adjusted up to 450F to suit all hair types
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to handle 
  • It has one-inch plates, which make it suitable for all hair lengths
  • Ceramic plates give your hair a smooth, glossy finish that can prevent frizz for a long time
  • Works on dual voltages without the need of a switch, hence, it is great to use while traveling


  • Takes too long for long lengths of hair
  • Indicator lights do not blink at accurate temperatures
  • Produces a burning smell if used at high temperatures

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers seemed quite satisfied with the product. They were pleased with the glossy finish it gave to their straightened hair and the convenience it offered while they traveled to other countries like Europe due to its dual-voltage usage. The overall customer feedback remained overwhelmingly positive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As it works on dual voltages without needing any switch, it is best used while traveling. Its one-inch plates work well for almost all hair lengths and types. The ceramic plates give a glossy, smooth finish to your hair and its ergonomic design makes handling quite convenient.

Who Will Use This Most

It can work well for all hair types and hair lengths, which means that it targets a huge customer base. But with a plate size of one-inch, it is best suited for short hair that is thin and delicate. With a small plate size, it can cover smaller portions of hair like bangs.

Bottom Line

This flat iron targets a broad customer base with plate sizes of one-inch suited for all hair types and lengths. The product has ceramic plates that give a shiny, glossy finish to your straightened hair, and has adjustable temperatures to suit different hair textures. Offering a great variety of features at amazing prices, this flat iron is certainly worth your valuable investment.

4. MHU Professional 1-Inch Keratin Ion

MHU Professional 1 Inch Keratin Ion Flat Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Instant Heat Up Auto Shut-Off Adjustable Temperature with LED Display Black (285°F-450°F)


  • Auto shut-off feature turns off the iron after 60 minutes
  • Ceramic construction gives a smooth and glossy finish to your hair
  • Its ceramic build also allows smooth functioning and prevents pulling of hair
  • Plates have a size of one-inch that suits almost every hair length and type
  • 360-degree, angle-free cord makes it easy to rotate and curl your hair


  • Only three temperature settings
  • Temperature dial is located quite near to the handle
  • Vibrating technology adds more weight to the product

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, the product was quite good at producing silky, sleek hair without causing any damage. They were quite happy with its easy-to-handle design. A few buyers complained that it took longer for their hair texture. However, the majority of customers were simply in love with their purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We also believe this flat iron does a nice job straightening your black hair, despite its limited heat range. It has several great features that will help you straighten textured African-American hair without harming it, as well. The 446°F high temperature properly revives rigid black hair and turns it smooth for you.

Who Will Use This Most 

This flat iron, with its plate size of one-inch, is said to be suitable for different hair types, lengths, and textures. It not only works well for short, fine hair but also does a great job for long hair. Hence, the products cater to a wide customer base.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the fact that it adds some weight to the unit due to its vibrating system, it still performs very well. Buyer reviews were also quite satisfying. The features like the ceramic/tourmaline plate coatings to prevent frizz and the fact that, after switching it on, it is ready to use in no time, make this product stand out in the flat iron category.

5. Keratin Complex Stealth V Digital Smoothing and Straightening Iron

Keratin Complex Stealth V Digital Smoothing and Straightening Iron


  • Plate size of 1.2 inches suits all hair types
  • Ionic technology eliminates frizz and smooths the cuticle
  • Ergonomic design offers comfortable handling with easy movement
  • Advanced high-definition heat technology offers rapid heating to style your hair
  • Cool-touch technology absorbs all the heat and keeps the outer surface cool, which makes it quite easy to use


  • Fails to provide the required moisture to your hair
  • Floating plates are absent to keep enough space between the clamps while straightening
  • Temperature auto-lock feature is absent and can burn your hair if you are not conscious about the temperature

What Recent Buyers Report 

Feedback from consumers came with both positive and negative aspects. Several consumers were pleased with their titanium plates, cool-touch technologies, and ergonomic design. Others stated, on the other hand, that it could not hold silky hair and stated it was not user-friendly. However, the majority of buyers were quite pleased with their purchase and recommended it to other customers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The item appears to be a full package, as it provides unique features. The titanium plates, cool-touch technology, negative ion technology, and ergonomic design make it a great offer at such a reasonable price. What else can you hope for in a product that offers you safety and convenience with perfect sleek hair?

