Best Lorion Flat Irons of 2020 – Complete Round-up

Every girl loves to look beautiful. She tries to get all that she can to help her in her beauty journey. One such thing she looks after is her hairstyle. For this purpose, she can trust Lorian for her good hairstyling and finest looks. Tools by Lorian are available without any compromise on the quality and health of her hair. The review discusses the best Lorian flat iron to maintain hair and have good hairstyling within no time, along with ease and comfort.

Quick Take of the Best Lorion Flat Iron


Lorion Pure Ceramic & Diamond Ultra Smooth Plates 1.25"

  • The plates are infused with diamond
  • It can be used as straightener and curler both
  • Gives a luxurious, smooth and silky hairstyle
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Who is Lorion?

Lorion is a Miami, Florida based company. It has excelled in providing one of the best quality hair styling tools. It has the most innovative technology and the finest state-of-the-art features that let it provide unparalleled products. Besides hair styling tools, it provides products for nourishing the hair as well as age-defying products for skincare. It is a premium, exclusive, and chic beauty brand. It has a great range of products that has led it to excel in the contemporary markets and win large customer loyalty and satisfaction. Every woman loves to look good and have certain finesse and charm in everyday life. So, Lorion is a good selection that makes her dreams come true.

How Does Lorion Compare to the Competition?

Lorion has earned a place over its competitors because of many factors. These include:

Wide Range

Lorion offers products in a wide range of hairstyling. It has a great range of flat irons to suit your needs. It offers various widths of plates for hair straighteners so it can match your desired hairstyle and your hair type the best. 

Aesthetic Looks

The products are available in a wide variety of colors for buyers to select their preference. It offers them a sense of customer sovereignty and freedom of a little bit of customization. It is available in pink, black, white, turquoise, yellow, and bright pink colors. It has beautiful patterns like polka dots, peacock, and lace. The variety of colors makes it attractive and appealing to the eyes. They are even packed in gorgeous and beautiful boxes with magnetic closures so it can be delivered to its customers in a pristine condition. 


The company provides quality products to its customers. Customers have a firm belief that the flat irons are made with the best quality to give health and protection to their hair. The hair is straightened within no time. So you ultimately get good quality like a salon. You don’t need to run to the salon to straighten your hair with the finest and best results. You will get the same result that you would get from your salon at your homes. The products are designed to have no compromise on the hairstyling and the outcome. This is because they are round-edged and with ceramic plates. 

What Should I Look For When Buying a Flat Iron?

Just like finding the right motherboard for your processor or choosing your partner can be a daunting task for you, choosing the right flat iron can also be the same task. You need to know a lot of things before you consider buying one and investing your money in it. These include:

Value and Price

You must know the difference between value and price. There are flat irons that are not priced according to their values. Cheaper flat irons might seem easier to buy, but they will not give good results and will damage your hair in the long run. Some might overheat too. They can be easily broken and need to be repaired or bought continuously for usage. 

It is better to buy an expensive one. It will look a bit hard and tough for the first time, but in the long run, it will surely pay off its price. You will find it worth it when it will last longer, and you will not need to replace it or repair it again and again. It will be a one-time investment that will lead to no compromise on the health of your precious hair. 


Ceramic plates will cause less damage to your hair and will make them straight, sleek, and smooth. The titanium plate will also lead to straight hair for a longer time. Moreover, tourmaline is the latest addition in the material of flat iron plates and is effective too. It also gives the finest and good results. 


The plate size is decided after considering the length and thickness of the hair. Half inch is narrower and suitable for short hair. Wider plates of 1-1.5 inches are ideal for long, thick, and curly hair. Narrower plates are preferable for reaching out to the hard spots that are not possible with thicker flat irons. 

Review of the Best Lorion Flat Irons

You must be wondering which flat iron to buy. Are you worried about which flat iron to buy as a present for your loved ones? No doubt looks matter a lot in your personality. So, be wise in your buying selection. Invest in the best one after going through our detailed review. 

