Best Layered Hairstyles For Women – 2020 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

Layered hairstyles are a hot favorite in the fashion world. And why shouldn’t they be? 

They give incredible volume and have plenty of different types to suit all face shapes and hair types. With layers, you can hardly ever go wrong. 

If you’re thinking of getting a layered haircut as well, we suggest you go for it. Not sure which one? Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and best-layered looks out there.

Best Layered Hairstyles For Women

Safe to say, there are literally dozens of cute layered hairstyles to choose from. They all add volume and texture to your hair, giving them life. Each hairstyle would look best on certain hair types and face shape and would require different forms of hair care. 

Below, we have discussed in detail some of the best-layered hairstyles for you to choose your next look from.

1. Medium Length Layered Hair with Bangs

Why We Love This!

Medium length is the safest to play with when it comes to changing the length. And when complemented with bangs, they can truly work wonders. Medium length layered hairstyles are good for all hair types and just perfect for square-shaped faces. 

With medium length, you can make your face look longer and features sharper. The look exudes confidence and friendly authoritativeness.

Mix up a medium length layered cut with some bangs, and you have made a volumetric masterpiece out of your hair. Bangs will soften your eye lines, creating a balance between your haircut and facial features. Soft wispy bangs will tone down the square appearance of the face. For more enhanced features, try bangs that hit the cheekbones to highlight them.

Medium layers are easy to style and do not require anything outside your regular vanity kit. With such a length, you can easily create various looks. For formal events, tie them in a nice loose or side bun with the bangs sitting in a messy yet effortless manner. 

For open hair days, you can create an oomph with a nice blow-dry. Straighten them out for a whole new sleek look or curl them to add definition to your face.

Medium layers with bangs are safe and daunting at the same time, but most importantly, they are practical, versatile, and fun. Be sure to consider them even if you don’t have a square face.

2. Thick Curly Layered Hair

Why We Love This!

What layered hairstyle screams effortless edginess and a modern sense of style? Yes, it is the thick curly layered hair. All curly-haired women would agree that their hair type doesn’t allow them many options. But a thick layered head is what they all can swear by.

You can wear them long or short, but rest assured, they will not let your hair look flat and dull. The curly texture is further enhanced by the layers, taking the beautiful hair type to new potential. 

Nicely cut layers can prevent your curls from appearing too boxy or heavy at the bottom. Getting layers that start at the chin and then angle down around your head will give your face a fresh uplift and bring your curls to attention.

For maintaining this hairstyle, the usual products used by curly heads will suffice. Scrunching gel works great on layered curls, making sure that each layer curls back to its original length. This way, they will uniformly angle down.

With curled layers, you can experiment with various different hairstyles. They would make for a gorgeous messy bun and look wonderful in open hairstyles as well.

Be careful not to cut the layers too short or else the hair might look poofy and boring. 

3. Layered Cut with Caramel Highlights

Why We Love This!

Caramel highlights deserve all the buzz and hype going about them. They are a perfect way to take your hair look up a notch in addition to imparting volume to them. Once done right, they look gorgeous on different hair colors and types.

There are numerous hues for caramel highlights from soft to contrasting, and each looks best under different circumstances. A soft shade would beautifully frame the face, giving it an uplift while a darker one will add a lot of dimension to your hair.

Whatever the color, caramel highlights do impart an illusion of fullness to your hair. This makes them a great option for getting some volume on thin hair. However, they are suitable for all hair types and will surely add a sweet warmth to them.

When it comes to styling, there are boundless opportunities for you to play with your highlights. Leave your hair down and let the sun bring out beautiful shades in your hair. Or tie them up in a braid or a pony and let them peek through your hair for a fun hairstyle. You can also create cute waves with a curling iron or just rake fingers through your hair for an effortless and carefree look.

When using products on your layered caramels, be sure to use color-friendly products. Consult your hairstylist upon what would best suit you and your color shade. 

4. Layered Hair with Shadow Roots 

Why We Love This!

Shadow roots are another highly popular way to color your layers. These give a boost to the body of the hair and also define the face. They, too, come in a variety of different shades that range from soft and buttery to extra contrasting.

Usually, the main focus with shadow roots lies in introducing a subtle hue to your roots. Keeping close to your original hair color creates a look that brings your hair together, and the shadows work to add depth to your volume.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot opt for a more daunting appearance. Contrasting shadow roots are a huge hit as well. They add movement to your tresses in addition to volume. They look incredible on long hair lengths

If you want to have a defining face frame, dye the two frontal strands of your hair as well and slowly melt into the roots with a uniform color gradient. This way, you’ll get a frame around your hair that matches the color of your roots.

Styling is super fun with shadow roots. Make sure you use color-friendly styling products to create stunning looks. Layered shadow roots look incredible in a mid-part with your hair down. They also add a nice color gradient in a tied up hairstyle.

5. Layered V Cut Hairstyle

Why We Love This!

Nothing angles your layered look to perfection like a nice V-Cut. A melting angled V-cut to your hair would look great on you, especially if you have long layered hair. A V-cut in layers propels the hair away from the face, creating a fantastic loose curl effect around your head.

A V-Cut is more noticeable in long hair, especially for women with waist-length hair. Although they look absolutely stunning on thin hair, they are majorly known for the bounciness they impart to thick wavy hair.

When styling, let them loose and enjoy the characteristic boost the cut imparts to your hair or tie them up in a thick ponytail with the strands creating a beautiful angled look.

A V-cut would enhance your layers no matter what the hair color. They require a bit of combing or brushing while styling to bring each strand to its proper length for a uniform V-look. 

6. Wavy Layered Hair 

Why We Love This!

Waves in layered hair are all about easing the whole hairstyle up. Mostly, women with thick hair opt for a wavy-layered style to lose some of the body to make the hair more manageable and to give them a more definitive style.

