Best Steam Flat Irons of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you frequently like to style your hair but do realize the severity of hair damage that comes with it, then you must be looking for a tool that gives you the desired results while protecting your hair from intensive damage of heat and chemicals at the same time. Flat irons are the best option for hairstyling that not only protect your hair from excessive heat but also nourish and hydrate it; and make your hair look silky, smooth, and healthy. The article suggests some top flat irons to help you choose the best one for your hair.

Comparison of the Best Steam Flat Irons


MKBOO Hair Straightener with Steam

  • Metal ceramic heater for even temperature distribution
  • Auto shut off in sixty minutes
  • Comes with variable temperatures to choose according to your hair type
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Professional Ceramic Tourmaline 2-in-1 Straightening Iron

  • Five steam vents present on the plate
  • Ceramic plates with tourmaline-infused to generate negative ions
  • Comes with safety features like auto-shutoff
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Tourmaline Ceramic Vapor Steam Flat Iron

  • LED temperature display to view and regulate temperature
  • Separate spay switch for straightening with/without spray effect
  • Best for the money
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Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Steam Flat Iron

  • PTC heater to heat straightener rapidly
  • Automatic shut off up to 60 minutes
  • Best steam flat iron for natural hair
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Professional 450F Ceramic Vapor Steam

  • Tourmaline and ceramic plates to prevent frizz and hair damage
  • Argon oil is infused in the plates
  • Best steam flat iron for African American hair
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GRAWILLE Ceramic Tourmaline

  • PTC elements are present
  • Tourmaline technology is used
  • Best professional steam flat iron
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KEMEI Steam Straightening Hair Irons

  • Automatic safety shut off feature
  • Five levels of adjustable temperature
  • Best ceramic steam flat iron
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What is a Steam Flat Iron?

Regular use of hair straighteners will degrade the moisture molecules because typical flat irons use the natural moisture of your hair to produce sleek and perfectly straight hair. During the straightening process, steaming flat irons are designed to rejuvenate moisture without causing any damage to your hair. Just like the way you use a steam iron to eliminate wrinkles from your fragile clothing, the vapor produced from the hair straightener plates helps you to attain straight and elegant hair beautifully.

MKBOO Hair Straightener with Steam

It's hard to manage thick coarse hair with a traditional flat iron. It requires more time and heat for this type of hair to build the look you want and regular touch-ups to keep your hair smooth. A steam flat iron requires steam blasts to rapidly straighten even highly troublesome hair, which is resistant to heat straightening, resulting in long-lasting effects than conventional hair straighteners.

How Does a Steam Flat Iron Work?

Steam flat irons work on the principle of vapor infusion technology to straighten the strands more effectively than conventional straighteners as they keep your hair safe from heat damage. The steam released locks moisture to your hair to avoid excessive dryness and creates smooth and healthy hair looks. Based on your hair type, texture, and preferred results, you can choose among high, medium, or low steam settings. Hence, these steam flat irons may work well only for dry hair as they lock additional moisture to the hair.

A reusable water tank is incorporated in the steam flat irons, which need to be filled with refined water before straightening the hair. The lifespan of the steaming flat iron may be reduced if you use unrefined water for the water tank. A full tank can allow eight to ten minutes of continuous styling based on your steaming iron's brand. To activate the steam feature, you need to hold the unit at an angle pointed downwards. The steam will escape into specially designed holes in the plates as soon as you press the plates together. Since the plates become wet with the steam, they reduce heat damage to your hair significantly and give you shiny, healthy-looking, straightened hair.

What Makes a Great Steam Flat Iron?

The main characteristics that you can normally find in steam flat irons with outstanding performance are the following:

Ceramic Material

Typically, experts recommend ceramic as a key iron content when buying the best hair straightener. During the styling session, ceramic heats up slowly and retains a consistent temperature. Ceramic plates have a ceramic coating. Rather than a whole sheet of material to form the final product, a layer of the material is bonded or fused to plastic or an aluminum plate. They are somewhat less popular than stainless steel, but they perform equally well.

