Best Long Hairstyles For Women – 2020 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

Ever heard of a perfect look without a perfect hairdo? No, right? We haven’t either.

To truly stand out in the crowd and look both stunning and beautiful, you must find the perfect hair look to go with your attire. You can do the curls, the ponytail, or even the famous loose buns.

With so many breathtaking styles in the market, we realize the choice of adopting one can be overwhelming. But fret not, because we are here to help. Here are the best hairstyles for women. We have included a thorough description of each to help you determine if it is the right pick.

Best Long Hairstyles For Women

Choosing a hairstyle takes effort, but maintaining that look often takes proper care and time. A lot of users often find it hard to make their hair properly. So, in this section, we will be discussing the best styles for your hair. We will also be including ways in which you can not only perfect that style but also retain it.

1. 70s Long Hairstyle

Why We Love This!

The '70s gave us a great many things, but if there is one thing people can't seem to forget about the decade is its amazing hairdos. Women have long tried to perfect the look. The 70s style embodied femininity and was inspired by the changing times.

This particular style looks best on women with relatively long hair. You can copy the look by simply tying them at the front and leaving the back loose. You can use hair clips to do the former part. There are multiple ways to embrace the 70s style, and women now incorporate innovative styles into the look.

But one thing that stays consistent in all 70s hairstyle is the elegance. The hair is well tied at the front. This highlights women’s facial features and gives them greater confidence. Moreover, the loose curls at the back ensure women look younger and more refreshing.

But with the 70s look, you need to be a bit careful. You certainly don’t want to tie your hair too tight or too loose. In either of the cases, you will end up failing the look. So before you try on this look for a formal event, make sure you practice it once or twice at home.

2. Long Hair Parted in the Middle

Why We Love This!

If you are thinking of following the latest trends, then this is your go-to style. The look gives off a refreshing aura and is a treat for the eyes. But the reason most people prefer this hairdo over any other is that it is simple to do and retain.

You won’t need any specific tools to perfect this look. However, you can curl your hair at the bottom to make them appear nicer. Moreover, this style is most suitable for people with blonde hair or highlights.

Not just that, but the hairstyle also looks amazing on people with round and square face shapes. It tends to flatten the face and help it appear thinner.

When you separate your hair equally from the middle, it also tends to sharpen your forehead. This helps enhance your overall persona in front of your colleagues and your bosses. Moreover, long hair parted in the middle is a simple yet classy look that can be worn almost any day.

3. Flowing Curls Hairstyle

Why We Love This!

Looks can be deceiving, they say, but what if they are not? The flowering curls hairstyle can help make any woman feel like a goddess. It not only enriches your formal look but also allows your hair to appear thicker than they already are.

To get this hairdo right, you need to spend some time. The curls need to be the perfect shape. Flowering curls require an ample amount of time and energy because they are tighter than loose curls. They usually begin from the top and follow the whole length of your hair.

You will need a curling iron to produce this. Other pieces of equipment that will help you save time and energy include a hairspray, some hair clips, and hair bands. Moreover, you can also use a hair straightener to achieve this glossy look.

If you have a function coming up, you must moisturize your hair after a day or two and apply conditioner to it once or twice a week. This will not only improve the quality but will also bring shine to your hair.

4. Mermaid Hair

Why We Love This!

Have you ever wanted to enter a room full of people and stun them completely? If that is your wish, then you might want to try the mermaid hair. One look at the style is enough to woe anyone into trying it. But remember, this hairstyle is not for the faint-hearted.

Mermaid hair requires you to color your hair in different shades of the same color. One common shade that you can use is blue. It looks amazing when combined with turquoise, purple, and even shades of grey.

Achieving the perfect look will require a professional because achieving those highlights might be difficult at home. Moreover, if you have longer hair, you will have to spend some time getting the right stylist. You can then leave your hair open or curl them to achieve an exquisite look.

So if you have the soul of an adventurer, you will not think twice before trying this style.

5. Swept Back Hair

Why We Love This!

If you want to feel like a celebrity on your special day, then this look is the one for you. You will notice the swept black hairstyle being worn by many celebrities on the red carpet of award functions. It is a bold style that suits only a few.

The hairstyle will require you to completely tie your hair at the back, but there is a catch. Only the front portion is attached with a clip; the rest of your hair is kept loose at the back. This is very different from the 70s style, as it is often worn with dark makeup shades.