Lorion Beauty USA LLC Pure Ceramic Ultra Smooth Plates 1' Ceramic Flat Iron, Zebra


  • The swivel cord makes its usage easier
  • Floating plates assure for perfect hair grip
  • Dual voltage makes usage convenient in every country
  • Glide styling is also made smoother with the ceramic plates
  • Curved designs helped in the versatility of straight and curled hairs


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Lightweight iron is easy to break
  • If ceramic gets off, the heat distribution is uneven

What Do Recent Buyers Report 

According to the recent buyer's report, this 1” flat iron is ideal for users. The buyers are very satisfied with its features and low weight. They find its heating element perfect and suitable for their hair. They can easily straighten their hair with their ceramic plates. They found every feature in it in their favor. They feel its price is worthy because of its work and effectiveness. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This 1” flat iron is considered the best overall because of its ceramic plates. These plates distribute the heat evenly without damaging the hair. It is far better than any metal flat iron because the heat spot cannot be created. No heat spike is expected that will cause damage to the hair. The ceramic plates will ensure the hair remains shiny, healthy, and smooth. It will not pull, tug, or snug in your hair that will create frizzy hair. The hairstyle will remain smooth by the end. 

Who Would Use This Most

This is a 1” flat iron that is preferable for hair kind of all textures. The hair texture should be curly and frizzy, preferably. The ceramic plates ensure to provide all of the hairstyles with finished looks because of its smooth edges. It can be easily used for personal as well as professional use. The waves, medium curled hairs, twisted, and other hairs are styled with 1” flat iron well enough. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, the flat iron of 1 inch and with ceramic plates is safe enough for usage. The final result is also ideal for everyone. The hairs are straightened without compromising on its health. It has a swivel cord rotating 360 degrees that makes the usage more convenient than any buyer could have imagined. 

Lorion Pure Ceramic & Diamond Ultra Smooth Plates 1.25' 100% Ceramic Flat Iron (Blue)


  • It has plates of 1.25 inches
  • Ceramic plates ensure frizz-free hair. 
  • Possible to make various hairstyles with it 
  • Styling is easier because of the curved edges
  • Diamond-infused plates ensure no hair damage


  • It is lightweight so it can break easily
  • Temperature setting is set to only one temperature of 420 degrees

What Did Recent Buyers Report

The majority of the recent buyers reported in favor of this flat iron. It heats up quickly and straightens the hair very smoothly and healthily. Buyers are happy with the diamonds infused in the ceramic plates because that provides extra protection. It is excellent for buyers who have very curled up or even frizzed up hair.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ceramic plates of the flat iron make it easier to be used without any fear of burnt or damaged hair. Heated spots cannot be created with this. Plus, the diamonds infused in it make sure the heat is distributed evenly all over. The smooth edges make sure the hair is done with a finished look. It is 1.25-inch thick, so larger shafts of hair can be done at a spot in one time. As this hairstyling flat iron can straighten your hairs and curl them too, tourists may consider it a preferable tool to carry while on their trips because its storage will be convenient, and it is light to carry.

Who Would Use This Most

A flat iron that is so well designed and lightweight like this one can be easily used by professionals and hair salons because of its low weight and easy grip. The grip ensures easy holding without the fear of letting it fall. Professionals can use it easily due to its 1.25-inch size, which will ensure that big shafts of hair can be straightened or styled within a short time. They will be satisfied with its good performance. Hair can be straightened and curled with the same hair styling tool

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, none of the buyers can deny the good performance and amazing results of this flat iron. It has ceramic plates infused with diamonds to ensure even heat distribution. The company has excelled in providing high-quality styling tools to its users. All of its features make it a perfect choice as you can enjoy styling hairs just like you want. Hair can be straightened and curled with the same hair styling tool. 

