Best Travel Flat Irons of 2020 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 22, 2022

Traveling and needing to pack light doesn't mean you can't bring stuff to help you look good. Your hair needs care. It's likely going to act up when you encounter different environments. You don't want your hair to look messy in all the photos, right?

Our Best Travel Flat Irons Review list is here to help!

Read on to learn about our travel flat iron recommendations and how they can help you look your best in any situation! Sun, rain, or wind, these irons have got your back!

Comparison of the Best Travel Flat Irons

  • Offers the ultimate ease of hairstyling
  • Features a very compact design for convenient portability
  • Boasts the ability to heat up in only 15 seconds
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  • Quite a suitable option for beginners
  • Can be used for styling all types of hair
  • Features PTC fast heating to help save time and energy costs
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  • Best for the money
  • Features ceramic tourmaline plates for quick heating
  • Uses negative ions to give a healthier look to your hair
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  • Best Chi travel flat iron
  • Features Zirconium 1-inch Titanium plates for impressive results
  • Only takes 30-seconds to heat up quickly and save time
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  • Best dual voltage flat iron for international travel
  • Features a handle lock to make it compact and easier to travel with
  • Boasts ceramic tourmaline plates for reducing heat damage to hair
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  • Best mini travel flat iron
  • Can be used for straightening, curling, and even flipping hair
  • Features high-quality ceramic plates with eight HeatBalance microsensors
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How Can I Tell if My Flat Iron is Dual Voltage?

Before we begin our review list, you might have heard about flat irons being dual voltage. So, what does that mean?

Well, keeping it simple, as the term states, a dual-voltage flat iron means it is the type that can accept 110-120V, as well as 220-240V ranges. Dual voltage is also known as universal voltage. This is because a tool with such versatility can work anywhere in the world.

The voltage across the U.S.A. is 110-120V. For Europe, the standard is 220V. The standard voltage in Australia and most Asian countries is 230V.

Now, for those wondering if your flat iron is dual voltage, there’s a way for you to check. Take note; most modern models are dual voltage. You can make sure by reading the product’s specifications. Your dual voltage hair styling tool should also have a label stating it can cover 110-240V.

There are some models that state they have a "wide range input". Such a term also denotes that the tool can be used around the world.

If you happen to be the type of person who travels a lot around the world, then it's recommended you opt for a dual-voltage flat iron. Similarly, if you have a friend or loved one living in another country and you want to send a flat iron to them, again, opt for a dual voltage model.

Having a dual voltage iron for styling your hair means you won’t have to carry around a universal plug adapter (which does not work in all places).

Are All Travel Flat Irons the Same?

Some of you might not know this, but not all travel flat irons are exactly the same. Before you go ahead and purchase one, there are a few things to be aware of.

Take note; not all straighteners are flat irons. However, all flat irons are straighteners. Both terms are used interchangeably in the beauty industry. That's why, if you see a straightener in our review list, you can rest assured the tool will work as a flat iron, too.

The term straightener covers any device capable of straightening hair. So, it’s an umbrella term going over flat iron, hot combs, certain hot brushes, and blow dryers, too. 

The term flat iron is more specific. It's used to define a tool that uses two iron plates to straighten hair.

Now, when it comes to flat irons, there are certain differences:

  1. The Ceramic Type: Such models feature ceramic plates to ensure even distribution of heat.
  2. The Ionic Type: Moisture is trapped in your hair through ionic technology for adding a shinier look.
  3. The Tourmaline Type: They feature plates coated in ground tourmaline dust.
  4. The Titanium Type: These models feature titanium. They heat up quicker.
  5. The Wet-to-Dry Type: Boasting a venting system, you can use them even when your hair is damp.

We have selected a range of the best flat irons to carry along while you travel. So, take your time to read through each and then determine which model will suit you the best.

What Makes a Flat Iron Great for Travel?

Not all flat irons will serve as the best option when you are planning to travel. There are certain features that need to be met.

So, let’s go over them.

Check the Voltage

As we have mentioned, the voltage requirements are different across the world. That's why the model you are interested in should have dual voltages. Always double-check before buying a unit. A hairstyling iron won't work if the voltage is too low. Also, it can be quite dangerous if you're trying to operate it in a country with high voltage.

Should be Portable

Of course, the flat iron you wish to travel with should be portable. Depending on the space you have, you might be able to travel with a normal-sized model. But, it’s recommended to get a travel-friendly unit if you don’t have a lot of carrying space.

FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron

The Weather

Always research the general weather you will encounter in the area being traveled to. Is that new location going to be very windy or humid? Is there going to be a lot of heat? You know your hair best. So, always opt for the type of hairstyling iron that can handle your hair when it encounters different types of weather.