Teflon Coating

Look for a product having a Teflon coating if you decide on buying a steam flat iron. This coating prevents the iron from cutting off any irregular hair at the ends. You can cause damage from scorching heat if you straighten your hair with tiny hairs stuck to the iron. Hair usually falls off Teflon, enabling consistent heating without any burning any hair on the iron surface. Use a heat-protective spray on your hair to make your steam flat iron safer. This process will require a minute, but it gives you good, straight hair by adding a preventive coating to the hair cuticle.

Adjustable Temperature Range

Some flat irons only allow you to set your temperature settings on high, medium, or low without allowing you to have maximum customization of heat based on your hair texture. Yet, some allow you to choose among a wide range of temperature that suits your hair type. The range of temperature varies from brand to brand.

Review of the Best Steam Flat Irons

To make sure you end up with nothing but the best, here’s a breakdown of the top steam flat irons available. Choosing any of these will make a great investment.

MKBOO Hair Straightener with Steam,Salon Professional Nano Titanium Ceramic Steam Flat Iron with Removable Comb+Digital LCD+5 Level Adjustable Temperature+Auto Temperature Lock Red


  • Ceramic plates evenly heat your hair without causing any damage in just thirty seconds
  • Titanium coating present on the plates covers your hair cuticles and locks moisture inside
  • 3D combs fitted inside that comb your hair perfectly before getting into the process of straightening them
  • Kettle and two hair clips allow you to fill the steam tank conveniently and you can also clip it with your hair
  • Adjustable temperature range from 150C to 230C to set the heat settings according to your hair type i.e., thin, curly, thick, coarse, etc.


  • Its combs keep sliding off
  • Water tank has a narrow opening
  • The product is a bit pricier than others

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers reported that the product was durable, easy to use, and a healthy option for straightening hair. A few buyers complained that the comb did not fix well in the straightener. However, the majority of the buyers gave positive feedback and was happy with the results of this steam flat iron.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model contains ceramic plates. Ceramic is a great heat distributor and guarantees you an even look, with no problem areas that could leave some strands of hair burned and not evenly straightened like the rest. This product causes minimal heat damage and harm to your hair. You do not need to pass your hair through the straightener, again and again, to get a smooth finish because the plate heats equally.

Who Will Use This Most

Since the product has a good range of adjustable temperature settings, customers can easily customize it for different hair textures like thick or thin, curly or wavy, rough or smooth. Hence, it is suitable for all hair types. However, it is best suited for people having rough, coarse, and dry hair since it adds additional moisture to the hair and makes it healthy and smooth.

Bottom Line

The big water tank is the best feature of this straightener. You're not going to have to stop the style to keep filling the tank while straightening your hair. There is a comb to make your hand free during the whole process. Another great thing about it is its adjustable temperature range that can be locked up at your desired temperature during the straightening process. Hence, all these amazing features make this product a bang for the buck.

Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron Professional Ceramic Tourmaline 2-in-1 Straightening Iron, Adjustable 300-450F Salon Heat, 110-220V Dual Voltage, Black


  • Tourmaline technology generates negative ions that prevent your hair from getting frizzy
  • Both rounded and curved edges that make it suitable for both straightening and curling your hair
  • Auto shut off feature turns off the straightener automatically after an hour, preventing it from burning
  • Adjustable temperature range from 150C to 235C and it also has options of setting heat at high, medium or low
  • 360-degree rotatable chord that allows you to rotate the straightener during styling your hair without tangling the chord


  • It does not have a Teflon coating
  • Hair sometimes gets stuck to the plate is pulled
  • The size of the iron is a bit big to handle for curling

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers were pleased with everything about this product like packaging, price, delivery, quality of the iron, and other features. According to the customers, it worked quite well for all hair types and retained moisture in the hair. The overall customer feedback was quite positive, and the buyers recommended the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model produces rich negative ions and steam, which can effectively remove frizz and make your hair look smooth while preventing it from any damage. Not only can you change the 6 temperature, but you can also regulate the heat level from on, low, or off while using this steam hair straightener.

Who Will Use This Most

For fine, dense, strong, delicate, wavy, long, short, or curly hair, this hair straightener does a great job to create a smooth, sleek, and frizz-free hair look. Briefly, it suits well for all hair types. However, it is best suited for people having long hair because it has a plate size of 1.5inch that can cover large portions at one time.