Best Lorion Beauty Ceramic Flat Iron:
Lorion Salon Grade 1.25 Ceramic Flat Iron

Lorion Salon Grade 1.25 Ceramic Flat Iron


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • The hairs are straightened like a pro
  • Bigger shafts of hair can be straightened
  • No hair damage can be done due to heat spots 
  • Dual voltage makes its usage easier in every country


  • It has to be used on dry hairs
  • Ceramic plates can be damaged after some time
  • Being lightweight, it has the chances to break easily

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers reported the product to be of high quality and promised the best performance. This is the reason they counted it as the best Lorion beauty ceramic flat iron. It is available in a lot of colors. It has a maximum temperature of 450 degrees centigrade. They liked all of its features that helped them in having sleek, smooth, straightened healthy hairs for making them brittle and dry. They found it perfect for them because it provided results better than their expectations. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This flat iron has been favorable for all of its buyers because of its features. It has dual-voltage that makes it easier to be used in any country, no matter what voltage they have. The flat iron is available in a lot of colors, which makes it a good preference for millennials who prefer products that can be customized according to their tastes and preferences. The manufacturer offers a warranty for three years. 

Who Would Use This Most

This hair straightener is a perfect choice for girls with very curly hair. However, it is not preferable for wet hair. Professionals and hair salons will enjoy working with it because broader shafts of hair can be done within a short period. It is a must-buy for girls of all ages who are concerned and like to make different hairstyles. They don’t need to buy a curler to curl hairs and straighteners to straighten their hairs separately. They can easily carry it anywhere because of its low weight and dual voltage facilities. 

Bottom Line

To put it all simply, Lorion has excelled in providing this flat iron for hair like a professional salon. The work can be done at home, similar to the salon. Your hair will not be damaged by the use of this Lorion hair straightener. Its products can be trusted easily because of their outstanding results. 

Types of Lorion Flat Irons

Lorion has introduced a range of flat irons to cater to the needs of more people. These include:


The heating iron must be made up of ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. All depends on your need and selection. Ceramic is the perfect choice because of its even heating and no space for cool spots. This will ensure better straightening. It is because of this that it is known for removing any hair frizz and smoothen the hair, particularly for fine and thin hair strands. 


Titanium irons are good for quick heating and staying hot for a consistent time during its usage. This is mainly because titanium produces negative ions 60% more than irons made up of ceramic. Hair can be easily straightened and prevented from getting frizz in the straightening process. As it can retain heat and stay hot for a longer time, it is a good choice for girls having coarse and thick hair. Often, professional salons use it well.


Tourmaline is a good choice too, as it straightens hair with lesser heat in contrast to ceramic and titanium because of the greater count of negative ions. Negative ions are produced continuously, and not just when it is turned on. Results and control of this flat iron are better even with the usage of less heat. Ultimately, it will cause less damage to your hair in the long run. So it is a good choice for curly and thick hair as well as straighter and fine hair. It can be a bit pricey, but it is the latest addition in the contemporary styling world. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

You must be confused about what to consider before buying your hair styling tool. It’s essential to consider a few factors. Here’s what you should consider before purchasing flat irons. 


Budget is the key factor when you have to decide on your purchase. A Lorion model will be surely a good investment, and in the long run, it is perfect because your hair health and quality will not be compromised. 


You need to select the quality according to your hair texture and budget. Ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium are preferable materials for hair straighteners. So select wisely! Your selection will decide the future of the health of your hair. Even your hairstyles are dependent on it.


The thermostat needs to be very good. High heating and even distribution can straighten your hair in no time. The hair will not get damaged. The hair cannot afford heat spikes. The temperature should be high and consistent for a long time. 


It’s clear that choosing the right flat iron is essential. After all, it is the matter of your hair beauty and its health. Your selection will decide your looks. Surely, you will not compromise on your looks and hairstyles by choosing a cheaper one. All the models by Lorion are great picks and will offer the best results.