Best Goatee Trimmers of 2020 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: January 22, 2022

A goatee is a short and sculpted style that incorporates the hair on your chin. Most men also work the hair in their upper lip to create trendier styles of a goatee beard.

Styling a goatee takes a lot of precision as well as technique. It also needs the best trimmers with the right accessories to achieve the desired cut. Read through our guide to know the ultimate products and techniques to style your goatee like a pro.

Comparison Chart of the Best Goatee Trimmers

  • Features double sharpened Dual Cut technology blades for precise styling
  • Includes a foil shaver for achieving the sharpest detailed trimming
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle for comfortab;e application
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  • Built with professional quality high speed motor for superior efficiency
  • Equipped with a quick charge enabled Lithium-Ion battery
  • Designed with a built-in battery charge power LED light indicator
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  • Best for the Money
  • Stainless steel blades with advanced self sharpening design
  • Cordless design powered by two AAA batteries
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  • Best Remington Beard and Goatee Trimmer
  • Turbo boost option for styling even the most stubborn stubbles
  • Comes with an extended neck for comfortable reach and contouring
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What Makes a Trimmer Great For Goatees?

As a goatee needs precision and an efficient product, most people are lost while shopping for a trimmer. Here are some features that your trimmer must have to achieve the desired styles.


Falling in love with one product and losing it after some time is the hardest thing ever. You might never find the same model or a near-perfect replacement. So, always opt for a high-quality trimmer that is designed with stainless steel, chromium, or titanium blades. For a goatee trimmer, select the ones that have dual-edged blades as they will give you the closest shave without cutting into your skin.

Philips Norelco GoStyler FS9185/49


A beard needs regular grooming; if you ignore it, it will become a mess and ruin your style. So, the next feature that you should look for in your trimmer is portability and convenience. Compact design, travel-friendly technology as well as lightweight body should be your preferences.


Most trimmers come with bells and rings, which means they have more attachments that one can keep track of. However, this is a good thing. Having attachments mean that you can achieve all styles. For a goatee, you need to be precise with your length and width; this can only be achieved with special attachments.

Review of the Best Goatee Trimmers

Unlike typical beards, a goatee is hard to master. Apart from technique and tricks, you also need the right trimmer to achieve trendy styles. Here's our ultimate guide for the best models to help you on your quest to maintain the best goatee style.

Best Overall:
Philips Norelco GoStyler FS9185/49

Philips Norelco GoStyler, Trim and Shape, model FS9185/49


  • Stainless steel blades are waterproof and washable
  • Dual Cut technology with precision and extra sharp blades
  • Comes with three precision beard combs that are ideal for beards
  • Gives you perfect lines, edges, as well as contours with foil shaver technology
  • Low profile design with a Lax rubber grip that gives you maximum control while trimming


  • Lacks super close shaving
  • Head is narrow, making it perfect for goatee but not for a full beard

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers gave positive reports for this trimmer as it's the ideal one for trimming and shaping the goatee. The narrow head makes it easy to shape the hard-to-get sections of the beard. Apart from that, the easy-grip makes it easy to maneuver on the face.

Why it Stands Out to Us

First of all, the slim and easy to grip body is the best part of this trimmer. You can cut as close and as fast as you please with the Dual Cut technology that's combined with sharp and durable blades. Another great feature is the extended battery that lets you use this trimmer while you are traveling.

Who Will Use This Most

If you have a goatee or know someone who has one, this one is the ideal trimmer to buy. The narrow head, three different combs, and extended battery life are just a few of the many great features this one has. It's also waterproof and washable, so you will not have a hard time cleaning the dual blades.

Bottom Line

Beards aren't hard to master and groom if you have the right product to clip them. This Philips unit has the perfect narrow head made to trim all nooks of the goatee to make it look styled and maintained to perfection.

My Perfect Goatee & Beard Trimmer

My Perfect Goatee & Beard Trimmer | 13 in 1 Men's Grooming Kit with LED Battery Charge Indicator and Travel Bag | Nose, Ear, Hair and Body Hair Attachments | Cordless with Charging Stand | Waterproof.


  • Set it up in the bathroom and use without worry as it's entirely waterproof
  • Speed and precision are the two most significant plus points of this trimmer
  • Designed with a lithium-ion battery, so you don't need hours to charge this one
  • 13-in-1 styling trimmer that lets you maintain your beard, your body hair, and your nose hair
  • Comes with an LED battery percentage indicator, so you never have to guess how much juice your trimmer has


  • Lacks sturdiness
  • Ideal for a close shave, not a full beard

What Recent Buyers Report

It gets the work done in more ways than one can imagine. With 13-in-1 multi-purpose technology, you can use this trimmer for more than maintaining your goatee; this is what the buyers love the most. There is the matter of the body being fragile, but if you take good care of it, it will last you a lifetime.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The first feature that stands out is the stand. There is no hassle of lugging in the charger and finding a place to sit your trimmer; it fits snuggly in the stand and charges while it's resting there. A high-quality stand and low profile design will look very good displayed on the shelf or sink.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone who is love with their facial hair would love this trimmer. It's perfect for any kind of beards, especially if you have a goatee. You can change heads if you want to achieve a different style. The fast-charging battery of this trimmer will never get you late for an interview or an important client meeting.