Bottom Line

This flat iron comes with incredible features like ceramic plates for even distribution of heat, tourmaline technology for preventing hair from frizz, adjustable temperature range, 360-degree rotatable chord, and rounded and curved edges for straightening and curling your hair. The product suits every hair type and texture quite well. Hence, you can trust this steam flat iron to invest in.

Tourmaline Ceramic Vapor Steam Flat Iron Moisturizing Spray Water Molecule Hair Straightener Temperature Control black


  • PTC heating elements are present in the iron that heats it rapidly
  • Tourmaline technology generates anions to prevent your hair from getting frizzy
  • With a separate spray switch, you can choose if you want steam feature turned on or not
  • 360-degree rotatable chord can help you conveniently style your hair without getting tangled
  • It has an adjustable temperature range to select from 120℃, 140℃, 160℃, 180℃, 200℃ with an LED temperature display


  • Lacks Teflon coating in its plates
  • Size is a bit too big to handle for curling easily
  • Steam spray switch sometimes does not work even when turned on

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers gave quite positive reviews about this steam flat iron. They were satisfied with the results as it produced smooth, healthy-looking hair. The product suited well for all hair types, and it also prevented customers’ hair from getting frizzy. The buyers were quite happy with their purchase and gave good feedback about it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This straightener's plates are made of tourmaline that helps them to emit more negative ions to remove static damage and secure hair strands from heat. The straightener glides through the hair due to a 3D floating design and does not pull it. The system has 2 variable levels of steam and a big capacity water tank, which makes it very easy to use.

Who Will Use This Most

The product is equally suited for customers with any hair type and texture. With its steam spray switch, it allows people to turn the steam effect on or off as per the buyers’ requirements. People having dry and rough hair can turn it on to hydrate their hair and lock moisture inside to give a healthy, smooth look. On the other hand, people who have thick, hydrated hair can turn the steam switch off to prevent extra moisturizing of hair and avoid a greasy look.

Bottom Line

This steam flat iron is a product based on the innovative technology of tourmaline plates. Here we have powerful heat production with 3D floating plates. This distributes the heat uniformly on the hair due to the floating effect. Various styling options can be created with this unique build of the steam flat iron.

Best Steam Flat Iron for Natural Hair:
Magicfly Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Steam Flat Iron

Steam Hair Straightener,Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Steam Flat Iron with Vapor, Swivel Cord, Heat up Fast Hair Iron with 5 Temperature Modes for Most Hair Types, Rose Gold


  • It has a steam spray which can be turned on or off based on buyers’ needs
  • Ceramic plates can uniformly distribute heat to your hair causing less damage
  • Turns off automatically up to 60 minutes if left unintended with its auto shut-off feature
  • PTC elements that heat the irons rapidly in one minute, saving your money for electricity bills
  • Five different levels of adjustable temperature settings to set heat based on different hair textures


  • Not suitable for short hair portions like bangs
  • It does not have tourmaline coating to prevent frizz
  • Does not have Teflon coating to prevent excessive heat damage

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers reported that the product worked great for them for different hair types. It straightened their hair but did not cut down the volume. Some also said that it saved them a lot of time since it worked pretty rapidly, covering big portions of hair at every pass. Hence, they highly recommended this product to the people looking for good steam flat irons.

Why it Stands Out to Us

By adding extra moisture and shine to your hair while straightening, it makes your hair softer and smoother. Unlike many other steam flat irons, this one comes with 2 inches broad plates that cover enough hair strands in just a few runs, which saves you a great deal of time.

Who Will Use This Most

The product is said to suit all hair types and textures since it has a steam spray switch for people having thick and hydrated hair or thin and rough hair. It can add moisture to thin and rough hair when the switch is turned on while it can prevent thick and healthy hair from getting overhydrated by turning off the switch. Moreover, it is more suited for people having long hair since it has 2 inches’ plates that can cover large hair portions at each pass.

Bottom Line

As far as heat for natural hair is concerned, this steam appliance has some options that resolve natural hair issues. The high temperature and increased moisture combine to create a moisturized, shiny finish. The steam straightener also has voltage suitable across different countries. So you can use it wherever you go. With this product, you do not have to worry about the humidity or moisture of outdoor weather while you are on holiday.

