25 Must See Updo Wedding Hairstyles

| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

Your wedding day is said to be the biggest and best day of your life. Having your hair reflect the beauty of that day will make you feel gorgeous and complement your bridal outfit.

Updos are a great way to craft a stunning look that doesn’t get in your face and interrupt the flow of your day. Most suitable for medium to long hair, updos can incorporate dainty flowers or incredible hair pieces, and give a nice structure to pin a veil too. Why not try out some of these beautiful styles.

1. Sculpted Twists

This sculpted look is easy to achieve. Comb all the hair to the side and gently twist it at the base of the head. Gather the ends into the top and secure them with bobby pins or a hairpiece.

2. Undone Updo

This slightly messier updo gives a very soft feel. It is achieved by loosely french braiding the top and securing it into a low and loose bun. Leave a few strands for that gentle feel.

3. Polished Updo

This style is very sleek, giving a polished finish. Secure the hair into a ponytail and separate it into three, with the widest section in the middle. Loop the middle section underneath and pin it, fanning it out and spraying with hairspray. Cross the other two sections over the top and secure them behind the loop, generously spraying with hairspray.

4. Polished yet Messy Updo

This messy wrap is great for slightly shorter hair. Tie the top back, leaving two sections at the side. Pin the bottom upward to meet the top ponytail. Twist the side sections toward the back and secure tightly.

5. Soft Braided Updo

This sweeping braid is a gentle and elegant look. Start french braiding on the side part and braid across the forehead and around the back to the parting side. Tuck the braid upward and pin it in a loose bun.

6. Sleek Updo

This simple yet stylish bun is better for longer hair. Sleek all the hair back into a low ponytail. Bend the ponytail underneath and then wrap the length of the ponytail around the bent part. Secure underneath.

7. Classic Wedding Updo Hairstyle

This is a very classic style that epitomizes elegance and gives a great platform to pin your veil. Curl the hair first to give it more volume.

8. French Braided Wedding Updo

This style is achieved by curling the hair first and using a good strong hairspray. French braid inward across the front and down the side. Pin all the curls upward, making sure to hide the bobby pins, and then tease them out.

9. Gorgeous Blonde Updo

This is an extremely classy look that accentuates the collarbone and neck. Curl the hair first to achieve the volume. Pin sections back by pulling them backward, by pinning the part closest to the head, winding up the curl, and pinning the end inward too.

10. Loose Curls Updo

You can achieve this very subtle yet stunning look by curling the hair with a curling tong. Gently pin all the curls at the base of the neck, leaving two to frame the face.

11. Swirled Wedding Updo with Embellishment

This style has a very boho feel. To create the swirl, you need to pull the hair into a low ponytail and tie it in a knot, pinning it underneath. A hairpiece and a few small braids create the texture.

12. Bridal Updo with Headband

If you are not wearing a tiara or a veil, a headband can help to break up the hair and give some sparkle to your outfit. You can also use the elastic of a headband to tuck the hair up in your updo.

13. Double Braided Updo

Double braids keep the hair back and add texture to the look. To get braids like this, make sure to french braid outwards from the head.

14. Twisted Low Bun Updo

This loose french twist gives a chic yet effortless look. You need to twist two sections of hair along the side, adding to the strands as you go. Tuck the whole of your hair under, and secure under the French twist.

15. Summery Updo

This angelic look accentuates the neck and jawline. You need to French braid the hair outward, starting at the front and sweeping around the back and up the other side. Tease the braid out for the wideness using the end of a comb.

16. Vintage Wavy Updo

This vintage style is great for shorter hair. Curl the hair first to make it easier; curling it all in the same direction. Take each curl, wind it up and pin it to the side of the head.

17. Bridal Updo With Veil

Curly buns are a great place to pin your veil. You can either pin it underneath or on top. Make sure to secure it tightly, especially if it is underneath.

18. Bridal Updo With White Flowers

Incorporating real flowers into your wedding hairstyle always gives a sophisticated style. You can pin the hair at the base of the neck and slide the stems into the top of the bun, securely with ballet pins.

19. Updo with Floral Accessories

When your florist creates corsages for the groomsmen, why not have her create a hairpiece that you can ass to a low messy bun. It gives a feeling of consistency from the bridal outfit to the table decor.

20. Bridal Updo With Simple Gold Headband

A headband can add a little color to your outfit, giving you a dainty feel. You can use it to twist the hair and keep it away from your face, adding that sweeping appearance.

21. Asymmetrical Updo

Asymmetric buns are beautiful. Twist sections of the hair to one side of the head, tucking them in a random pattern, securing the whole bun with bobby pins on the side.

22. Twisted Updo

This style is a little harder to manage yourself but is both sophisticated and intricate while appearing effortless. As you french braid around the head, twist the sections you add the braid first.

23. Braid and Side Bun Curly Updo

This style is great for naturally curly hair and allows you to incorporate flowers. French braid the hair outwardly on one side and secure all the curls together on the other side.

24. Bridal High Bun Updo

High updos are a little less traditional but sleek and chic. They suit less elaborate wedding dresses and highlight the cheekbones, jawline, and neck. They also keep the hair from falling in your face.

25. Voluminous Updo With Romantic Waves

Before trying to create this hairstyle, it is a good idea to curl it first and lightly comb it through with mousse. It will help to keep the volume while also keeping it secure. Then randomly twist sections backward to they overlap.


Choosing your wedding updo depends on your hair length and type, as well as your face shape. If you want to highlight your cheekbones and neckline, try a higher bun or a sleeker style. For those with a heart-shaped face or stark jawline, softer curls will give a gentler look. Remember that if your hair type is not similar to that of the picture, you may have difficulties trying to create it. Choose a style that suits you and your dress, and go for it!

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