Best Shaved Hairstyles For Women – 2020 Review

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

“Shake up your hair and then shake up your life.”

Shaved hairstyles are no longer associated with brutal punks only. In fact, they have become quite popular with daring women these days.

All it takes is confidence and a skilled hairstylist to infuse a dramatic attitude to your aesthetic. Here are some eye-catching and unique shaved hairstyles to inspire you. Check them out!

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Edgy and on-fleek shaved hairstyles are the rage nowadays. From celebrities to every wild child, this hairstyle has got them into the spotlight. If you are also eager to sport such an outlook, here are our top recommendations that can give you a bold look.

Let’s get started!

1. Shaved Side on Asymmetrical Bob

Why We Love This!

Who does not love an asymmetrical bob? Well, let’s make that even more interesting with a shaved side! This contrast is a perfect balance of bold and elegance for every woman out there.

It makes you feel ridiculously confident and beautiful at the same time. This hairstyle suits everyone regardless of hair length and color. So what are you waiting for? Book a salon appointment and go get a badass shaved hairstyle.

You can ace the hairstyle by getting a new hair color that totally goes with the overall look. Make sure to keep it on fleek overtime. You can either visit a parlor or even ask your friend for regular maintenance.

Moreover, it is suggested to seek advice from your hairstylist first. This is important to ensure that your desired look matches your face. Make this look even more striking with a winged eye linker and a thick choker.

2. Short Layered Hair

Why We Love This!

A sensuous and equally girlish hairstyle, the short layered hair is pure class. The short layers are complemented and contrasted with the undercut. This look is surely the go-to choice of anyone who loves to keep their style game on point.

The short blonde layers truly ace a dramatic look. Plus, with this hairstyle, you are destined to have all eyes on you. If you have short layers, just add some magic by grabbing a razor and shave the bottom portion of the head completely.

Shadowed roots further add the contrasting effect. It is just the perfect option for anyone who is always in a hurry in the morning. Get rid of all the hustle of tying your hair into a nice hairstyle as this look keeps you ready-to-go all the time.

Pair this look with some ear accessories and a nice choker to grab all the attention in the room.

3. Cornrows with Shaved Sides 

Why We Love This!

Cornrows are not only low maintenance but can be very long-lasting as well. This versatile protective hairstyle works best for curly hairs. Why don't we add some magic to this hairstyle? If you want to, just combine this great hairstyle with a shaved side!

This look completely turns around your personality. A delineated part not only keeps the braided and shaved sections distinct but allows for other experimental possibilities as well. Part badass, part girly, this is, in short, a marvelous look.

You need to book a salon appointment in order to get the perfect haircut. However, the maintenance requires you to visit a salon every three to four weeks. But, trust us, it's worth it.

Once you have your new look, it is sure to make you feel confident and classy at the same time. Put on your favorite dungarees and slay your eyeliner to conquer the world with this hairstyle.

4. Extremely Short Pixie Cut 

Why We Love This!

Short hair? Don’t care!

Combing a pixie haircut with a shaved part could earn your lots of praises and attention. Plus isn’t this totally cool?

Don’t be afraid of opting for a short hairstyle as it can really help you in releasing your inner badass girl.

This is surely the most practical look for any bold girl for her day-to-day endeavors. Whether you have to be in an office meeting or slay on any special occasion, this look won't disappoint you.

Book yourself an appointment or grab a razor to shave sides of your hair. Maintaining this style is even easier as it just takes less than a few minutes in the morning to get ready and flaunt the overall look. Become a queen of short hair and wear this hairstyle like a pro.

Pair this dramatic look with bold lipstick and some nice accessories so that your beauty can certainly make an impression.

5. Shaved Side on Long Hair

Why We Love This!

Do you want to get a shaved style but are afraid of a lot of drama that it might bring? Well, who says you can’t look feminine with a beautiful shaved side on your long wavy hair?

Let’s cut to the chase here and set you on the road with a fantastic hairstyle. This combination of long hair with a shaved side keeps the whole look feminine. All you have to do is shave a side of your head and contrast it with sumptuous waves.

Make this look even more vibrant with blonde hair color and somewhat deep roots. This look is both practical and gorgeous. It goes with every outfit on every occasion. In fact, you can even flip your parted hair to conceal the shaved portion according to your mood.

Put on your best outfit, wear a bold lipstick, wing your liner, and pin your hair to flaunt that crop.

6. Spiderweb Undershave

Why We Love This!

A hidden undercut under your hair is probably the best idea for beginners. For those who are obsessed with patterns, this is the right hairstyle for you. If you are truly willing to give your hair a new look, why not opt for a spider web undershave?

