Best Ear Hair Trimmers of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

One thing that everyone needs to invest in as they age is a good ear hair trimmer. Ear hair growth is inevitable. It plays an important role in acting as protection against dust and germs. To cut down the excessive hair, available things like tweezers and scissors can be very dangerous to use because they are pointy. This is why we have compiled the best trimmers for you to review.

Comparison Chart of the Best Ear Hair Trimmers

  • The cone shaped safety design will not irritate skin or pull on hair
  • Dual Edge Blades to comfortably trim cavity hairs and detail eyebrows
  • The Micro-Vacuum system provides effortless cleaning while shaving
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  • Features Dual Edge Spinning Blades that provide a safe and clean cut
  • IPX7 waterproving that allows easy cleaning and operation in wet conditions
  • Energy efficient ultra-quiet motor can operate on an AA battery for up to six months
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  • Best for the Money
  • Built with an advanced trimming system that guarantees friendly operation
  • It is completely washable and includes 2 interchangeable guards and trimming elements
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  • Best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer
  • Made with a three bevel diamond shaped blade for safe and precise hair trimming
  • A detail trimmer and foil shaver attachment is included
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  • Rotary system circular blade to provide safe hypoallergenic trimming
  • Curved Dual Edge stainless steel blades for a safe precise cut
  • Features cordless operation powered by an AA battery
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Are All Ear Hair Trimmers The Same? 

Nowadays, you will find a wide range of ear hair trimmers in the market. If the brand is good, it will have its own unique set of features to offer and stand out amongst others. A trimmer may have a noise reduction feature, while the other may offer a unique blade shape or a waterproof body. No one ear trimmer can offer everything, so you must know what you prefer. 

What Should I Look For When Buying a Reliable Ear Hair Trimmer?

Getting a good ear hair trimmer is not rocket science. If you are looking to buy one, you should just have some things to keep in mind so that you can end up with one that is perfectly suited to your needs. These factors include:


Trimmers come in either battery-powered or manual form. Manually powered ones are more reliable, but they need more effort because you need to start with a learning curve. On the other hand, battery-operated ones are convenient and lightweight.

Noise Level

Most of them are quiet, but some make a lot of noise when operating. So before you get a trimmer, you should go through reviews to know if it has a good rating on the noise part.


Many of the trimmers have attachments for added flexibility and better functionality. You can always check the back of the packaging cover to find out all that it offers in terms of added trimming applications. 


This is really important to make sure it lasts long. You should always look out for the durability of the material type. It is always good to have something made out of sturdy material like steel so that it does not rust or break down easily. 


Since trimmers come a lot in contact with water, it is essential that they are waterproof. You can prevent water damage easily this way, and you don’t have to worry about it coming in touch with water, which is impossible anyway. 

Review of the Best Ear Hair Trimmers

Ear trimmers are always tricky to purchase. You never know which brand is better over the other because there are so many in the market, all claiming to be of the best quality and offering the most features. To make things easy, we have skimmed through the best-known ones and reviewed them for you.

Best Overall:
Panasonic ER430K

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K, Vacuum Cleaning System , Men's, Wet/Dry, Battery-Operated


  • Has unique dual-edge blades
  • Offers clean and precision trimming
  • Features a smart vacuum cleaning system
  • Fully waterproof, which also adds to its life 
  • Cordless and battery-operated for better maneuverability 


  • Makes a little noise while being used
  • Cannot be run by rechargeable batteries 

What Recent Buyers Report

People love how it is so comfortable to use and how they can use it to clean other facial hair as well. This added flexibility because of dual-edge blades is really a plus point. Many also like how its curved stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic, which makes it a safe option for any skin type. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The best feature of this ear hair trimmer is its waterproof body. This means the user does not have to worry about it being in contact with water, which means they can even use it in the shower. It is completely washable, which means you save time on cleaning too.

Who Will Use This Most

It is most likely to be used by people who have a busy schedule and cannot invest a lot of time cleaning it because it has a smart vacuum cleaning system. Because of that, it is able to rapidly gather and dump trimmed hair particles into a cavity, which can be cleaned out manually. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, this brand has been the oldest and most trustworthy one around. They invest a lot in research; therefore, their ear hair trimmer has all the essential features to make it the most cost and time-effective one to use. They also offer a travel pouch and cleaning brush with the purchase, which makes for an added benefit. 