Best Steam Flat Iron for African American Hair:
Professional 450F Ceramic Vapor Steam

Professional 450F Ceramic Vapor Steam Hair Straightener with Argan Oil Infusion Steam Flat Iron Ceramic Vapor Fast Heating Iron (Color:Black)


  • It has tourmaline technology to produce negative ions that prevent frizz
  • 360-degree swivel cord that allows you to rotate in any direction without any damage
  • Ceramic plates help to protect excessive heat damage by uniformly distributing the heat
  • Argon oil infused in the plates provides hair with extra nourishment, shine and heat protection
  • Six adjustable temperature levels that can produce different heat levels for different hair textures


  • The steam spray switch is absent
  • It does not have an auto shut-off option
  • Does not have PTC elements for rapid heating

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers reported that this flat iron worked well for every hair type, especially kinky hair. The product made their hair smooth and softer. The hair did not smell burnt and helped manage their frizzy hair. They liked its LED display and six temperature settings. The overall customer feedback remained overwhelmingly positive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The protective glove allows you to style your hair without burning your hand. It works fast and helps you to control the flat iron without worries. You get ceramic plates to help you straighten your hair to achieve your desired look. The steam technology provides sufficient oxygen to tackle the hair portions that are difficult to straighten. This steam technique also helps to add smoothness and shine to your beautifully styled hair.

Who Will Use This Most

It is well-suited for all hair types, lengths, and textures. However, with the infusion of argan oil and steam blasts, it is recommended the most for people who have dry, rough, and coarse hair. It not only nourishes their hair but also adds extra moisture and makes them look healthy. Moreover, it is best suited for people having kinky and curly hair at the highest temperature.

Bottom Line

The product protects your hair from burning by providing you with gloves, and hair is prevented by any kind of heat and frizz damage using the latest tourmaline technology and ceramic plates. Not only that, but it also has additional argon oil to provide nourishment to your hair and make them look shiny and healthy.

Best Professional Steam Flat Iron:
GRAWILLE Ceramic Tourmaline

Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Flat Iron for Hair Professional Glider Hair Straightener Ceramic Flat Iron for All Hair Types, Wet & Dry Using


  • Ergonomic design makes it quite easy and convenient to handle during hair styling
  • Temperature can be adjusted at four different temperatures to suit different hair types
  • Tourmaline technology used in this product helps to prevent frizz and hair damage to hair
  • Build is based on venting hole system that produces steam bursts while using on wet or dry hair
  • PTC heating elements heat the iron in a mere fifteen seconds that saves energy and money on bills


  • Lacks a Teflon coating
  • It sometimes causes hair pulling
  • Does not have an auto shut-off feature

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers reported that the product was quite easy to handle and convenient to style hair. They were pretty satisfied with larger plates that helped them style hair quickly. It did not result in any frizz; it created a silky, shiny hair look, and the price suited the budget for the majority of the buyers. Hence, the customer reviews were quite positive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This flat iron has tourmaline technology that reduces frizz and static in your hair. With PTC elements, it rapidly heats the iron. Its ergonomic design makes handling very convenient. It also has a swivel cord that allows you to rotate it in any direction without tangling. Moreover, the temperature can be adjusted at four different levels to suit different hair types and textures.

Who Will Use This Most

This flat iron suits all hair types and textures as it provides buyers to choose among the options of different temperatures that are suited for their hair texture. The user manual included in the package suggests different temperature levels suit thick, normal textured, delicate, and thin hair and also a heat level for oil treatment.

Bottom Line

This flat iron features include tourmaline tiles. It creates anions producing smooth, silky hair. After using a flat iron, your natural hair should feel so much better than ever. Each hair strand is enclosed with appropriate moisture. It also can heat up quickly to save up your time and energy.