The Plates

This relates to the point about the weather. As mentioned, different plates allow the flat iron to act in a particular manner. It's recommended while traveling to go for plates that can manage various types of hair conditions.

Mode of Operation

Opting for a battery-powered unit can prove beneficial during your travels. However, compared to wired units, they might not offer the best results. But a battery-operated unit is still something you should keep in mind for convenience.

Review of the Best Travel Flat Irons

We have created an in-depth review list of the best travel flat irons. We went over the pros and cons, buyer opinions, and more. Do read it to make the buying decision easier for yourself.

Best Overall:
FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron

FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron Hair Straightener, Hair Straightener and Curling Iron 2 in 1, Curling Straightening Iron for Short Hair, Travel Flat Iron for Hair Mini


  • Ability to heat up in only 15 seconds saves time
  • Temperature adjustment through a simple clockwise rotation
  • Features tourmaline plates to ensure this device is gentle on the hair
  • Has a 360-degree swivel cord that is tangle-free and offers ease during hair styling
  • The dimensions come in at 8.66×0.98×1.18 inches, making it incredibly travel-friendly


  • Some might feel the curls aren’t the best 
  • The length of the cord might be short for some
  • Some believe the featured plates need improvement

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this mini flat iron from Furiden have shared their satisfaction. Many of them liked how it came with a glove to ensure your hand doesn't get burned. They also liked how this model can be turned on or off with a single rotation. The fact it can get very hot in only 15 seconds was greatly appreciated. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We decided to designate this particular model as the best because it fulfills our criteria. The compact size makes it very travel-friendly. It won't take up a lot of (already limited) space in your luggage. The 360-degree swivel cord helps you style your hair the way you prefer. The cord is tangle-free. It features two temperature settings and is very easy to use.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great flat iron for those who will be traveling light. As mentioned, this model has a very compact design. It even comes with its own carrying bag. The presence of the glove is beneficial for those who don’t want to burn their hand while using this tool. It can be used by those who wish to curl or straighten their hair.

Bottom Line

All in all, the first selection on our list offers numerous benefits. Taking it along with you will be hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about a tangled cord as you go about styling your hair. It can be used for straightening, as well as curling. Not weighing much means your hand won’t grow tired from this unit.

AmoVee 2-in-1 Travel Flat Iron Curling Iron

AmoVee 2 in 1 Travel Flat Iron Curling Iron Mini Hair Straightener with Black Titanium Coated, Dual Voltage, 1 Inch, Carry Bag Included, Black


  • Works a flat iron, as well as a curling iron for all stylistic needs
  • Will heat up very quickly, with a range of 195-215 ° Celsius
  • A versatile hair styling tool for bangs, short or long hair, and more
  • Very easy to understand the heat settings and thus, convenient to use
  • 360-degree swivel cord ensures you won’t have to deal with a tangled cord


  • Doesn’t come with a hand glove for added protection
  • Some users might feel this unit doesn’t give the best curls
  • The length of the cord might not be long enough for some

What Recent Buyers Report

By going over the available feedback, we saw that recent buyers of this unit were pleased with what it had to offer. Many customers appreciated the size of this hair tool. They liked how it could easily fit into their medium-sized carrying bag. It also came with its own carrying pouch. Using this unit was easy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like how this model has two separate tools to help style your hair the way you want. You can use the flat iron portion to straighten hair strands or use the curling iron for adding curls. The black titanium barrel heats up quickly. So, you won’t have to wait long to begin using this device.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a versatile hair styling tool meant for those who wish to try different looks while they travel. Being a 2-in-1 unit, it is effortless for people to use. There’s no need at all to try and figure out how to use a regular flat iron to add curls because it already has a curling portion. It can be beneficial to those who don't want to be annoyed by tangled cords or have to wait too long for the unit to heat up.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this hair styling tool is great for traveling with. It can be conveniently used for straightening and curling hair. This unit heats up very quickly. The 360-degree swivel cord does away with tangles. Also, the titanium ensures your hair looks shinier once you are done with the styling process.

Best for the Money:
LOVANI Hair Straightener

Mini Portable Flat Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Dual Voltage Travel Iron for Worldwide Use LED Indicator LOVANI Hair Straightener (Ceramic Mini)


  • Can be used to straighten, as well as to curl hair 
  • Heats up to 210 ° Celsius to offer salon-level results
  • Capable of auto-adjusting to the thickness of the user’s hair
  • Accompanied by a heat-resistant bag for increased portability
  • The plates remain gentle on the hair strands to lower risk of burning


  • The cord might tangle too much for some users
  • Might be too small for people with very long hair
  • A small gap between plates can make it ineffective for very short hair

What Recent Buyers Report

The overall response to this travel flat iron has been very positive. Many buyers liked how it can easily fit into a mid-sized bag. They also appreciated how hassle-free it was to use. A lot of purchasers were delighted with the heat-resistant pouch. The pouch allowed them to store this unit, even while it was hot.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this model because of the featured ceramic tourmaline plates. Such plates make this unit one of the best to ensure your hair looks shiny as you straighten or curl the strands. The bag is also a great accessory. Being heat resistant does away with needing to wait for it to cool down before storing it away.

