Best Titanium Flat Irons of 2020 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: January 22, 2022

Tired of all those standard ceramic irons that can't really get you the sleek and smooth hair you wish for?

Do not worry, we have the perfect alternative for you. Titanium flat irons are some of the best products for creating the sleek look you want.

With a number of options on the market, it may be difficult to navigate. In this article, we'll help you pick out the perfect one for yourself.

Comparison Chart of the Best Titanium Flat Irons

  • Features advanced infrared technology for a better performance
  • Releases negative ions for better looking and sleeker hair after use
  • Best overall with all the right features that you've been looking for
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  • Runner up unit with features that are almost as good as the best
  • Available in three different varying sizes for the users to choose their pick
  • Heats up to a maximum temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for the ultimate straightening experience
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  • Best for the money, so you get the features that you paid for
  • Available in two different plate sizes of 1 inch and 1-¼ inches
  • Features advanced ionic conditioning to provide users with results like never before
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  • Capable of functioning on a dual voltage of 110v and 240v for easier use
  • Maximum heating capacity of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for better results
  • Nano Titanium flat iron that features a unique design to set it apart from the rest
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  • Designed to provide quick heat, one that takes only 40 seconds
  • Titanium-coated ceramic plate technology with the merit of both for straightening your hair
  • Color-coded temperature settings to provide you a better idea of the heat being produced in the plates
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What Size of Titanium Flat Iron Do I Need?

Titanium flat irons come in a number of different sizes. The ideal size of the iron depends entirely on how you plan to style your hair with it. For different styles, you will find these flat irons available in different sizes.

The standard size of the plate that these irons come with is one-inch. A plate of a smaller size than this can be perfect if you have short hair or if you are planning on giving yourself an intricate style with greater details. On the other hand, if you have longer hair, you might want to pick a unit with a greater size, as it would save your hair from the repeated damage. 

What Makes These the Best of the Year?

The items featured on this list have not been picked randomly out of all the products available in the market. They have been carefully chosen because of the ideal qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Other than some special features, these units also provide users with the best of the basic features that have been listed below.


All the products chosen for this list guarantee reliability. They come from brands that have been known in the industry for their outstanding products, just like the ones listed here. Users can rely on these products for a great performance that will surely be better than what is provided by other standard units.

Quality of Build

The products have been ensured to maintain a great build quality, one that not only allows the unit to perform better and last longer but also one that provides users with complete satisfaction. With these units, users know the products have been designed with great care out of great quality materials.

High-Quality Performance

This is yet another important aspect of all the chosen products. No product, no matter how well it is built or how durable it is, is of any use if it cannot provide the users with the results that they want. But these products ensure that the users get their hair to look just the way they want.

Review of the Best Titanium Flat Irons

Whether you're purchasing a styling iron for the first time or are confused between two or more products, here are some of the best ones to make choosing easy. 

Best Overall:
 KIPOZI Flat Iron

KIPOZI Hair Straightener 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron with Adjustable Temperature Suitable for All Hair Types Makes Hair Shiny and Silky Heats Up Fast Dual Voltage Rose Pink


  • The 8-foot long cord ensures the convenience of use for all the users
  • Designed with narrow 1-inch plates that allow you to add greater precision to your hairstyles
  • The ideal size of the plate allows you to not only straighten your hair but also add beautiful curls to it
  • Titanium plates are designed to distribute the heat evenly, so your hair is straightened perfectly with an even look
  • Comes with an auto-off safety feature that automatically turns it off after 90 minutes of use, thus preventing any sorts of accidents


  • Backlit screen may stop working if the unit is not used with great care
  • Handle may get too hot while using and users need to be cautious not to burn themselves
  • Considerably bulky and may be uncomfortable to use for some users who can't handle the weight

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit is one that has absolutely won over its users with all of its outstanding features. Everyone that uses it only finds good things to say. From its brilliant design to its impressive functionality, there is nothing that the users have found worth complaining about.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit undoubtedly gives us many reasons for it to be our favorite, but one that really stands out most is the release of negative ions. This technology really makes it ideal for any sort of hair, as it works perfectly to remove all the frizz that everyone hates. This leaves the hair looking sleek and even.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is one that provides better results than any other unit that you can find in the market. It is also considerably easy to use with no hassles in its functioning. Because of all these features combined, it serves to be an all-rounder, perfect for all sorts of use, professionally or at home.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the absolute best of the best, this product is the one for you. It will not only straighten your hair to the degree you want, it will also add the neat, sleek look we all crave. Whether for use in a hair salon or for use at home, this device will be sure to provide excellent results.

 BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1' Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron


  • Presents with an ultra-lightweight and unique design that allows easier handling
  • With up to 50 different heat settings, enjoy better control over your hairstyling process
  • Ultra-smooth titanium plates ensure a high-heat conductance and corrosion resistance for better performance
  • Features a Rytin housing that ensures the handles don't get too hot to hold while use, ensuring a safe touch
  •  Equipped with a ceramic heater that allows it to heat up, as well as recover quickly, so you do not have to wait too long


  • May not function for as long a period of time as one would expect it to
  • Full temperature setting may be too hot for hair and cause damage if not used carefully
  • Users may find that plates cannot sustain a firm grip on the section of hair unless it's a thicker one

What Recent Buyers Report

According to those that have recently invested in this unit, it is a product that simply does not disappoint its users. On the one hand, they do wish it would have lasted longer, but they all also agree that it definitely provides its full worth in the time that it lasts with the outstanding functionality and design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have found many reasons for which we considered putting this unit on this list. What stands out to us is the unique design it features. This unique design, paired with its low weight, ensures that users are at the utmost comfort while using this product, which is what matters the most.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a unit that truly excels with its functionality. While with other units, users have to go over the same section two to three times, this unit provides the same results for the first time. This is why it is ideal for all those users that fear they will damage their hair by using the iron over and over again on the same lock of hair.

Bottom Line

If you think the top product was good, you will find this to be almost on-par with the top product. It may rank second, but it does so only by a small margin. The functionality and efficiency it provides make it the perfect substitute in case you do not like the top-rated product.

Best for the Money:
 John Frieda Sleek Finish

John Frieda Sleek Finish Flat Iron; 1-inch


  • Great range of temperature control available that allows users great control over their hair
  • Equipped with round edges and extra-long plates to prevent any accidents and improve efficiency
  • With the advanced ionic conditioning, you experience not only frizz-free hair but also great manageability
  • Features an LCD temperature control that allows a convenient hold over the temperature range that goes up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Geared with a true ceramic heater and ceramic plates coated with titanium that are capable of heating to the highest temperature within 15 seconds


  • Users may experience the iron pulling out strands of hair from the end of the plates
  • Does not feature any light that would indicate that it has heated up to the desired temperature
  • On/off buttons are placed a little awkwardly, and it may take a while to get used to them

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit came as a rather pleasant surprise for the users. Those that invested in it expected it to work like one of the standard flat irons, but they were proven wrong. They have been greatly impressed by the functionality and the great quality performance of this device.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you ask us why we have added this unit to this list, we will tell you about the LCD temperature control that it offers. It is not a feature one would find in most standard units. It not only makes it stand apart from the rest but also adds great convenience to the use of this device.

Who Will Use This Most

Even with the low price-point it comes at, it provides almost all the features one would want, including fast heating and LCD display. This makes the unit ideal for all the beginners out there. It may not be a professional-level device, but it will surely provide you the same experience at a lower cost.

Bottom Line

Want an outstanding product that provides all the features but also want to save yourself some bucks? Then this unit is definitely the ideal one for you. It not only provides you with good features, but it does so while giving you a run for your money. What more can we ask for?

4. Croc Classic

CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 Inch


  • Experience better control over the temperature settings with 25 different levels of heat
  • The advanced Nanosilver technology allows better sterilization and deodorization of the device
  • Digital temperature control system and FND digital display allow the device to maintain precise temperature
  • Titanium ionic plates, along with the far-infrared heat allow you to experience smooth cuticles as well as shiny hair
  • Features an auto shut-off safety feature that automatically turns it off when idle for long, thus preventing accidents


  • Considerably more expensive than others available in the market
  • Handles might heat up a little, making it hard for the user to hold them
  • While using, users may experience the unit snapping off the hair from the ends

What Recent Buyers Report

If you had to go by the words of the user reviews, you would end up picking this one as your final choice. The users have only sung praises for this device, commending it for the high quality of performance and efficiency tit has in store for all of its users. All the features it provides thoroughly impressed users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the main reasons we have put this unit on this list is not its great efficiency or performance, it is simply the advanced nano-silver technology. Its high-end technology ensures that users experience the best of sterilization and deodorization.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit has great features, ones that you only expect to see in a professional-level device, and that is exactly what this is. This professionally-designed item is perfect for use in professional setups like parlors and hair salons. It will surely meet the professional standard of flat irons.

