21 Quick and Easy Ponytail Ideas

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

As we get closer to summer, we look to find hairstyles that keep us cool while still giving us a stylish look. A hair classic, the ponytail is a sleek way to keep your hair back while also accentuating the neckline. But why not to put a twist on the traditional ponytail and try out one of these ponytail styles.

1. Double Twist Ponytail

The double twist adds texture to the original ponytail and helps to keep your hair back if you have different layers. First, make a smaller ponytail with the top section of hair. Tuck this back through itself and then pull all the hair into a low ponytail at the base of your neck.

2. Sleek High Ponytail

The sleek high ponytail shows off your cheekbones and gives a very chic look. Sleek the ha ir back with some gel or mousse, combing it tight to the head. Wrap a section of your hair around the hairband to finish the look.

3. Low Ponytail With Hair Parted in the Middle

Parting your hair in a ponytail helps to frame the face, especially for people with heart-shaped faces. Gently sweep the hair downwards and tie it back at the base of the neck. To keep the parting from moving, you can secure the hair with bobby pins behind the ears.

4. Fun and Flirty Wavy Ponytail

This fun, flirty style is a little more casual. Curl the hair first, very loosely. Run your fingers through it to create looser curls and then sweep upward and tie in a high ponytail.

5. Two Looped Ponytail

This two looped ponytail adds even more texture to the hair and can be done with a full ponytail, or half up half down. Create a top ponytail first and tuck it through, then gather all the hair into a second ponytail and loop it back through itself.

6. High Bubble Ponytail

It is a fun look that keeps the hair back, stopping it from getting in the way. Sweep the hair into a high ponytail and secure two hair bands, each a third of the way down. Tease the hair out a little for the ‘bubble’ effect.

7. Flip Twist Ponytail

This messy casual look is very easy to do and gives a surfy, summery feel while giving the ponytail a little texture. Pull all the hair to the base of the neck and then loop it back through itself. Loosen a few strands for the messier feel. To enhance that surfy look, spray the ponytail with a little sea salt spray to texturize it.

8. Casual Low Side Pony

Gathering your hair on the side gives you a mermaid appearance. Curling the hair first makes it feel a little more voluminous. Pull all the hair to the side and tie with a hairband. Wrap a strand of hair around the hairband to hide it. You can pin this strand with a bobby pin, pushing it up and into the ponytail.

9. Low Twisted Pony With a Ribbon

This adorable look is cute and quaint. Ribbons give a very girly look and help to break up the hair. Gather the hair in a ponytail and look it through itself, and tie a ribbon just under the twist. Double knot it so it doesn’t slip underdone. It is a good idea to secure the ribbon with bobby pins, so it doesn’t work its way down the ponytail.

10. High Braid Ponytail

 The top braid gives the ponytail a very feisty look. Section a piece in the middle and french braid it outwards. Secure this with a pin or a hairband. Then gather all the hair up and the tail of the braid, and create a high ponytail. Curling the hair a little creates a messy wave, making this look all the sassier.

11. Easy Woven Ponytail

This woven look gives a little intricacy and artwork to the traditional ponytail. To weave the hair like this, take small strands from the side and overlap them back and forth. When you reach the base of the hair, secure the hair in a low ponytail.

12. High Pony with a Bandana

Bandanas are great for people who have lots of flyaway hair or want to keep their bangs back. Tie the hair into a high ponytail and then tie a folded bandana tight around the front of the forehead. Slide it back and secure with bobby pins. The trick is to slide the bobby pins from the back of the bandana, so it doesn’t slip backward.

13. Glamorous Bow on a High Pony

Adding a bow to a high ponytail gives a fun and girlish feel, especially for people with naturally curly hair. Gather the hair into a high ponytail and slide the pre-made bow clip above the ponytail. If you don’t have a pre-made clip, make the bow first with a ribbon and slide a bobby pin on to it.

14. Messy Pony

Messy ponytails are best achieved with slightly wavy hair and give a sexy twist on the ponytail. Try curling your hair loosely first and hair spraying it upside down, ruffling the hair. Pull it to the base of the neck and secure it while loosening a couple of strands to frame the face.

15. Low Ponytail with a Scarf

Hair ties can be a little boring, so why not tying the hair up with a scarf? Simply gather the hair with the scarf underneath and tie a knot above the hair. You can also braid a scarf into the hair for a colorful and fun braided ponytail.

16. Easy Side Braided Ponytail

This side braided ponytail gives a little texture and adventure to your ponytail. Separate the hair into three sections. French braid the side first in an outwards motion then gather all the hair together in a mid-ponytail. Put a little hair gel on your fingers when braiding, so that the braids don’t slip out.

17. Dutch Braid Ponytail

This ponytail incorporates both a quiff and a braid. To get the quiff, you will need to backcomb the front of the hair before braiding it. When you reach the back of the head, gather all the hair into a high ponytail.

18. Double Braids into Bandana Low Pony

This beautiful style has two big braids flanking the head. French braid both sides towards the back of the head. Securing the hair with a bandana will introduce more texture and color. Tease out the braids with the thin bottom end of a comb for this bigger looking effect.

19. Voluminous Ponytail

Voluminous ponytails really have the ‘wow’ factor. To create this look, you need to curl the hair first or set it on rollers. You need to exacerbate the curls by hair spraying the hair upside down while scrunching it. Pull it back into a tight, high ponytail.

20. Twisted Low Ponytail

This asymmetrical look is a way to do a ponytail and adds a little more texture. Start twisting the hair from one side, and as you reach the other, secure the hair with a hair tie. After this, curve the ponytail back through itself to create the final twist.

21. Messy High Pony With a Scrunchy

Scrunchies have a real 90’s feel, beefing up your retro style with this ponytail. To create it, turn your head upside down and gather all the hair high on to the head. Secure with a hair tie and then add a colorful scrunchie, overlapping it no more than once. Separate the hair into two and then pull it tight so it flops over either side.


Often neglected in the hairstyling world, the ponytail is a classic that can be jazzed up in all manner of ways. A great summery way to enhance your neck while accentuating your bone structure, you can play with soft, loose, low ponytails or the chic, slick high ones. Try adding accessories like bandanas, ribbons, and scrunchies to give your ponytail some eye-catching color and team it with your summer threads.

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