FlePow IPX7

Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper - 2019 Professional Painless Eyebrow and Facial Hair Trimmer for Men and Women, Battery-Operated, IPX7 Waterproof Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing(Black)


  • Can be used on sensitive skin
  • Saves 5% more energy than regular trimmers
  • Reduces noise by 50db than regular trimmers
  • Completely waterproof which ensures easy cleaning
  • Has dual-edge blades which can rotate 360 degrees 


  • Might not be budget-friendly for some
  • Does not have additional blade attachments 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers love how versatile in nature it is and how it can be used anywhere on the face, even for trimming the beard. They find it super easy to use because of its one-button design. Many also like how the dual-edge spinning blade reduces hand movement, thereby saving energy and time. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We like this unit because of its shielded body and its 360-degree rotating design. This ensures easy removal of hair without any sort of pulling action. It is also completely waterproof, which means it is easily washable, and the residual collected can be taken care of just by soak cleaning or putting it underwater in the sink or shower.

Who Will Use This Most

This is really good for normal household use. It is super convenient to use because of the washable and removable trimmer head. It has a super user-friendly body design that comes with a cover to prevent dust accumulation.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is the best to use if you are trying to save up on the energy because it has a really powerful motor. Its batteries can also run for more than 6 months if it is not used excessively for more than 5 min at a time. It is great to keep alongside on travel. It is noise-free, so you can use it in the middle of the night without worrying about waking anyone up. 

Best for the Money:
Philips Norelco NT3000/49

Philips Norelco NT3000/49, Nose Hair Trimmer 3000, Precision Groomer with 6 pieces for Nose, Ears and Eyebrows


  • Available at a relatively low price 
  • Does not irritate skin by pulling hair
  • Has lithium AA batteries which give maximum power
  • Includes 2 eyebrow guards for easy trimming
  • Comes with 2 interchangeable blades for the ears and face 


  • Not energy efficient
  • Cannot be used on the whole face

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of people find it ergonomic and easy to hold because of its ideal angle. It also makes for a reliable traveling option. Most find it super easy to clean because of the removable compartments. It offers really high performance, which has proven to give excellent results to all its users. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its angled design, so you don’t have to deal with weird arm angles or motions while using it. It has an innovative guard system and a good quality rubber on the handle for a more sturdy grip and maximum control for the user.

Who Will Use This Most

It is a great choice for old people who might not have a lot of strength or are able to move their arm around a lot for trimming purposes. This is possible because of its angled design and a rubber grip on the handle so you can reach the most intimate parts of the face without much exertion. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, this one makes for a great choice for people who don’t want to deal with having a learning curve when they buy a trimmer and want to get right into it. It has all the features a good trimmer needs apart from energy efficiency, but even that is compensated for by its high-quality performance, which is the top priority for most people.

Best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer:
ConairMAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer

ConairMAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer


  • Gives extremely precise cuts
  • Has a durable, compact design
  • Features a unique 360-degree blade system
  • Can be detached easily from the top and bottom
  • Cordless and battery-operated, adding to the ease of use


  • Not waterproof
  • Makes more noise than expected 

What Recent Buyers Report

Many people are amazed by the results they get after using this trimmer on their faces. They are in love with its body design, which makes it easy to hold and move through the skin surface without getting anything wrong. It gives evenly cut hair when used anywhere on the face.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The brand name speaks for itself; this trimmer is dedicated to making your everyday routine easier and your face better. It has a great high-quality blade that can move through the skin evenly without consuming much energy of the batteries and user both. 

Who Will Use This Most

Its features suggest that it is most likely to be used by people who consider skincare an essential part of their daily routine because this brand is known for offering convenient solutions for ear and nose hair problems. Its unique 3 bevel blade offers the most precise cuts, and the attachment options give a lot of flexibility to the user. 

Bottom Line

To put it into perspective, this is a real beauty in the line of trimmers. It gives a precise and clean look if used properly on the face. Conair really believes in the face being a person’s statement, so they work hard on getting their products right, which makes it the best trimmer to use if you want to get your daily look right.

