Best Short Curly Hairstyles For Women – 2020 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

Dealing with curly hair is challenging, but there are a number of ways of transforming curly hair into a classy and attractive hairstyle. Hairstylists have introduced such haircuts and hairdos that make you flaunt yourself without getting bothered by curly hair tantrums.

These hairstyles only need appropriate tools and creative techniques. After that, you will surely thank the nature for bestowing you with curly hair. Below is a list of hairstyles ideal for long, short, curly, and wavy hair and ringlets as well.

Thus, this article is going to be quite interesting for those who remain worried about managing curly hair. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles For Women

Are you tired of trying flat and not-so-cool curly hairstyles for short hair? If yes, then your wait is over. Here, you will find various hairstyling ideas for gracing short curly hairs. So, select any hairstyle that you like and keep on catching the attention of others in every gathering.

1. Ringlet Afro

Why We Love This!

This hairstyle is very simple and convenient to adapt. No precision or tiring effort is required. All you need is a reliable conditioner or hair moisturizer for softening your hair and some bobby pins.

First of all, comb your hair after moisturizing it. Then take small sections of hair strands and twist them tightly. Attach bobby pins at the starting and endpoints of each twirled hair section. Leave it like this for around six to eight hours. After that, your ringlets afro hairstyle will be all set to amuse you.

If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for hours, then you can use a ringlet curling iron that smoothly creates a natural-looking afro texture. Don’t forget to apply a hair conditioner properly to protect hair from the harshness of heat.

Ringlet afro looks amazingly unique in short curly hair. It provides awe-inspiring volume to the hair and hides unwanted rough hair textures.

2. Voluminous Pixie Cut

Why We Love This!

Women always prefer hairstyles that are manageable, and this hairdo is one of those. In a pixie cut, hair gets shorter as they proceed towards the neckline while the hair in the front or top is comparatively a little longer.

This simple hairstyle has many variations. A pixie cut can go with short bangs, layers, V-Cut nape, tapered hair, bob, and many more. Tapered pixie cut covers an adequate area of the face; hence, it would be a right pick for those who have broad faces.

If your facial shape is more on the slim side, then pair up pixie haircut with bangs. It will give more bounce to your hair at the front and top as well. You can also set bangs with a gel or a moisturizer for lifting it backward, thereby adding more volume. Doing so will also be beneficial for ladies who don’t like hair always getting into with their eyes.

3. Vintage Curls

Why We Love This!

Style-conscious ladies don’t wait for any fashion trend. Instead, they make their own iconic style statements. Vintage curls would be an unregretful option for women of sober taste.

Vintage curls give the look of smooth waves. You can employ a curling iron for making this hairstyle. Start curling hair from the backside. When you reach the front portion of the hair strands, then curl hair from the top of the head to where your eyes are.  

Vintage curls are casual and formal at the same time. When leaving for a formal event, use a shiny hair setting spray so that the curls appear to be more defining. The hairstyle looks equally mesmerizing with or without bangs.

If we talk about its pair with facial cuts, then this hairstyle will have everybody completely satisfied. It highlights the jaw bone and provides outpouring volume to the hair. Moreover, this gorgeous hairstyle is suitable for ladies of all ages.

4. Short Hair with Crown Braid

Why We Love This!

If you think short hair can’t have creative hairdos, then you are absolutely wrong. The styling of short hair can be done with braids, and a crown braid would be a great option. 

Make two simple or French braids, each starting from both sides of the parting, and continue it to the back where both ends of braids meet. You can also make a single braid on either side of the parting and can style the rest of the hair with a curler.

This crown braid can be kept messy and loose for a casual look. This hairstyle is the best one for a good hair day at university, an official dinner, friends’ meetup, and a shopping day.

If you have dyed hair, then it will definitely compliment your looks. But the hairstyle is also recommended for people having monochrome hair color.

Now, your good hair days are just a hairstyle away. So, buckle up and embrace your short hair with this hairstyle.

5. Curly Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Why We Love This!

The fashion of bangs is never going to fade or be old. It always allows hairstylists to play with it and form a new hairstyle. Likewise, for short hair, we also recommend trendsetting ladies to combine curly hair with side-swept bangs.

Usually, girls of ages around 25 are more likely to go for bangs. If you also like bangs and have short hair, then you have the chance to experience something appealing.

Side-swept bangs also look wonderfully enchanting with curly hair. Plus, in this hairstyle, your hair gets the volume that most ladies with a broad forehead aspire to have.

Make loose curls or waves with the help of a curler. You can also adorn the hairstyle using fancy hair clips on either side of the bangs if you have a normal face figure. For a fat face, we prefer you leave the hair untied.

This simple hairstyle neither needs many hair tools nor any hairstylists. Instead, you alone can create this hairstyle.

6. Short Hairstyle with Shaved Side

Why We Love This!

This is another appreciable addition to the range of curly hairstyles. In this haircut, the narrower side of the side parting is shaved or faded with a balding clipper. And dense and voluminous hair drop from the other side of the parting. Most hairdressers make fade detailing on one side as per the choice of the client.

The rest of the hair can be given soft curls or whirls. Vintage curls will also look fabulous with this haircut. Consequently, you can have this hairstyle in a few minutes only.

