Best Braided Hairstyles For Women – 2020 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

Braids are a great look.

They look so complex and intricate, yet with a little practice and the right instructions, they can be easily achieved.

There are many forms and shapes of braids; thus, we have narrowed down the top most popular and stylish ones for you. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Box Braids 

Why We Love This!

Box braids are perhaps one of the most loved and popular braiding styles amongst women due to many reasons. Apart from their style value, they are also considered to be a protective hairstyle. A protective hairstyle is something you opt for when you want to save your natural hair from being damaged by external factors such as fabric, heat, etc. 

Box braids essentially are created using small sections of your hair from the root and dividing them into squares or ‘boxes’ which are of varying thickness and length. Often, synthetic hair made of Kanekalon is added to the braid, which brings in more volume, thickness, and length.

Box braids are beautiful and incredibly versatile as along with protecting your hair and giving them a good new look, they also provide one with the opportunity of trying out different ways to style them. They are stunning yet require a certain amount of care looking after, such as frizz control using anti-frizz serum or gel of your choice. 

2. Braided Ponytail

Why We Love This!

The first thing one notices about ponytails is how much they empower a look, whereas braided ponytails take that game up a notch and make it even more stylish and powerful. They can speak volumes about your personal style and are versatile enough to be styled casually or made super glamorous; it’s just a matter of preference.

They are another type of protective hairstyle, which not only protects your hair from the external environment but also looks incredibly stylish and put-together. You shouldn’t expect any breakage or harm to your hair as they, in fact, do the exact opposite and protect it if you take care of them well enough.

You should opt for a braided ponytail if you want a low maintenance hairstyle, which is also going to protect your hair. However, a fair warning: you need to be patient as getting a braided ponytail can be time-consuming, but the results are certainly worth the wait and the investment. 

3. Lemonade Braid

Why We Love This!

How cool would a hairstyle be if it is named after an album by Queen Bey herself? It may sound confusing and weird when you hear about a braid named after a drink; however, that isn’t the case actually. The lemonade braid was named after the album lemonade from Beyoncé. 

Lemonade braids are incredibly intricate and are the perfect combination of glamorous and casual as they seem to add an edge to your look but can still be dressy if you like; it’s just a matter of how you style it. 

An incredible variation of lemonade braid is the tinted lemonade braid, where you can put accents of fun colors such as cherry or yellow to your braid and make it look even more vibrant and fun.

This hairstyle is the perfect amalgamation of a cornrow and a Fulani braid, which are two very impressive hairstyles on their own, yet when brought together, they look even more stunning. 

4. Braided Buns 

Why We Love This!

Stylish, fun, and put-together would be the perfect way to describe braided buns, which are known as an incredibly popular style. Perhaps, the sheer factor that they can look so good yet keep your hair out in the most stylish way possible seems to really sell people on it as casual hairstyles can often become boring.

The best part about braided buns is that they have different types and variations. Not only are they casual and fun, but they can be very chic and sleek at times as well so that they can be worn on multiple occasions like weddings

They offer the perfect opportunity for one to showcase statement jewelry pieces like earrings without themselves being too plain or lackluster. 

5. Cornrow Braids 

Why We Love This!

Cornrows aren’t just a simple braiding hairstyle but have history and carry cultural importance as well, and today, they are seen as a symbol of empowerment and beauty. 

In the Caribbean, they are referred to as cane rows, and these are essentially a type of protective braiding technique, much like box braids. 

Cornrows can be incredibly powerful and give you a confidence boost as not only are they stylish, but they also work to keep your hair from being damaged and provide healthier hair. They are incredibly stylish and can be helpful if looked after; however, having them for too long can cause frizzy and damaged hair.

Cornrow braids are very close to the scalp and are braided while performing an underhand and upward motion, which creates a continuous cornrow. 

6. ​Yarn Braids

Why We Love This!

Yarn braids are the best way to add color and style to your regular hair. These are considered to be one of the most affordable yet most recommended protective hairstyle techniques due to their ease of maintenance and damage protection benefits. 

With summers approaching, yarn braids can be a great look as they add color to your hairstyle, which makes it look stylish and gives a much bohemian look. 

Apart from all of this, one can’t forget the health benefits they have, which allows your hair to grow better by protecting them from harmful external elements and preventing split ends.

7. Snake Braid

Why We Love This!

If your style is chic yet you like to play around and have a little more fun with your hair, a snake braid is a perfect option for you. It looks stunning for formal occasions such as weddings but can also be worn casually if one would like to switch up their normal hairstyling routine. 

A snake braid also creates a beautiful band around the head, much like a crown or halo, but the only difference is in the shape of the band, which in this case appears like snakes hence the name. 