Thick, weighing hair might appear too monotonous and boring. To add flair to them, this hairstyle is a very good option. In addition to making the hair more prominent and stylish, waves also add movement to the layers.

There are countless ways to style your waves, but for all, a curling iron is your best friend. Use the iron to form waves that are more noticeable towards the end of your hair. This way, a nice balance between your hair and face would be created without either one of them overly standing out.

You can simply rake your fingers through your waves to get a messy and effortless look of beach waves or be more precise and defining with the strands for a more formal look. Wavy hair also looks amazing tied up with two frontal strands adding a soft frame to your face.

7. Ash Blonde Layered Hairstyle 

Why We Love This!

In layered hairstyles, ash-blond hair color is highly trending. The ashy grayish color imparts a chic, modern identity to your hair. A lot of different shades of ash blond exist, and the best suited to you depends upon your skin tone.

Ash blond layers can be worn long or short. For longer hair, however, darker shades of ash blonde add the detail needed by your hair. For shorter lengths, light platinum shades work best.

You can use anything to style your blond ash layers. Be it a curling or flat iron or just some roller curls; the end results are going to be stunning. 

Care should be taken to use shampoos and conditioners that are not harsh on your blond dye. Make sure to condition your hair well to avoid over frizziness that might appear after extensive dyeing. 

Ash blond hair unleashes their true beauty when worn down. They are popular in summer and winter. In summers, their sun-kissed look when open or tied in a messy ponytail is a sight to behold. In winters, women have fun complimenting their light-colored hair with a dark or bold colored outfit.

8. Long Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Why We Love This!

Long hair and side-swept bangs work in perfect harmony. While long layers add some definition to your hair, side-swept bangs can either bring out your cheekbones or hide a long forehead. 

The hairstyle brings your hair together in a beautiful and continuous thick mane. This style is for women who love their hair length. It allows them to get a fresh new look without having to compromise the length.

The classy hairstyle works for thick and thin hair. With thicker hair, it creates a heavier but manageable mane while on thinner hair, it gives a sleeker look. The bangs add focus to the eyes and bring out the cheekbones.

When styling, you need to condition the hair thoroughly to achieve the smoothness of this style. You can wear them in a wonderful long ponytail that looks absolutely gorgeous or rock different types of braid

With this hairstyle, you can also go for some very pretty buns with bangs falling across the face to impart casualness. Care needs to be taken to cut the bangs every two to four weeks to prevent them from overgrowing. 

9. Shaggy Layered Hairstyle 

Why We Love This!

One of the most modern and eccentric looks, the shaggy layered hairstyle is highly popular among young women. It is loved for the messy yet classy air of perfect casualness that it imparts.

Shaggy hairstyles add incredible texture to your hair. They can give you a completely new look and make your hair easier to manage. They have an air of hip-hop and rock star glamour about them.

They work well with different hair types and can be worn as polished or messy, depending upon your choice. They are a popular summer hairstyle as they are easy to maintain. But they work well for winters as well, especially if you consider getting warm highlights with them.

Styling them is not a problem. They are meant to be worn in a messy way, and hence you can even get away with days when you don’t feel like styling them. Simply let the hair down and run your fingers through them, so they don’t appear flat. For a more polished look, you can style them into waves or straighten them out with your irons.

Shaggy layered hairstyles also work well for curly hair when done right. They give a bounce to your curls and more dimension to your hair. They are easy, trendy, and effortless and do not get old.

10. Ombre Layered Hair 

Why We Love This!

If you don’t want to limit yourself to just one color and be overwhelmed by it, then ombre layered hairstyles are your go-to. Ombre layers add an illusion of length to your hair, making them appear fuller and longer.

They work best on fine hair, giving them uplift and smooth dimensional look. With ombre, too, you can either go light or dark. For blonds, lighter shades for creating an ombre effect work best. Meanwhile, for dark brown or black hair and for brunettes, darker shades come into play.

To create a lengthy look, start the ombre gradient with your natural color. The middle color is up to you and could be discussed with your stylist. The end color should be a lighter shade that needs to start not too far down. An elongated section of lighter shade would make your hair look longer.

There are multiple ways to play with your ombre layered hair. When down, you can enjoy the stunning color gradient. However, they can be put up in a trendy and contrasting top knot or a formal bun that looks amazing when finished with a complimenting hairpiece. 

Ombre colored hair also makes for great accent braids. Just make sure you are using color-friendly products and heat protectant sprays.


Layered hairstyles are here to stay. They are adorned and adapted by a wide percentage of women throughout the world. This is because they have numerous styling options fit for all hair types. They give fresh and groomed appearances and are not hard to maintain. 

As long as you’re using the right products and heat protectant sprays, your layered hairstyles can surprise you more often than you think.

People Also Ask

Still not sure about something related to these ever-incredible hairstyles? Let us help you. We understand that getting a haircut is a massive decision, and finding the best one is as difficult as it is important. 

For any of your queries that might have remained unanswered, in this section, we will try to bring them to light by answering some of the most sought-after questions regarding layered hairstyles.

Are Layers in Style?

Layers are one of those timeless fashions that are always in style. They never go out of trend. This is because, with different forms, they can suit anyone and also because they make your hair more manageable. Many different celebrities rock layered hairstyles, as well as many different hairstylists vouch for them. This is a testament that layered hairstyles are still very much trending.

What Are Choppy Layers?

Choppy layers are characterized by bold and blunt cuts. The hairstyle has defined and, at the same time, an uneven and asymmetrical appearance that creates a very modern and edgy look. Choppy layers add volume to your hair and give them some movement. They also require some at-home maintenance, such as proper conditioning and moisturizing, to look their best. 

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