Bottom Line

Professional use or not, this unit could be everything that you wish for in a titanium flat iron. The ideal temperature controls give your hair the perfect shine and look, perfectly providing you with everything you need.


CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1' Straightening Hairstyling Iron


  • With the color-coded temperature levels, users will find the functioning to be fairly easier
  • Capable of functioning on dual-voltage that makes it the ideal companion for an international travel
  • Ultra-fast heating process, takes only 40 seconds to reach the highest temperature to save yourself some time
  • Geared with an auto-power system that shuts down the unit within one hour of no use, providing users with great safety
  • Comes with two years of warranty to provide customers with support in case of any problems to ensure complete satisfaction


  •  Users may experience the heat settings changing on their own
  • Not as durable as some of the other high-end products available in the market
  • Warranty is not valid if it is purchased online, therefore, users might experience some issues

What Recent Buyers Report

For users, this is one of the best units you can invest in. It is designed to impress everyone and anyone, and that is exactly what it does. All those that have invested in it and tried it for themselves have nothing bad to report. Therefore, they think no other unit would work better than this.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you ask us what really stands out about this unit, then our answer would be different from that of the users. What really stuns us about this unit is the color-coded temperature settings. This color-coding makes its use a lot more convenient.

Who Will Use This Most

The color-coding feature it presents with is really something that could provide a number of advantages. The biggest advantage is for those who can never figure out what temperature to keep the unit on for their hair. If you're also one of those people, you will find that with this, you can choose the right temperature with no trouble at all.

Bottom Line

Just because this unit is last on the list, do not consider it to be any less than the others. This Chi Flat Iron provides the same efficiency as the other units, with the same mind-blowing functionality that has proven itself time and again. It is simply one of those units that you definitely do not want to miss out on.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

A flat iron may not seem like a complicated device to many. But when you go out to buy a titanium flat iron for yourself, you may find yourself stuck, not knowing what to pick. The vast amount of products in the market can be overwhelming. In order to help you out, here are a few aspects you need to keep in mind while picking one for yourself.

Your Budget

Your budget is an essential factor to consider while buying a titanium flat iron or any other product for that matter. You need to ensure that the products you are considering fit into your budget. If not, then you'll only be wasting time, as well as money.

Hair Type

Another important thing to consider is your own hair type. Different flat irons are designed to suit different hair types. So, before you invest in a unit, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your hair type. If not, you will waste your money on a product that does not even work for you.

Temperature Settings

A good flat iron will always provide you a better range of temperature settings. The wider the range of control over the temperature, the better control you have over styling your own hair. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that you pick a unit that provides sufficient temperature control for you.

How to Use a Titanium Flat Iron

Using a flat iron, and a titanium flat iron at that, may not be something everyone is familiar with, which is why some people hesitate getting one. If you, too, face this hesitation, then let us tell you how it is supposed to be used.

  1. Plug in your titanium iron and let it heat to the desired temperature: You can decide the temperature based on your hair type or the style of hair that you want to go with. Or you can simply turn it up to the highest setting if you feel like your hair can take it.
  2. Comb your hair: While the iron heats up, begin combing your hair. Do it thoroughly, ensuring that there are no tangles in there.
  3. Divide your hair into sections: Go ahead and divide your hair into small sections and clip them away, leaving only the section that you want to start working with.
  4. With the hair between the titanium plates, iron out the section of hair: Make sure you firmly grip the iron as you slide it down the length of your hair. You can iron the same section of hair two to three times if you wish for straighter and sleeker hair.
  5. Repeat for all sections: Once you are done with one section, unclip another section and repeat the above step. Repeat the same for all sections until all of your hair is straightened.

If you still have some confusion about how to use a titanium flat iron, refer to the video below. It will surely help you figure out all your problems with these devices.


Forget the struggles of a ceramic flat iron as you switch to these considerably better products. This will surely work wonders for your hair. With keen consideration of your hair type and your styling techniques, you can pick a unit that will give your hair the sleek look you have always dreamed of.

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