You can do this one at your home. You will require a couple of hairpins, and you are good to go. But if you want to get the best version of this style, you need to perfect your overall look. Wear winged eyeliner, a dark eye shadow, even a dark lipstick, and you will end up looking like a true diva.

6. Blonde with Dark Roots

Why We Love This!

Dark roots and blonde hair is a match made in heaven. You could rock this look even if your hair isn’t very long. For the best results, you can have layers. This will not only give more volume but will also enhance your overall appearance.

There are two ways to go about this style. You can have loose curls at the bottom and keep the upper part straight. Or you can simply keep all of it straight. To ensure that your roots don’t lose their texture, you will have to condition them properly.

In today’s world, sombré and ombré are considered to be a trendy fashion. Both these styles show off the sharp contrast between your darker and lighter roots and hence make you appear classier.

Moreover, frequent washing of dark roots often results in a lighter texture that most people don't like. Blonde with dark roots have always been in style; if you want to be too, then we suggest you take extra care of your gorgeous hair.

7. Long Romantic Curls

Why We Love This!

There are flowery curls, and then there are loose curls. But between these two is the long romantic curls style. It is the best one out there because it helps achieve the perfect combination between elegance and boldness.

Long hair, when curled in this way, appears to highlight the lower part of your face, particularly your chin. It also helps make your face appear thinner. To rock this look, you can wear winged eyeliner or even an eyelash.

The hair can be parted in between to help make the look stand out even more. You will have to use a curling iron rod or even a hair straightener to perfect this look. Make sure you apply hair spray on to retain the look for a longer time.

All in all, this look is for people who want to achieve a balance between a sharp and soft look.

8. Bubble Ponytail

Why We Love This!

If you are bored from always curling and straightening your hair and are looking to get creative, then this hairdo might just be the way to go. The bubble ponytail requires precision and accuracy because there needs to be equal distance between all the partitions.

You will require a couple of small bands and a comb to get the right look. You can apply backcombing to the front part of your hair. This will help give a neater overall style. Then you need to divide your hair into smaller sections and tie each one with a small band.

Most women love this style because it allows them to experiment with their hair and thus achieve an innovative style. Moreover, the hairstyle helps them to stand out in the crowd, where all other women flaunt either their curls or their straight hair.

So for your next event, if turning heads is your goal, then this dress might just do the trick.

9. Long Side Plait

Why We Love This!

University students or office employees need to appear stylish yet formal in their day-to-day activities. Long hair, when kept open all day long, can act as a distraction and a nuisance, especially when you are attending important meetings or lectures.

The long slide plait is a neat hairstyle that is easy to make and retain for a longer time. It keeps all your hair at the side, thus ensuring that you don't have to pull them behind now and then. Moreover, it will ensure that you don't get sweaty in the long summer hours.

The side plait looks simple, but it might need some practice before you can achieve the perfect look. The braid needs to start from one side and go all the way to the other. You need to also keep it loose so that you don’t look too mature.

We love this hairstyle because it is simple yet stylish.

10. High Ponytail

Why We Love This!

Ponytails have long been a game-changer in the hairstyling industry. It is easy to make, but not many people can carry the look well, and hence, we recommend extra precautions.

The look best suits middle to long hair. It is different from a simple ponytail as it requires you to tie your hair very near to your forehead. This highlights your neck and helps flaunt your beauty bones. But that’s not all; you will also be able to show off your bold personality with the high ponytail.

But to leave a mark, you need to ensure that your hair isn't greasy or oily. Wash them at least once before you try out the style; otherwise, the desired result won't be achieved.

So if you are going to the beach or a party and want to appear bold yet approachable, then we recommend you try this style out at least once.


Having long hair can be exhausting, but if you wear them right, they can also be quite rewarding. There are so many options that you can choose from. Each of these hairstyles will reveal a new aspect of your personality.

You can choose to look classy with the 70s look or mysterious with the blonde look. There is also the high ponytail look for interviews or the long side plait look for formal events.

But regardless of what style you choose, just remember that as long as you remain confident with your apparel, there is nothing that will stop you from conquering the world.

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What is Considered Long Hair?

Many people still find it hard to differentiate between long and short hair. Although there is no hard and fast rule, long hair can be anything from your armpits down. On the other hand, short air can be anything from the armpit above. However, having shoulder-length hair equates to having short hair.

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