Bottom Line

The best trimmer is the one that gives you fast and efficient trim; this one does that and more. The smart LED indicator always alerts you when the battery is low. Plus, it charges fast and gives you the closest shave ever.

Best for the Money:
ConairMAN All-in-1

ConairMAN All-in-1 Beard & Mustache Trimmer


  • Best for all kinds of shaves
  • Comes with hair trimming durable blade
  • Travel-friendly as it runs on 2 AAA batteries
  • Smart design and low profile body is easy to use and maneuver
  • Equipped with ear and nose clippers, jawline combs as well as 5-position adjustable comb


  • Hard to use with fine hair
  • Compared to corded the batter doesn't last long

What Recent Buyers Report

Gives good shave and runs very fast, this is the most common praise for this trimmer. Yes, there are battery issues, but as long as you have 2 AAA batteries as backup, you will never run out of power on this one. It also comes with accessories so you can switch between styles and trends easily.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One trimmer does it all; this is what stands out the most. You don't need to buy multiple products for different areas of your body, as this one will take care of it all. From nose and ear hair to your beard, this trimmer knows versatility. Maintaining a goatee has never been easier.

Who Will Use This Most

Whether you love to travel or need to look good for your ongoing interviews and client meetings, this is the only product you need. With its promise of a fast and efficient shave, you never have to worry about charging. It's the best model for people who are always moving from one point to another and hardly have time to stop in between.

Bottom Line

Are you always worried about running out of charge while you shave? Are you always waiting for your trimmer to fully charge before using it? If yes, you need to switch to this unit. With just 2 AAA batteries, this trimmer will give you the perfect shape time and again.

Best Remington Beard and Goatee Trimmer:
Remington PG6171

Remington PG6171 The Crafter - Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit, Beard Trimmer, Grooming Set, Platinum, 11 Pieces


  • Comes with five combs and a travel pouch for convenience
  • Waterproof, so you can shower and shave at the same time
  • Has a turbo mode so you can easily cut through the thickest of beards
  • Designed with ten lock-in lengths so you can have as much versatility as you need
  • Packed with detail trimmer, detail foil shaver as well as a nose and eyebrow trimmer


  • Case is of low quality
  • Min-foil is a single blade

What Recent Buyers Report

On average, out of ten, nine buyers love the trimmer because it's so easy to use, and the turbo mode is great for thick beards. The best thing about it is the fact that it comes with ten lock-in settings, so you can get as much versatility as you need from this one trimmer.

Why it Stands Out to Us

You might buy this to keep your goatee in check, but you will be pleased to know that this does more than that. You can trim your nose hair, eyebrows as well as your ear hair. You can also give your hair a good trim with this shaver. It's the best multi-purpose, which is what stands out the most in this product.

Who Will Use This Most

Having a goatee is great; maintaining it is not. So, all the guys out there rocking their goatee look should get this easy trimmer to maintain that rocking look. It's travel-friendly, so no matter where you are traveling, you can always take this with you and stay in style.

Bottom Line

All in all, it's a great trimmer with ten lock-in settings to give you versatility. It is also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about getting it wet when using it in the shower. The design, speed as well as the grip is pretty high-quality and certainly worth the money.

Best Wahl Goatee Trimmer:
Wahl 9953-1601

Wahl Lifeproof Rechargeable Trimmer for Beards/Mustache/Goatee with Self Sharpening Blades, #9953-1601


  • 60 minutes of extended battery with a full charge
  • High-power, and cordless for extreme convenience
  • Comes with 12 different guiding combs for precise trimming
  • Equipped with self-sharpening precision blades to give you the closest cut and trim
  • Designed with detailing technology so that you can trim every minute detail of your beard


  • Hair sticks to the rubber handle
  • 60 minutes of battery time is low for some

What Recent Buyers Report

Apart from a minor cleaning issue that is easy to resolve, recent buyers have loved this trimmer. It's easy to use, and it's very powerful. With different guiding combs, it's easy to try out different styles at home. Moreover, the blades are self-sharpening, so you will get a smooth cut every time you use this trimmer.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The easy-grip rubber coating, the low profile and lightweight design, as well as the sharp place, are few of the many qualities that stand out to us. Furthermore, you can ignore the fact that it comes with guiding combs and accessories that help you keep your beard in style.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are always traveling from one place to another, this is just the thing to keep in your bag. All you need is to give it a quick charge and use it for 60 minutes straight. It is ideal for people who like to look good in interviews or on vacations without making much effort.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is an updated model that lets you trim your goatee with precision. With the guiding combs that come with the trimmer, you will always be able to cut as much as you need, not more or less. So, it's the best gift for a novice who is just learning the ropes of having a goatee.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Buying any product is a gamble if you don't know what you need from that product. Trimmers are no different. So, always know your requirements before buying a trimmer. For instance, if you travel a lot, you should opt for one that has a battery and is also cordless. So you can use it no matter where you are, you won't have to worry about sockets and plugs being compatible.

