Best Curly Hairstyles For Women – 2020 Review

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

With the humid weather approaching and the summer heat beating down, it is not foreign that the curly-haired goddesses might want to switch towards a straight hair option instead of going natural. 

But, we are here to tell you that in order to maintain your diva looks in this heat, you won’t have to switch things up.

The following are some great curly hairstyles for women!

Best Curly Hairstyles For Women

The natural texture of your hair is the secret to your chic looks and adds to the overall attractiveness of the personality. So the key here is to play at your strengths. Instead of reaching out for a straightener every time you need to go out or just want to look cute, you can try the following hairstyles and look as fabulous as ever!

1. Mid Length Curls

Why We Love This!

If you are looking for a regular day out to the mall or lunch with friends, this is the look to go for. The side part on naturally curly hair adds to the volume and a fresh cut and does wonders for your natural curls. 

All you will have to do is dry it with the hairdryer diffuser attachment, and once all set, spray a little bit of setting spray, and you shall be good to go. This look is especially wondrous if you are looking for a soft and hippy vibe. Mid-length curls with a bit of layer cut that can accentuate the bob will surely highlight you as the sweetheart in the crowd. 

The length of the hair also makes it extremely easy to carry and manage in the heat outside as they don’t require much effort and work in the maintenance of hair and the hairstyle. 

2. Ombre Curls

Why We Love This!

Ombre for curly hair is a style that will never go out of date. It is basically a hair-coloring technique in which naturally curly hair is toned to a dark color that comes close to black in the roots. And gradually, as it goes down the length of the hair, it gets lighter.

The ombre effect can be achieved for all hair types but with the texture of curls, the technique brings about even better results. Looking for something exquisite and extraordinary? Ombre is the look for you!

If you're worried if Ombre will suit your curl type, you don't need to. No matter what type of curls you have, the right expert will make sure that your hair color suits your hair type, and your hair looks the best it can. This technique can accentuate your natural complexion and beautifully brings out the shape of your face. 

It presents as a fun change as you welcome summer. While you can achieve the ombre look at home, it is always best if you seek the assistance of a professional. While the most obvious way to achieve this look is to bleach them, you can also achieve this look temporarily by using eyeshadow chalk, temporary hair dyes, and the ombre hair kit.

3. Bouncy Curls

Why We Love This!

One of the greatest challenges that a woman with natural hair faces is the challenge of defining the curls. The bouncy curls are one of the best ways to bring out the texture and beauty of your naturally curly hair. 

And if you are looking forward to shaping the crown of your head, you might want to use some techniques. The bouncy curls work best for medium to ​short-length hair, but if you have long hair, no one’s stopping you from trying that either. 

You start with prepping your hair for the process by sectioning it. Once sectioned, you detangle each of them and then moisturize and seal them. Once that is done, you can achieve bouncy curls using the Bantu knot-out technique, Flexi rod set, a straw set, the twist and braid technique, or by using a thin curling wand to achieve this beautiful look.

4. Perfect Loops

Why We Love This!

For beautiful curly hair, it is important to take care of them too. The perfect loops in your hair can make you look really exotic and chic, but you will need to take care of your naturally kinky hair to achieve that look. 

The most important part is to get a look that will suit your face and complement the structure of the face and the hair texture. Once you have your preferred cut, you then start with the regular routine of shampooing and conditioning your hair with a suitable product designed to serve kinky hair. 

Use a diffuser extension on the hairdryer to dry them, but never make the mistake of combing kinky hair. Once your hair is ready, you can use the Flexi rod set and the straw set to achieve the perfect loops. 

You can add in a bit of light hair color to the twist to accentuate the curls.

5. Big Airy Curls

Why We Love This!

Big airy curls are the perfect way to accentuate a sweetheart face. It works perfectly for divas who have an oval, heart-shaped, or pixy-shaped face. This hairstyle brings out the shape of the jaw and cheekbone due to it being a bit messier than the perfectly-shaped loops or tight curls. 

You can always highlight or ombre your hair to bring out the shape and texture and compliment the dark natural color of your curly hair. 

Following the regular process of hair care of naturally curly and kinky hair, you can achieve big airy curls by using thick diameter Flexi rods or a similarly thick curling wand

This hairstyle is particularly for those who want to take a break from tightly defined curls. The most positive aspects of this hairstyle are how easy it is to maintain and how big and voluminous it makes the hair look.

6. Loose Curls

Why We Love This!

Even the less naturally curly-haired divas with 2a hair can rock loose curls. The best feature of the loose curls is that it suits each face shape and every age. You can be young or on the older side and still look good with them. 

They are really easy to maintain and can last a couple of days if you take care of them. When thinking of loose curls, think of beaches, Sunday mornings, finger twirls, playful, yet fluid bouncy hair. 

With the help of easily accessible tools like a thin flat iron, a thick curling wand, mousse, dry shampoo, volume sprays, and a detangling brush, you can achieve the perfect loose curls for a casual day out. 

The benefit of loose curls is that you can rock this look at the worst of hair days and manage them easily in a day out at the mall, beach, or even a wedding. 

7. Bold Blonde Curls

Why We Love This!

One of the most feminine styles is a blonde and curly-haired look. It gives off a blonde and confident statement while also making a laid-back and graceful vibe. But the most important and crucial part of this look is maintenance. 