There are a plethora of designs of undercuts that hair of any length can accompany. Let's raise the bar with a clean spider web pattern that will surely add a modern yet punky twist.

Just make sure your hairstylist has some experience in this department to avoid any disaster. We won’t recommend you to allow your friend to shave part of your head.

The best thing about this versatile hairstyle is that it lets you experiment with your look on a daily basis. One day you feel like wearing a floral dress and tie a lovely braid. The next day, you are in a mood to ace your ripped jeans and funky hairstyle. With such a haircut, you can easily switch between these moods without any issue.

7. Full Head Shave

Why We Love This!

Getting a full head shave is not only daring but empowering at the same time. Are you worried about the whole look?

Well, don't fret; here is proof that you can totally slay this look without putting in much effort. Plus, you can always experiment with a wig according to your moods.

All you need is a good razor and a mirror to get this hairstyle in no time. You can even book an appointment in a salon to be sure you get the best cut.

You can always keep your style game on point with this hairstyle by pairing it with a statement necklace. This looks equally great on your no-makeup days as well. Make sure that your wardrobe compliments your new hairdo.

With this hairstyle, get ready in just a short time. Just put on your dress and highlight your best features to give off the vibe of a strong and liberated woman.  

8. Short Red Undercut 

Why We Love This!

Speaking of punk, the red and blonde combination can never get old, especially when styled flawlessly!

For the top, add some bright colors like red as it is surely the universal color for passion, and you will never go wrong with it. As for the sides, use a razor for a clean undercut.

Not only is it uber-chic, but it is practical as well. This low-maintenance hairstyle makes you feel confident yet beautiful at the same time. It totally goes with your formal as well as casual outfits to make a statement.

Getting a short red undercut will make head turns and minds go crazy. This hairstyle is so awesome that others can't help but be a bit jealous of your fantastic style game. Moreover, just think for a moment, how fast you can wash and dry hair with such a haircut?

Doesn’t it feel good already? Well, what are you still waiting for?

9. Medium Length with Highlights 

Why We Love This!

Looking for a bold hairstyle to hit the trends? Give this chic hairstyle a chance.

We simply have three words for this hairdo - badass, chic, edgy. You can definitely turn more heads when you are wearing your hair like this.

Look how simple yet classy it is. Just combine your blond hair with a shaved side crown. Next, add in some vibrant highlights, and the hairdo gets a new level of plushness.

The best thing about this hairstyle is it allows you to strike a bold look while saving you from the hassle and attention to detail.

Just confine your highlighted hair to one side of the crown and enjoy all the praise.

Alternatively, you can strategically part your hair in order to conceal the shaved portion and guess what, you are ready for the day!

Flaunt the look with a nude lipstick and some accessories to create an aura of playfulness.

10. Double Line Shave

Why We Love This!

If getting an undercut is not enough for you, how about kick it up with a double line shave? It is the perfect option for those who are not ready yet for a more drastic change. The best thing about this hairdo is that it is uber-chic yet voluminous.

Your curly hair with double lines on your fresh undercut would create an alluringly sophisticated look. Getting this hairdo is as simple as maintaining it. Just grab a razor and neatly draw two clean lines to get a blissfully sensual aura.

This delicate and subtle hairdo keeps your style game on fleek every day. Just wear your favorite turtleneck cozy sweater and pair it with beautiful pearl studs to step out in style.

Well, we can't deny how practical this hairstyle is while it ensures that you all the attention from those around you. All in all, perfect for those hot summer days, this overall attractive look would bring you lots of positive energy.


Picking the right shaved hairstyle for yourself takes time and some serious thinking as there are tons of options available. Just be confident and choose a hairstyle that totally goes with your personality in order to wear it with pride. Book an appointment and get ready for all the compliments that will follow.

Keep Slaying!

People Also Ask

Everyone has a dramatic and fiery side, and shaved hairstyles are probably one of the best ways to show it off. However, it is always suggested to consult your hairstylist once before going for it. Now, let's answer some common queries people have regarding these shaved hairstyles in order to help them slay.

What Do You Call the Hairstyle With Shaved Sides?

Generally, hairstyles with shaved sides include slicked back and called slicked short hairstyles. Similarly, an undercut is quite popular these days among those who want to avoid extreme dramatic looks. All these options are simple yet versatile and come under the umbrella of hairstyles with shaved sides.

How Do I Shave the Sides and Back of my Hair?

Shaving the sides and back of your hair is not as daunting as it seems. All you need is a good razor and a bit of concentration. Start from one side of the head and shave it. Then do the same on the other side to get a neatly shaved look. In order to shave the back of your hair, move the razor from bottom to top and tilt it at an angle for a clean undercut.

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