Here are a few features that you should look for when you are searching for a goatee trimmer.


Any product that you should opt for should be durable. It should have an extended warranty to back it up in case it malfunctions. Most known brands are good with durability, so when you are buying a trimmer for the first time or replacing your old one with a new model, make sure to look for it.


Many trimmers come with extended features like LED lights and indicators. Now you should decide how many or how few features you need according to your requirements, because the more functionality they have, the more expensive they are going to be, so, why pay for something you dint need or won't use?

Wire or Wireless

Trimmers come in all shapes and sizes; they also come with and without cords. Know that some of the best and most powerful trimmers are corded. However, many models in the market operate on batteries and are still pretty intense. Wireless ones are travel-friendly, whereas corded ones can become a hassle while you are on vacations and can't find a compatible socket.

How to Trim a Goatee Beard

Many love the style and trend of a goatee and how it makes their face look contoured, but not all know how to maintain and shape their goatee. This means they waste a lot of money running in and out of the saloon. Well, not anymore, we have the perfect thing for you. Our step-by-step guide will have you master your goatee styling in just 10 minutes.

  1. Comb through your beard and detangle the hair. It's best if you give it a quick wash to make the hair a bit soft before starting.

  2. The next step is to set your trimmer to 10mm and trim your beard. Use a 1-10mm comb attachment to do that.

  3. Remove the comb and use the blades to define the outline of your goatee. Use gentle and short strokes to do that. Slowly and steadily define the outline by first cleaning the neck, then your cheeks, and lastly, your upper lip. Once you are done with this step, you will have a rough outline of your goatee.

  4. The next step is to use the precision trimmer and make your goatee prominent. Trim away any excess hair using bold, neat strokes.

  5. Lastly, clean around the goatee with a new razor and shaving foam.

  6. And there you have it; your goatee is now styled to perfection. Moisturize your face and keep this look maintained.

For visual guidance, have a look at this video:


Facial hair not only enhances a man's face, but it also enhances his styling sense. Most men are unaware of the power their beard gives them. Our guide and the best trimmers will have you become a master of goatee styling in no time. 

People Also Ask    

Styling a goatee is a serious business; you need to be precise and patient while doing it. You will also need the best trimmer in the market so that you don't make a blunder while trimming your beard and trash it. Apart from how to style a goatee, people also ask the following questions to understand how a goatee works.

What is a Goatee, and Why is it Called a Goatee?

A goatee is a bunch of hair on a man's chin. This is different than a beard as it doesn't extend to the side of the face or the cheeks or under the neck. Funny enough, a goatee is called such as it resembles the tuft on a goat's chin.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Goatee?

Typically, it takes two to four months to grow a full-fledged beard, and you can then shape that into a goatee. However, this period varies from man to man as it all depends on various factors like diet, health, and heredity. Many experience fast growth as it's in the genes, and many struggle with fine hair and no growth.

How Far Should a Goatee go Under the Chin?

That's for you to decide; always remember that your style is an expression of your personality. However, the standard limit of a goatee is two fingers horizontally between your Adam’s apple and the beard. And the easiest way to achieve that is by trimming with a scissor first and then using a trimmer to define the lines.

What is a Goatee Without a Mustache Called?

There are a lot of famous goatee styles; one of the most popular of these is the goatee with a mustache. There are many names for these; true goatee, pretty-boy goatee, The Van Dyke goatee, and the Anchor goatee, are all styles with mustaches.

How Long Should a Goatee Be?

Your goatee shouldn't go as far as your Adam's apple, or you won't be able to call it a goatee. If it covers your Adam's apple or goes even past that, it will be called a beard. Similarly, it should never cover your cheeks. A true goatee is the one that shapes the chin area.

How Do You Grow a Full Goatee?

The first step is to let your beard grow for 2 to 6 weeks. This is how you grow a full goatee. Once you are satisfied with the length and thickness of the hair, you can refer to the video above and trim your beard in a full goatee.

Is a Goatee a Beard?

Yes, it is. It is a very popular style of beard that incorporates the hair on our chin as well as the hair on the upper lip. There a lot of different styles of keeping a goatee, and all of them come under the category of beard no matter how small or short they are.

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