The products required to obtain this hairdo are clipper, curler, or roller. Plus, if you dye your hair with contrasting shades, then you will surely be receiving praise from every fashion connoisseur.

People having a lean, broad, small, and oval face with sharp features will find it as the best chic summer hairstyle. If you are a hairstyling fan, then add some extraordinary fun to your styling trends by having this hairstyle.

7. Short Afro Hairstyle

Why We Love This!

We have a superb option for those who are reluctant to have any bold haircut for naturally kinky hair. Such women should consider artistic hairstyles like cornrows, braided bun, simple braids, etc.

Afro hairs are kinds of ringlets, which is why they look bouncy and spread out. People are often concerned about making any hairstyle for afro hair.

Therefore, we brought you some ideas which will not only suit your beautiful personality but also save you from time-consuming and complicated hairstyles. The first one is the braid.

You can make a cornrow as it is quite easy and engaging. Furthermore, your hair doesn’t distract you while working. If it’s a formal gathering, then make a clean bun at the ends of braids. It will also go with your outfits very beautifully.

Bobby pins and clips also make afro hairstyles look even more bewitching. They hold and embellish the hair simultaneously.

8. Shaved Pixie Cut with Curly Bangs

Why We Love This!

One more awesome hairstyle that you can look up to for all-season hairstyling if you have short curly hair is the shaved pixie cut. It basically involves side parting bangs accompanied by one-sided shaved hair.

Fun-loving people will not resist adapting this hairstyle as it exactly matches their fashion tastes. It usually includes one side completely shaved, which you can keep faded or just trimmed if you don’t like surgically-closed haircuts.

This hairstyle also includes loosely curled bangs. You can sweep them on one side or leave them falling on your eyes. The hairstyle will have the hearts of business-oriented or working women.

Hairdressers give pronounced curls to the bangs in order to achieve this hairdo. For this, they need nothing but a curler and a clipper having variable comb length. Now, since a hairstyle appropriate for wide forehead and chubby cheekbones is already here, you don’t have to get into head-scratching research to find the right hairstyle for you.

9. Curly Bob

Why We Love This!

A woman cannot deny her love for hairstyles. Owing to this fact, we have included one more hairstyle on our list. A bob cut is equally famous for women as it is among men. Hairstyling fanciers love to have the bob, and most often, women who prefer short hair go for the bob cut.

The most catchy part about bob cut is that it produces the desired volume and density in thin and fine hair. And if we give a touch of curls to it, then it turns out to be an excellent on-the-go hairstyle for women. These curls can be mild, loose, waves, or spirals.

If you have curly hair but fail to decide how to give it the perfect look, this is the solution. A curly bob is a hairstyle that can be embraced for any casual, official, or formal occasion.

10. Buzz Cut for Naturally Curly Hair

Why We Love This!

Now, this is something special for curly-haired women. Buzz cut needs naturally growing curly hair. This hairstyle is supposed to be pretty daring as not every woman likes to have a boyish haircut.

For adapting this hairstyle, one should have a functional balding clipper along with some combs of different lengths. Moreover, it’s better to appoint a barber for doing this job rather than ending up with making an irreparable mess.

A buzz cut is a haircut that does not need you to be focused on your hair styling. You can just wake up late, apply a gel, brush up your hair, and head out to your destination comfortably.

Bear in mind, a buzz cut exposes your facial features to the fullest, and every feature comes into notice prominently. Therefore, it would be suitable to choose the hairstyle if you have a slim face and more pronounced cheekbones.


Now, it’s time to get rid of awkward hairstyles that you had been wearing on repeat for a long time. These hairstyles provide you the golden opportunity to show off your short curly hair on every occasion. We hope that these hairstyles will be convenient and appealing for you to adapt to.

People Also Ask

Salon and self hairstylists seem to be conscious of some hairdressing techniques. Below are the answers that will raise the curtain on some frequently discussed topics.

Does Short Curly Hair Look Good?

Short curly hair looks awe-inspiring. With the help of creative and fashionable hairstyles, short curly hair can outclass long hair too.

In fact, there are some hairstyles that tempt long-haired women to switch to short hair. Hence, short curly hair has, no doubt, its own unparalleled charm.

How Do I Style My Short Curly Hair Pixie?

Hairdressers have come up with a number of ideas for fashioning short curly pixie hair, which will captivate you at the very first glance. You can simply make a raised puffy hairstyle with a pixie cut.

Moreover, you can make falling spikes of it by using pomades. Also, you can blow dry your hair and attain a stylish and bouncy hair look.

Are Curls In For This Year?

Curls were never out of fashion; neither will they be. Instead, they keep welcoming modifications every year. As for the current year, curls seem to be competing with straight hair very well. Loose curls with bangs and curly pixie hair cut are going to be the center of attraction of most style-conscious ladies.

Will I Look Fatter With Short Hair?

Many people infer that short hair makes a woman’s face look fatter or round. Well, it depends on the hairstyle you are carrying for short hair. If your face is already broad, then avoid chopping hair above the chin. A free-falling pixie haircut tends to cover jawlines and broad facial shapes.

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