The Best Hooded Dryers for Natural Hair

Hooded hair dryers are a convenient way to get all-over heat distribution when drying your hair. Most often seen in salons, hooded hair dryers help to prevent your arm from aching when drying your hair as well as being height adjustable to suit anyone using them.  While, previously, only used in professional scenarios, it’s now … Read More

21 Short and Curly Hairstyle Ideas

Short hair can be slightly more challenging to style than long hair. However, short, curly hairstyles are a fun way to show off your girliness and to create sexy neck-bearing looks that accentuate glamor and showcase your neckline. You’ll find that short curly hair can really demonstrate your wilder side while highlighting some of your … Read More

30 Hairstyle Ideas for Curly and Thick Hair

Thick, curly hair can be very hard to manage. Trying to find a style that exudes elegance and gives you the desired fierceness can be hard work. That said, when you nail it, you’ll find that those thick luscious locks give you a glamorous feel. When properly maintained, your healthy, thick and curly hair can … Read More

The Best Sealants for Natural Hair

Keeping moisture locked into your hair is extremely important to prevent damage. Damage often occurs due to moisture being released, leaving the hair brittle and dry. This gives it a frizzy look and can cause it to break off at the ends. Sealants are oils that help to provide a seal around the hair. This … Read More

The Best 2-inch Curling Irons

Is your hair lacking volume? Do you want big voluminous curls? Well, a 2-inch barrel curling iron might be for you! 2-inch curling irons can work well for everyone but are particularly amazing for people with longer hair. These big curling irons create big, natural, looking curls. They can be affordable, safe for your hair when used … Read More

The Best Curling Iron for Spiral Curls

Brunette, blonde or burgundy, no matter what your hair color is, crumpled kinks and wavy curls step up your style quotient. To step up with curls, spiral curling irons would be one of those easy-to-use and reliable styling tools. You must be thinking ‘why would I need a spiral curling iron while I already have … Read More

The Best Triple Barrel Curling Irons

Fashion divas get adventurous with red, white and green hair colored strands and it gets even better when they run a triple barrel curling iron on it. Not everyone can manage to own a stunning look with curls, but a triple barrel curling iron can turn you into a curling pro! While we have already … Read More