Plus, it is one of those half-down hair-dos that have a certain amount of grace and elegance and brings the right amount of attention and praise to your hairstyle. 

8. Halo Braid

Why We Love This!

A Halo braid is perhaps one of the most worn and appreciated wedding styles by women due to its simplicity, elegance, and grace. It doesn’t look overly complicated yet looks highly intricate and appears as if it has been put together meticulously, which is the beauty of this hairstyle. 

Halo braids and crown braids are somewhat similar as they both create gorgeous headbands that can be accessorized with flowers and sparkly clips to make it seem breathtaking. The former is great for formal events where you want to capture attention.

Another great thing about halo braids, which makes us love it, even more, is that it isn’t limited to a single hair length and can be worn by both long and short-haired women

9. Micro Braids 

Why We Love This!

Micro braids are a very popular hairstyle technique nowadays as it is capable of catching everyone’s attention with its intricacy, grace, and beauty. It is one of those hairstyles which gives you an instant confidence boost just because of how empowering it is. 

If you are someone who finds that box braids or cornrows are too thick and not your cup of tea, then micro braids will definitely impress you, given how gracious and small they are. 

Micro braids honor diversity and empowerment as they are mostly worn by African American women yet have become a popular hairstyle with women of different backgrounds. 

10. Senegalese Twist Braids 

Why We Love This!

The Senegalese twist braids are the perfect combination of style and glamour as they look incredibly intricate and complex and can be a great way to achieve a low-maintenance hairstyle, which doesn’t include harsh chemicals and damaging after-effects. 

A Senegalese twist braid is considered to be a great protective hairstyle as it saves your hair from external elements such as heat, textiles with rough texture, etc. 

Every woman’s hair dream would be to wake up with a good looking and stylish hairstyle every day. This is made possible by Senegalese twist braids as they provide you with an easy to care for, low maintenance, and fuss-free hairstyle. 


Braids are beautiful, to say the least. They have multiple variations and are worn at workplaces, schools and are even popular with brides. The versatility they offer is one of the reasons why they appeal to such a large audience as everyone can find a style that works for them.

This post was entirely dedicated to the importance of braids and how wonderful they can be. All the different types of braids discussed are empowering and beautiful in their own manner. Hopefully, now you have a good idea of which one is your favorite. 

People Also Ask

Sometimes, braids can look too difficult to achieve; however, that is not the case. Women tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to different braided hairstyles. Thus, we have selected your top-most frequently asked questions and answered them to clear any confusion. Let’s take a look:

How Long Do Braided Hairstyles Last?

The time for which hairstyles last depend on the person, style, and hairstyle. Hair should be kept braided for six to eight weeks only. Keeping them braided longer then that can be potentially harmful to them and cause weakening and damage. 

What Are Black Girl Braids Called?

They are called Cornrows braids, and in the Caribbean, they are referred to as the cane rows. They are a technique of hairstyling where your hair is braided closely to your scalp. It is achieved using an upward and underhand motion, which then continues until a row is achieved. 

Should I Wash My Hair Before Getting it Braided?

Yes, in fact, it is a very important step as once your hair is braided, you won’t be able to wash each and every strand individually. Thus, it’s important to wash your hair and condition them properly prior to braiding, so any residual substances and dirt are removed, and they are kept clean and conditioned. 

Do Braids Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

There is some evidence that suggests braiding hair makes it grow faster. The reason behind this is that braids ​protect your hair from harsh temperatures, textiles which may weaken and damage them, and other such factors. Furthermore, they provide a more stable structure to improve the growth rate. 

What Type of Hair is Best For Braiding?

While braiding, a special type of synthetic hair called Kanekalon is used. The reason why stylists make this choice is that it resembles the natural texture and pattern of Afro hair; thus, it proves to be a good choice. 

Can You Wash Your Hair With Box Braids?

Yes, you can! It is suggested by stylists to wash your hair about once or twice a week when one has box braided hair, and they can very easily wash their scalp more often. However, it is suggested to not wash your hair too often while trying to keep your scalp clean.

How Do You Detangle Hair After Braids?

The process of detangling your hair after braiding is crucial and needs to be carefully executed. If you aren’t careful, it might cause damage and break your hair, which already is in a fragile state. There are different sprays or mixtures you can use to ease the process of detangling. 

You can also make a mixture yourself using leave-in conditioner and water. Apply the mixture to the roots and all the buildup residue. Then, gently rub it in and using your fingers, begin to detangle your hair. You should be able to do that easily. 

Is it Better to Braid Your Hair Wet or Dry?

It is better to braid your hair when it’s dry, as suggested by most stylists. Braiding wet hair can be damaging to your hair and can even cause breakage. When one’s hair is wet, it is longer than when it’s dry, and it’s more fragile; thus, special care is required for it.  

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