Who Will Use This Most

People with medium-length hair are sure to benefit from this model. It doesn't take long to heat up. And once you're done with the styling process, you won't have to wait for it to cool off. You can simply store it in the heat-resistant pouch. So, it's great for anyone who is in a hurry.

Bottom Line

Our "best for the money" selection brings a whole lot of convenience to your hairstyling process as you travel. It will increase the heat of the plates very quickly. The small size of this flat iron is perfect for placing inside a handbag. The heat-resistant carrying pouch sets it apart from the competition.   

Best Chi Travel Flat Iron:
CHI Smart Gemz Titanium 1-Inch Flat Iron

CHI Smart Gemz Volumizing Zirconium Titanium Rhodolite Metallic Foil 1 Inch Hairstyling Iron With 3/4 Inch Travel Iron


  • Boasts a ceramic heater to promote more shine and less frizz
  • Hair snagging is reduced because of the curved floating plates
  • Zirconium 1-inch titanium plates can be used for a range of hairstyles
  • Saves time and gives added convenience due to a quick heating system
  • Creates double the amount of ions because of impressive ion generating technology


What Recent Buyers Report

Many recent buyers were pleased with the results and portability provided by this hairstyling unit. They liked the appealing design of this flat iron. Several buyers have shared how their hair looked shinier than ever before after using this unit. They found it very easy to control because of the electronic display.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There’s a whole lot we like about this flat iron from Chi. The design is sure to attract many. Also, it features an electronic display at the top to provide you with the temperature. It has been constructed to ensure your hair doesn’t tangle while using this model. You won’t have to wait long for it to heat.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is capable of fully heating up in 30 seconds. This means it will prove beneficial to those who are in a hurry. It is also a great option for people who wish to give their hair an appealing shine. This model can be used to straighten, as well as curl, a range of hair types.

Bottom Line

Chi has a lot of amazing beauty products and this travel flat iron is no different. The color and design make it incredibly appealing. It can be conveniently used for a range of hair types. The display lets you know how hot the plates have become. The dimensions and weight increase portability. 

Best Dual-Voltage Flat Iron for International Travel:
PHOEBE Mini Travel Flat Iron

PHOEBE Mini Travel Flat Iron, 100-240V Dual Voltage 3/4 Inch Ceramic Tourmaline Negative Ionic International Hair Straightener, Professional Hair Straightener Flat Iron for Short Hair/Bangs(Purple)


  • Very easy to use with a single on and off button 
  • The length of only 7.9 inches makes it perfect for traveling with
  • Versatile use allows this unit to be used for short hair and bangs
  • Helps with locking moisture into your hair strands for a healthier look
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates ensure reduced hair damage by producing negative ions


  • The handle lock might not be the best for some
  • Might not heat up as much as some users would like
  • Doesn't offer the best results when used on wavy hair

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who bought this flat iron recently shared they were pleased with how it performed. This hair tool has been specifically designed to be easy to carry while traveling. And it delivers on that promise. Many buyers have talked about how they could quickly style their hair in a hotel room when getting ready for a sightseeing tour.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The 7.9-inch length is one of the many things we like about this model. You can easily place it in a handbag. Meant to perform when traveling internationally, the dual-voltage feature ensures it will function wherever you are. The handle lock closes this unit to save more space. It is very light. So, you won't grow tired while using this model.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a reliable model for those who want a quick-heating flat iron. The heated ceramic tourmaline plates will give your hair a healthier look. It can be used by people who have short hair or wish to work on their bangs. And of course, it is perfect for those who want to travel light.

Bottom Line 

All in all, this is another travel flat iron to consider if you are planning to travel internationally. The dual-voltage capacity ensures it will function in any country you will be staying in. Other than that, it is easy to handle and can give your hair a healthy shine to make you look your best.