Light shades of blonde can be damaging if you are not a natural light-haired person. Bleach can cut down your hair and damage them, making it dry and causing split ends on top of the curls in the tresses. But with the right hair products for care and moisture, you can achieve the boldest and most dynamic looks that will surely make a statement. 

If you are naturally tanned or have different shades of chocolate-colored skin, your blonde curls can make your skin color stand out in the most beautiful way possible, and will highlight the shape of your face. 

In short, if you care for your hair properly, it’s a win-win.

8. Wavy Bob

Why We Love This!

A wavy bob is the type of bob haircut for women with naturally curly hair or those who add curls to their straight hair on a regular basis. The positive aspect is that you can make the bob shape cut work for any kind of curly hair, keeping in mind the right shape according to the texture and curl. 

Curly bob hairstyles are perfect for summers. They’re fun, feminine, playful, and really easy to style. It is hard to have a bad hair day if you have a wavy bob. The types of bob include inverted, angled, A-line, stacked, graduated, and more. 

However, you might want to be a bit careful when choosing the length. The length is decided in accordance with the volume and texture. If you go too short, it may get hard to manage your hair. 

It is best to visit a professional to get this rocking haircut.

9. Beach Waves

Why We Love This!

It is hard to think and come up with a hairstyle that is as widely loved as beach waves. They are universally flattering for all ages and every face shape, and very versatile. You can easily wear them for a regular day out or bling it up a little for a wedding; in either case, beautiful and flowy beach waves stay. 

The best thing about this hairstyle is that there are many options for how you want to achieve this look. You can use the traditional heat tools to get the perfect look or use other methods to get the messy “woke up like this” look to the curls you love so much. Your type of hair decides which method would work best on you. 

But some of the most common methods are using a flat iron, a curling wand, or you can go for the overnight methods with braids and bands.

10. Pineapple Bun

Why We Love This!

The pineapple bun is the type of hairstyle mostly used for protecting your curls overnight. If done correctly, the hair on top of the head creates a beautiful and messy pile that looks like a pineapple. 

Essentially, loosely securing your curly hair on top of your head prevents tangles in your hair and preserves your curls overnight. The best part is that it is so easy that it is impossible to screw it up. 

You can also wear your pineapple bun out on the beach or for a simple day out because let’s face it, it is extremely cute! The tip is to use a fabric scrunchie and prefer using a satin or silk pillowcase. In the morning, when you remove the loose scrunchie, your hair will look just as fresh as the day you curled them. 

A pineapple bun happens to be the favorite lazy look for trendy girls.


Many of the hairstyles mentioned in the list above do not require much heat, which will ensure less damage to your beautiful hair. So this list provides you many options for your chic summer look in a natural hairdo. All it takes is patience and care. Remember, your hair is worth it.

In conclusion, the most important factor is to embrace your natural self, and good hair is the source of confidence for every woman. You can use any of these haircuts and hairstyles to polish your personality and look beautiful even in the worst of hair days and walk out like a model each time.

People Also Ask

Curly hair requires a lot of taking care, even more than regular straight or slightly wavy hair. There is no shame in going through trial and error until you find out what works best for your hair type. But some of the common questions asked by people with curly hair are:

How Do You Style Natural Curls?

You can style your natural curls by using moisture and mousse and drying them by using the diffuser attachment on the hairdryer. It will allow your hair to look bouncy and curly. The diffusing technique also evens out your curls and adds more body and volume to them.

Is Curly Hair Out of Style?

This year is all about embracing your natural beauty, and curls just happen to be one of them. Curls have been in style for centuries, and women have used them to enhance their charisma and style, and hairstyles like the beach waves and big airy curls can never go out of fashion.

Is Curly Hair Attractive?

Adjectives like spontaneous and unpredictable have been associated with people who have curly hair. There is something very beautiful about its independence and the fun and lively looks of them. Almost 65% of the population has curly or wavy hair, and its attractiveness can be proven by the statistics alone.

How Do You Sleep With Curly Hair?

The most preferred method to sleep with curly hair is to make a pineapple bun on the top of your head. This loose bun can prevent your hair from tangling and preserve your curls overnight. Simply pile your hair on top and secure them loosely with a fabric scrunchie to achieve this look.

How Do you Get Super Curly Hair?

You can use different methods to get curly hair, such as using flat irons, curling wands, Flexi rods set, straw set, braid technique, headband technique, and the Bantu knot-out technique to achieve curly hair. Only after trying them can you decide which method works best for your hair type.

What Does Curly Hair Say About a Woman?

Generally, curly hair is associated with a fun-loving and warm-hearted personality. Curly hair usually makes a statement that they are untamable, and this personality trait of independence and adventure is associated with the woman who has curly hair. Women with curly hair are said to have a “fire personality.”

How Do You Get Super Tight Curls Overnight?

If you are opting towards getting heatless overnight curls, then the Bantu knot-out technique, Flexi rod set technique, and straw set technique can work best for you. Moisturize your slightly wet hair, and after twisting them, use the said techniques, and leave them overnight for beautiful tight curls in the morning.

How Do You Do Tight Curls With Wet Hair?

In order to get tight curls, dry your hair till they are not dripping anymore and are slightly wet. Once you achieve that, you can use the Bantu knot-out technique, headband technique, the straw set, or Flexi-rod technique and leave them to dry overnight to achieve the tight curls look you were looking for.

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