Best Steam Curling Irons – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 21, 2022

We’re going out on a limb here to say that every person knows that when he or she looks good, they feel good. Other people pay more attention, it seems. Other people seem to listen better to this person’s opinion… making him or her grow even more confident. And the hair – how great it looks -- is one of the main sources of this confidence in the self.

But, woe is most of us! Not everyone is born with great hair. Women of the modern times know that great, flawless hair takes a little bit of effort most of the time. And this is why there now is a vast selection of styling tools out in the beauty market. The road to perfect hair is not paved with easy choices.

Fortunately, a great option now making waves is the steam hair iron. It helps create spectacular hairstyles, minus the damage. It is an incredible tool that can give you the makeover you seek without needing to take that (usually expensive!) trip to the salon

Comparison of the Best Steam Curling Irons 

  • Combines nanotechnology and steam for long-lasting curls
  • Features triple-curl directional controls
  • MiraCurl provides professional wave and curl creation
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  • Offers maximum protection against hair getting stuck when curling
  • Built-in timer that informs one when to release the curler
  • Auto-off feature that shuts off when idle for 60 minutes
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  • Steam mist infuses healthy moisture into the hair
  • Leaves no hot spots in your hair hence, does less damage
  • Heating capacity of 437°F in 30 seconds
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Benefits of Using a Steam Curling Iron

Steam curling irons serve the same purpose as a regular curling iron. The real difference lies in the technology. Steam curling irons utilize heat and steam rather than just dry heat. The latest steam iron models promise to deliver healthier-looking curls with more shine and definition.

The steam from ideally tourmaline or ceramic plates locks in moisture and will not dry the hair out as the dry heat from a standard curling iron could. Vapor infusion technology has proven to be more effective so that even the curliest, coarsest, frizziest hair relaxes and turns into curls. 

Steam irons are made for easy straightening. Steam straightening utilize moisture to relax and straighten the hair while ironing it flat (or curling them with winding). Steam irons are heaven-sent to those who have coarse and/or super tight curls.

Steam irons are also less damaging than their dry heat counterparts. The steam iron you should be looking for is one with ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic mechanisms. The use of styling aid products manufactured to protect hair from stress is recommended whenever you use heat tools to style the hair. Also, the proper use of steam flat or curling irons is essential in preventing damage to the hair.

When we iron hair, whether with a steam or standard iron, it is important to remember that we go over each hair section only once. Repeated ironing of a section may cause stress and damage to the hair. Another thing to remember is ironing a hair too fast won’t deliver the best results, while ironing too slow is bound to burn the hair.

Steam irons are ideal when what you want is smoother and shinier styles. Those with severely coarse, dry, or dull hair stand to benefit the most from steam irons as these help to add moisture to the hair, leaving it with a healthier, softer look.

How Does a Steam Curling Iron Work?

Steam irons are typically built with a tank that needs to be filled up with, ideally distilled, water before use. This is where the steam comes from when the unit is heated up. The steam that is emitted when a steam curling iron is powered on is what styles the hair. This is why steam irons can be used on damp hair, unlike regular irons that are not suitable for damp hair and should only be used on dry hair.

It is imperative to accurately fill the water chamber of a steam curling iron before use. A tank of water can last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on hair length and texture. After such a time, the tank needs to be checked for filling up.

Are There Disadvantages to Using a Steam Curling Iron?

A steam curling iron may seem more “high-maintenance” as you need to ensure that the tank is filled to levels with water before use, whereas a standard iron is “plug-and-play”. And more than just clean water, styling your hair with steam irons requires the use of distilled water.

A wet-to-dry steam iron works by using steam to remove excess moisture from the hair. The irons are built with vents that allow the steam to escape and evaporate. This is why steam irons are advised as best only for damp hair. 

Some find this to be a problem as wet-to-dry irons may tend to leave your hair full of static while or after styling. Stylists recommend using steam irons for hair that are about 95% dry (i.e. 5% damp). This is why there are users who believe that it may be better to dry the hair all the way and just stick with a standard curling or straightening iron.

Hair experts say that the jet of hot air from hair dryers like irons or blowers can destroy even the smallest scales of the hair. In principle, any stress applied to the hair can be harmful, but, as they say, “beauty demands victims.”

Review of the Best Steam Curling Irons

Let us now guide you through a list of some steam curling iron models most recommended by top hairstylists.

Best Overall:
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Steamtech Professional Curl Machine

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium with Miracurl Steamtech gives a steam option that creates better curl definition, formation, and longer lasting curls. It features an additional heater for even faster and more powerful heat-up.

