21 Short and Curly Hairstyle Ideas

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

Short hair can be slightly more challenging to style than long hair. However, short, curly hairstyles are a fun way to show off your girliness and to create sexy neck-bearing looks that accentuate glamor and showcase your neckline. You’ll find that short curly hair can really demonstrate your wilder side while highlighting some of your best facial features.

It’s important to understand where you want to draw attention to and which features you’d rather not accentuate, so bear that in mind when testing out different styles. Why not try some of the following looks with your short curly hair, experimenting with up and down dos to find a look that suits you.

1. Elegant Updo for Naturally Curly Hair

Curly updos can accentuate your neck and jawline while highlighting your neckline and bone structure. Try sweeping back your hair and the sides and pinning it into a column at the back of your head. Gently sweep back to front, creating a bouffant quiff.

2. Wavy Bob with Subtle Highlights

For straight cut bobs, create the impression of a graduated cut in order to create a little volume and texture. First, loosely curl your hair with a curling iron. Use a large barrel and shake out the curls before applying hairspray for loose, messy waves.

3. Curly Bob with Highlights

For this more natural, casual look, try a handful of highlights to create textured definition. Use a half-inch barrelled curling tong to create spring curls. Divide your hair in half and tousle it with a handful of mousse to define the curls.

4. Retro Curls

Retro curls are a timeless glamorous look that create softness in the face. To achieve this style, use a 1-inch barreled curling iron. After curling each area, pin it into a roll on your head. Spray this with durable hairspray and then unclip the pins and gently brush the curls out, twisting the hair as you go.

5. Inverted Bob for Curly Hair

This style bob is cut with the hair longer at the front than the back; the back is just grazing the nape of the neck. It helps to achieve more bounce in your curls. To achieve these curls, use a ⅝ inch barrelled curling iron and tousle the hair with mousse.

6. Pixie Cut

This pixie cut keeps the top section of the hair very long, while the side is cut very short, accentuating the neckline and jaw. You can curl the top with a 1-inch barrelled curling tong or a flat iron and spray with strong-hold hairspray, scrunching the hair in your hands.

7. Half Up Pinned Back Style

This is a beautifully soft and casual look that can quickly be achieved with most bobs. Take a part of the hair from both sides of the front and twist it towards the back of the head. Pin the hair in the middle, leaving the bottom half of the hair down.

8. Messy Bob

Messy bobs look sexy and badass. The best way to achieve a messy bob is to spray the hair with sea salt spray. When dry, curl the hair with a mini flat iron. Turn the head upside down and tousle the hair with your fingers, applying a bit of hairspray when you turn back up the right way.

9. Curly Bob with Bangs

Bangs frame the face, drawing attention to the eyes, while the shorter cut bob accentuates a strong jawline. For these soft curls, curl large sections of hair away from the face and sweep the bangs under and to the side.

10. Layered Curly Style

To achieve spring curls, cutting layers into a bob will lift the weight and help the hair bounce. Using a lightweight mousse to scrunch the curls will also give that corkscrew effect.

11. Soft & Sexy Curls

Soft curls give an impression of timeless beauty. To create soft curls, apply the product to the hair before curling and before the brush is out. When dry, use rollers to curl the hair, all in one direction. Release the rollers and spray with hairspray.

12. Curly Bob With Blonde Highlights

Highlights will give a bob a more tousled, bouncy look. When adding highlights or lowlights, try to lighten a few shades higher than your own color each time, to create a more natural feel.

13. Strawberry Blonde Curls

For stunning strawberry blonde curls that shine in the sun, streak a few blonde highlights through the red color. This will give the impression of extra shininess and voluptuousness. Strawberry blonde curls tend to highlight blue and green eyes.

14. Short Blonde Bayalage

Balayage gives a more natural, graduated color effect, by painting the hair lighter at the ends than the top. Creating soft waves will help to break up the color and give a natural, effortless style that is quick and easy to achieve.

15. Brown Curly Hairstyle With Rose Gold Highlights

For natural, springy curls, introducing rose gold can give a beautiful reflection in the sun. This works especially well with dark hair, highlighting around a third of the hair for a lift in color. Highlighting the top layer, while leaving the bottom dark will exaggerate this feel.

16. Headband Rope Braid with Curls

For hard-to-tame curls, a rope braid across the forehead can help keep the curls back and create the idea of volume. Divide about 2 inches of hair at the front and start by one ear. French braid the hair outwards so it lays on top of the head and clip behind the other ear.

17. Sexy Side Swept Curls

The side sweep is glamorous and fun. For a side-swept look, curl your hair with a curling tong and tousle it with a product. Keep the fringe straight, use a flat iron to sweep the fringe to the side and spray with a stronghold hairspray.

18. Curly & Colorful

Multi-colored hair is all the rage. For darker hair, you’ll need to bleach the hair blonde first. Paint various strands with different colors, mixing it up between the top and bottom of each area. When curled, the colors swirl together, forming a beautiful rainbow.

19. Bold Bandana Updo

Bandanas can help create volume, while also keeping your curls back,  helping to break up the mundanity and making your outfit pop. Keep a little of your hair forward and pin up the back half. Sweep the bandana under your head and tie on top, holding the side with bobby pins.

20. Loosely Styled Curly Hair

For looser curls, use a curling iron on a lower temperature. Once the whole head is curled, gently run your fingers through the curls to separate and loosen them, before applying a little hold product.

21. Flowered Headpiece with Natural Curls

Flower headpieces come in all shapes and sizes and nestle nicely into a full head of curls. Make sure to clip them securely at the root of the curls to stop them from moving around. Use smaller headpieces if you have looser curls otherwise, they’ll overwhelm your face.


While shorter curly hair may be harder to manage, you’ll find a myriad of styles that can suit all outfits and seasons. Try to find a style that suits your face shape and frames your important features. For those with square jawlines and high cheekbones, curly updos can give a striking look. For those with large eyes, try accentuating them with bangs.

For those with more unruly curls, accessories can help you to tame the beast. Whatever you go for, experiment and find the best styles for you, and rock them to showcase your personality. Don’t forget that adding color can help to give those curls an extra boost, while layers can help create definition in the curls themselves.

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