Best Ceramic Steam Flat Iron:
KEMEI Steam Straightening Hair Irons

Steam traightening Hair Irons Automatic Straight Hair Electric Straightener Temperature Display Flat Iron Tools Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Heat Up Styler Tool


  • Automatically turns off up to sixty minutes
  • Tourmaline technology produces anions to prevent hair from getting frizzy
  • You can adjust the temperature at five different levels based on your hair texture
  • Ceramic coating helps you to distribute the heat to prevent excessive heat damage evenly
  • 36 swivel tangling chord that allows you to move the flat iron in any direction to style your hair


  • Does not work very well for curly thick hair
  • The product does not come with any warranty
  • No Teflon coating is present for gliding hair easily

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have given quite positive reviews about this product. Its tourmaline technology has helped them produce frizz-free hair without causing excessive damage to the ceramic plates. Thıs flat iron created sleek, beautifully styled hair, and they really liked it auto shut-off feature. The overall feedback from customers was great.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Despite hair sticking to the plates, the ceramic coated surfaces will straight a large section of hair in one go. Gone are the days when you had to sit 30 minutes for the straightener to be plugged into the power cables. In just 30 seconds, the ceramic plates touch 220 degrees C.

Who Will Use This Most

This steam flat iron does a good job for every hair type. Its adjustable temperature range allows people with different textures to set heat settings that suit their hair type. However, it is reported that it shows excellent performance for thin, delicate hair but does not really well for thick, curly hair.

Bottom Line

The tool can do wonders with wavy and not curly thin hair. When you stay away from humidity and don't wash your hair, the hair can stay straight up to two days. On the downside, for those with strong curly hair, it doesn't perform that well. However, this flat iron offers amazing features at a reasonable price that makes it worth your valuable investment.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Steam Flat Iron?

Before investing in a steam flat iron, you need to take the following important aspects into consideration that will help you make an informed decision about your purchase:

Size of the Plate

The size of a flat iron plate is the most important aspect. We classify the structure of the hair into three general kinds. The hair can be thin, medium, and thick. For delicate and short hair, 1⁄2-1-inch plates work best. 1–1.5-inch sheets are ideal for the texture of medium hair. We require 1.5–to 2-inch heating plates for long and thick hair.

The Shape of the Plate

Well, for the straightening process, common plates work just fine. But the plates will give an outstanding performance if they have rounded corners. Therefore, beveled edges bring numerous styling choices like flicks, waves, curls, and sleek straightened strands, etc. Hence, you should prefer the irons that have rounded and beveled edges in their plates.


The plate material defines how smoothly your hair slides over the iron while the plate diameter affects the amount of time you're going to spend on straightening your hair. Ceramic is the most common option when it comes to the material of flat iron plates. This metal is a perfect distributor of heat, and its smooth shape does not trap or pull hair, unlike what you can experience with aluminum plates.


The cost of buying the right steam hair straightener is yet another thing to keep in mind. Although there are a variety of price ranges that suit every budget, you must always know that, just like everything else, you get what you pay for. High-quality flat irons can work well for a long time and make your hair look stunning without causing minimal damage. This is most likely not going to be the case with the cheapest options available in the market.


After going through the article, you may understand that it needs considerable time and care to select the perfect flat iron for yourself. To keep your natural hair away from heat damage, there are many options for good steam irons that have been reviewed in this article. Depending on a hairstylist for the whole straightening process may seem enticing, but it can be costly. You'll save money in the long run if you pick the right steam flat iron based on your hair texture.

People Also Ask

The article has listed and reviewed some of the top flat irons that may help you find the right one based on your hair texture. It not only discusses the features of irons from different brands but also helps you understand the working of the product and important considerations. However, to clear any further ambiguities, read on to find answers to frequently asked questions by buyers.

Are Steam Flat Irons Better For Your Hair?

Yes, steam flat irons are far better than regular straighteners. They use vapor burst technology that can add and lock moisture inside your hair instead of drying them off while heating. Hence, due to the added hydration and nourishment, the end result is beautifully styled, healthy-looking hair.

How Long Should You Steam Your Hair For?

The time you require for steaming your hair depends on the method you adopted to massage your hair before getting into the straightening process. If you massage your hair with a heated towel, then you need to steam your hair for twenty minutes. However, without any previous steps taken, you generally need to steam your hair for fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the hair texture you have.

What Should We Do After Steaming Hair?

After you are done steaming your hair, you need to wait for it to cool down completely. Since the hair goes through a protective procedure with additional nourishment, it cools down quickly. It is also recommended to blow your hair with cool air so that it closes the pores to lock the moisture inside that were opened because of the heating process.