The Miracurl allows you to select temperature, time, and curl direction – giving you the flexibility to create loose waves, soft swirls, defined curls, and more. The Nano Titanium curl chamber holds and pulls hair gently, leaving the curls with a silky shine. The Miracurl works with the MaxLife PRO brushless motor that ensures precision control for all curl types. This motor allows for accurate control of motor speed and position for precision styling. It is lightweight with ultra-low vibration for comfortable use.

The electronically-controlled motor actively adjusts to voltage fluctuations, ensuring consistent performance. The motor automatically shuts off and reverses if the unit jams due to too much hair in the hair chamber. Some users found it not suitable for very fine hair and a few users say this may cause tangling to the hair after a few minutes of use. Overall, users love the Miracurl for its ease of use, safety features, and the long-lasting curls it creates.

Rejawece Hair Curler – Professional Salon Hair Styling Curling Wand with Automatic Steam Spray

Hair Curler Curly Curling Iron by Rejawece – Professional Salon Hair Styling Curling Wand with Automatic Steam Spray - Red

The Rejawece Hair Curler with Steam Spray comes with an automatic steam sprayer that releases steam into the hair so that the wand can curl hair professionally and give you tangle-free, long-lasting curls. Guaranteed to work for any hair type and length.

The Rejawece allows you to set the direction you want the curls to follow: L-Left, R-Right, A-Auto and comes with time settings for loose, soft, or tight curls. It is built with high-performance Tourmaline Ceramic in the heat chamber which protects the hair from damage and reduces the risk of fly-away or frizzes.

The professional hair curler has 3 heat settings which can generate high heat up to 450°F after a 30-second initial heat-up. You can use this curler without the risk of burns to either the user or the hair. There were a few reported electrical issues with this Rejawece (i.e. stopped working after a couple of months), but generally 8 out of 10 users recommend the Rejawece for ease of use and ease of use.

Best for the Money:
 Infiniti Pro by Conair Steam Waver

Infiniti Pro by Conair Steam Waver

Steam mist locks in nourishing moisture for gorgeous, beachy waves, high–intensity shine and big, beautiful volume. It features an ionic generator that releases up to 100x more concentrated ions (than natural sources) to smoothen cuticles and fight off frizz.

The gentle ceramic plates create little damage and no hot spots. With the Infiniti Pro by Conair, you can create versatile styles with the high heat levels up to 437ºF. The combination of ions and steam protects the hair from damage and seals in moisture. Less damage and zero hot spots with gentle ceramic plates. 30-second heat up to 437ºF. Users love the Infinity Pro by Conair for the volume and waves to thin, fine hair.

4. Tescom Salon Steam Hair Iron TPW2632-N

TESCOM Ione Negative 2Way Steam Hair Iron 32mm, gold, TPW2532-N

The Tescom Salon Negative Ion 2-Way Steam Iron has a 32mm diameter curl plate and straight plate that make smoother hair with steam function and negative ions. There are 9 spots where the negative ions are released, reaching sections of the hair more efficiently. The steam tank in the TPW2632-N makes it less harmful for the hair and ensures long-lasting results.

It moisturizes, hydrates and protects the hair against dehydration. The TPW2632-N is built with mirror coating for smooth gliding and protection against pulled hairs. It features a Temperature Lock function that automatically locks temp level after 5 seconds of operation. This prevents from sudden changes in temperature by mistake. The TPW2632-N comes highly recommended by users, with the only thing amiss would be the User Instructions in English.

5. CkeyiN Professional Automatic Hair Steam Curler

The steam curling iron from CkeyiN promises beautiful style and shine with no damage to your hair. It provides timely moisture replenishment that prevents hair from high temperature damage, with reduced dry and frizz, keeping your hair shiny and healthy.

The CkeyiN Professional is designed with quick-heating ceramic plates and will reach temperatures up to 190°C, keeping the heat constant, leaving you with salon-quality results in minutes. The Automatic Curling Iron beeps when it has reached the set time. With LED digital display, you can view time, temperature, and curl direction settings.

It is fitted with a 2m 360°swivel power cord, so it rotates it at any angle without winding and tangling. The CkeyiN Professional features dual voltage so it is great to carry around when you travel.  


For many reasons, steam flat or curling irons may be the perfect choice for anyone, especially those with difficult-to-style hair. Those with dry, coarse, or super curly natural hair find steam irons to be the best option for smooth, straight or curled hair that looks professionally-styled.

Steam irons, in general, give longer-lasting, silky-shinier results with little to no damage as with standard dry heat irons. Remember: it is unnecessary to over-spend for trendy designs or extra features. Read up on recommended tools for your desired hair finishes.

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