Who Will Use This Most

The plates of this product have a size of 1.2 inches, which make it suitable for all type of hair lengths, though particularly for short hair. However, it uses titanium plates, which is only suited for thick, coarse hair and does not work well for thin, delicate hair.

Bottom Line

If you want a flat iron that can offer you beautiful straight hair without burning it, then this item really is the right investment for you. In addition to that, a good range of temperatures, ion technology, and cool-touch technology will make the experience much easier and more comfortable for you

Pros and Cons of Using Flat Irons

While working on unique hairstyles, the use of flat irons may be necessary. On the other hand, if used frequently, they can damage the hair. Hence, you will have to consider some of the pros and cons before making a purchase.


The following are some of the pros that make flat irons the best option to straighten your hair:

Time Efficiency

Apart from being a budget-conscious tool, a flat iron is time-efficient. Unlike permanent straightening, where you have to spend hours to get your hair straight and sleek, if adequately heated, a flat iron will enable you to style your hair in minutes.

Protection of Hair Dyes

Straighteners are safe for use on dyed and colored hair, as unlike permanent straightening, flat irons do not cause coloring and highlights to fade.


It's convenient to use a flat iron. One doesn't need another person's help. You can use it to straighten your hair whenever and wherever you want.


Since we now know the main advantages of using flat irons for hair straightening, we should also keep these cons in mind while making a purchase:

Hair Damage

The main disadvantage of using a straightening iron is that hair can get rough, brittle, and weakened with frequent use. It may lose strength and appear dull and unhealthy. Regular use can also result in split ends.

Temporary Looks

The use of a straightening iron on a wavy or curly hairstyle has added drawbacks. Firstly, the look is temporary. You lose your look if you get stuck in a sudden rain shower or go for a walk on a rainy day. Of course, you have to style your hair again if you wash your hair.


Using flat irons for a keratin treatment is an easy and fun way to get fine, shiny, and smooth hair. They bring you a convenient and hassle-free experience of achieving that silky straight hair with a time-efficient and cost-effective method. This article reviewed some of the top flat irons to help you make an informed decision while choosing the best one for yourself.

Keratin treatments are a great way to get that smooth, silky feel. Use the correct flat iron, otherwise, you simply won’t get the desired look that you intend to. Make sure the flat iron has titanium plates and can get hot enough to seal the hair. Any mineral infusions to the blades will help secure that soft, silky feel.

People Also Ask

This article is a detailed account of all the features and aspects of flat irons for keratin treatment. However, if you still have any kind of ambiguity, you can read on to find the answers to frequently asked questions that may help you clear any further confusion:

Can I Do a Keratin Treatment Without a Flat Iron?

Yes, you can do a keratin treatment without a flat iron. Using a flat iron can even damage your hair due to high heat. Hence, you may want to go merely for the a keratin treatment without a straightening tool. However, if you do not use a flat iron, the treatment may not last for a long period, but the hair will still benefit from the strengthening effects of the keratin.

How Hot Should a Flat Iron Be For a Keratin Treatment?

It is crucial to have a flat iron that can hold the temperature you set without showing any fluctuations while sealing your keratin treatment. The flat iron must be capable of reaching 450°F in order to activate the keratin in the procedure. After the keratin treatment application, you can use the same flat iron for styling your hair, during which the temperature does not have to be above 450 degrees.

Do You Lose Volume With a Keratin Treatment?

Yes, keratin treatment does reduce your hair volume. The hair will have a much smoother, straighter look and less thickness after undergoing a keratin treatment. Your hair will become free of excessive frizz for up to three months, which is why hair may look thinner and less voluminous to you.

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