Best Mini Travel Flat Iron:
HSI Professional Glider Mini 0.5" Flat Iron

HSI Professional Glider Mini 0.5' Flat Iron - Small, Lightweight & Portable Travel Size Straightening Iron - Quick & Easy Hair Design & Enhancement for Men & Women


  • Retains heat better, so you get the results you want
  • Eight Heat Balance micro sensors help prevent hot spots
  • Boasts impressive technology to make it usable for coarse and frizzy hair
  • Features ceramic tourmaline-infused plates to produce numerous negative ions
  • Designed to measure around the average size of a hand for convenient portability


  • Might not be as powerful as some would want
  • Some might feel it isn’t the best for very long hair
  • Doesn’t come with a hand glove for protection

What Recent Buyers Report

According to what recent buyers of this unit have shared, several were pleased with the shine it gave their hair. They also liked how hassle-free this model was to use. Many stated they were able to easily move it through their hair without dealing with any troublesome tangles.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit is accompanied by numerous features that helped it be added to our review list. Of course, we like how the design makes it perfect to fit in a handbag. You can also use it for a variety of hairstyles. The eight microsensors to avoid heat spots and protect your hair is definitely unique.

Who Will Use This Most

As mentioned, this model can be used by anyone with coarse or frizzy hair. It is also a great option for those who feel their hair is very heat sensitive. The eight microsensors, as well as the plates, will be gentle on the hair strands. The size makes it very convenient for those who don't want to travel with a lot of luggage.

Bottom Line 

Summing up, this is a reliable unit from HSI Professional. It is exceptionally travel-friendly due to the mini-design. You won't feel your arm beginning to tire as you move it around your hair. The microsensors are a great addition to ensure your hair remains safe. The final result will make your hair shinier than before. 

Best Cordless Travel Flat Iron:
Cordless Mini Flat Iron

Cordless Mini Flat Iron 5000mAh Battery-Operated Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener 3 Temps Makeup Fix Portable Travel Straightening Curling Iron,Auto Shut Off,USB Rechargeable,Black


  • Offers three different temperature settings for better control
  • Can be used for curling and straightening different hair types
  • Features 3D floating plates to ensure heat is dispersed evenly
  • Battery-operated flat iron that can be used wherever you travel to
  • Releases negative ions to protect hair from heat damage, as well as offers shine


  • Doesn’t come with a hand glove
  • Might not be as strong as some would like
  • Some might feel it doesn't hold the charge as well as it should

What Recent Buyers Report

From what we could tell, there are many satisfied recent buyers of this product. Past users liked how it was able to operate without a cord. The cordless design helped them use this unit even in rooms without a nearby power outlet. They were pleased with how easy it was for them to try different hairstyles because of the three heat settings.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Of course, the biggest reason this particular flat iron stands out to us is because of the cordless design. Also, the 3D floating plates move, as needed, to ensure heat is uniformly distributed over your hair. The plates, using negative icons, also give your hair an appealing shine. The tail safety lock prevents scalding.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great unit to travel with for those who are interested in using a cordless unit. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a nearby power outlet to use this hair straightener. It can be used to straighten, as well as curl. This model can also be used on a child's hair.

Bottom Line

Wrapping it all up, we are quite pleased with what this unit has to offer. It will surely make an excellent addition for those wanting to purchase a cordless flat iron to travel with. The three temperature settings give you better control. It can be used for a variety of hair types without trouble.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling With a Flat Iron 

Of course, there are several advantages and certain disadvantages of traveling with a flat iron.

Let’s go over them!


Let’s first see all the benefits you’ll enjoy with a flat iron. 

Stylistic Convenience

By traveling with a flat iron, you will be able to style your hair wherever you are. You won't have to stress about having a bad hair day. Simply use your trusty unit to give your hair the look you prefer and be ready to take in all of the sights.

No Worries About Voltage

High-quality flat irons feature dual voltages. Such a feature makes them highly versatile. You can easily use them anywhere in the world without stressing about damaging the internal wiring.

Different Styles

Portable flat irons are available in different styles when it comes to the power sources they need. With a battery-operated model, you can begin styling your hair without having the need to use a power outlet continuously. 


At the same time, you must know the following limitations to be sure of your purchase:

Vulnerable to Breakage

Flat irons, by design, aren't the most durable hairstyling tools. So, if you don't make sure to pack a unit properly, there is a high chance of your device breaking in transit. The slightest forced movement in the plates could lead to the unit not working efficiently at all.

Cord Issues

If you travel with a wired unit, you might run into an issue if the cord is too small to reach the power outlet in the room you are in. During such a case, a battery-powered unit will be beneficial. But then again, battery-powered units don't always offer the best results.


Wrapping it all up, we hope our "Best Travel Flat Irons" review list and buyer’s guide proved helpful to you. We went over numerous different models to bring you the best of the best in the market. Again, always remember whether or not a unit has the voltage capacity that will be standard for the area being traveled to.

Travel safe!

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