Editor's Pick:
Laxcare Nose Hair Trimmer

Nose Hair Trimmer, Laxcare Ears and Nose Trimmer Shaver Clipper Removal Dual Edge Blades for Men Women


  • Has an easy cleaning feature
  • Known to be energy efficient
  • Comes with a spinning head for easy trimming
  • Features dual-edge blades for more precise cuts
  • Powered by a battery, so there’s no need of a cord


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Makes a little noise while running

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of buyers really like the hypoallergenic curved steel dual-edge blades it has to offer because it helps them take off hair easily from not only the ear but from inside the nose and also on the face. Its multifunctional nature makes it a safe option for those who were looking for an all-in-one trimmer.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Its multifunctional nature really makes it stand out from the rest in the market. It does not irritate the skin at all because of its rotary system, which also offers maximum safety. Moreover, it is powered by a battery, which means you can use it anywhere and anytime. 

Who Will Use This Most

Those looking to get the most efficient product while spending the least amount possible will find this product to be the best. This still gives them the benefit of carrying it around with them anywhere. It also has an 18-month guarantee, which many would like to have.

Bottom Line

All in all, this one is the best for those who are looking for a very affordable trimmer, which gives the basic features and promises easy handling and good trimming experience. Since it covers the basics, it lacks noise control and waterproof features but still offers a lot more for the price it is offered at.

How Does an Ear Hair Trimmer Work?

Ear trimmers are fairly easy to use, and with the electric ones out in the market, nothing can win over. They are so efficient at what they do. Follow these steps to use one;

  1. First, turn on the trimmer, place it inside your ear, and, depending on the blade movement, stay still as it does its work or move your hand accordingly.

  2. Depending on the trimmer, you can get rid of other facial hair as well. The blade shape can adapt to movement on any surface of the skin, whether it is eyebrows, beard, mustache, sideburns, or the neck.

  3. The last step is often to wash it underwater if it’s waterproof or detach its blade to do so. Self-cleaning systems can get the trimmed hair in the residual compartment, and you have to clean that out whenever you can.

Pros and Cons of Ear Hair Trimmers 

Just like every other product, ear hair trimmers have their own pros and cons too. Read on below to find out more about them and what they are!


Let’s first go over the pros 


The market for ear hair trimmers is huge. You can easily find all different sorts of hair trimmers for any kind of a specific requirement you have an eye out for. You can find options for noise control, waterproofing, blade style, etc.


Almost all of the ear hair trimmers offered in the market come in stainless steel blades, which means they can easily be washed underwater and don’t need protection 24/7. Some even have a completely waterproof body that allows for easy cleaning. 


Ear hair trimmers have a lot to offer at the price they are offered at. It is a one-time investment. Most offer energy efficiency, so you don’t have to spend a lot on purchasing batteries from time to time. 

Panasonic ER430K


Meanwhile, some limitations include:

Can be Costly

There are some ear hair trimmers out there, which can be a bit heavy on the pocket, but that is because they are super high quality and offer maximum features.  

Require Timely Maintenance 

Even though most of the ear hair trimmers have a residual compartment where the trimmed hair is automatically stored, and most of them are waterproof for easy cleaning, you still need to detach some parts and clean it manually so that it lasts long. 


Trimmers should be a part of everyone’s grooming kit. It can really help you out with your everyday routine and save up the time you may spend on getting rid of ear hair using unreliable objects. They are efficient, leave you feeling refreshingly clean, and you can find one in the market suiting your exact needs.

People Also Ask

There are many queries that people have when it comes to buying an ear trimmer. Each comes with its own set of features, and it takes some time to adjust to using them. Below we have answered some basic questions you might have before using one. 

How Do You Trim Ear Hair?

First, you need to choose a space with good lighting. Then clean out your ear using a cotton bud. Now, push the ear back for getting a good view and work your way back by trimming the ones that are the most obvious first. It should feel comfortable inside the ear canal, and you can pull it out when it feels uncomfortable. 

When Should I Trim My Ear Hair?

There is no correct response to this; everyone’s hair growth happens at a different rate. Whenever you feel like ear hair is sticking out too much and looking odd, you can use a trimmer. Be careful not to overdo it because the hair is meant to protect the inside organs.

Does it Hurt to Trim Your Ear Hair?

Good quality ear hair trimmers are made to fit inside the ear canal comfortably. If you are using the one which is of the correct size, you will not feel any problems in terms of pain. However, you must ensure that you have the correct arm position and stability while operating it to minimize the chances of any incidents. 

Do You Collect Less Wax if You Have Short Ear Hair?

The presence of wax has nothing to do with the size of ear hair. It depends on other factors such as the general oiliness of your skin, the dirt in your surroundings, and the frequency at which you clean out your ear with an earbud. However, with short ear hair, cleaning becomes a lot easier. 

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